1934 SSII

SSII Boot Lid Amended

As part of this 1934 (Jaguar) SSII’s checkup, we’ve started to fix the boot lid as a small gap between the lid and the boot was letting in water. Our trusty trim shop has cracked on with the task to amend this by adding a piece of flange to glue and nail around the edge to stop the water. The seal will hopefully stop the water from seeping in.

Rare Jaguar SSII In For Service

Our stunning 1934 Jaguar SS2 Sports has come in for a service. We are currently carrying out an assessment and will begin to address any issues that arise from the assessment. Up until two years ago, this had been the owner’s everyday car and was driven frequently until he decided to retire it to more infrequent drives.

The SS models are very early Jaguar cars before Jaguar was known as Jaguar. Originally called SS (Swallow Sidecar) , the company decided to change its name to Jaguar after World War II under fears that the SS was too close to the bone. Thus – Jaguar as we know it was born.

This model of early Jaguar is particularly rare due to its age and model so it’s a great honour to work with such an iconic motor.

1934 SSII: The Sun’s Out

With the sun beaming down on Pettistree this morning we thought it was only right to get some pictures of a wonderful piece of British engineering.

Our 1934 SSII will soon be heading home having been serviced by us here at Bridge Classic Cars but we had time for a quick internal photo-shoot.

1934 SSII (SS2) – Full Service Check

In our workshops today we our very special 1934 SSII for a full service and general check over.

As part of the service we are stripping and rebuilding the brakes all round due to a slight error with a previous fit up. This is a small alteration but is essential to keep the car as perfect underneath as it is on top. Whilst the brakes are being worked on we can look to make any improvements to them prior to the car being back on the road.

We have also been gifted with a fantastic lubricant point diagram to ensure all areas are covered.

A visit from our 1934 SS2 Sports

We were delighted today to welcome Bernard Rice and his truly stunning 1934 SS2 Sports to our workshops here in Pettistree.

Everything about this car is just perfect and is an absolute credit to both Bernard and the restorer Alan Nightingale in Debenham.

Bernard brought with him the April 2017 edition of Classic & Sports Car where you can see a 3 page spread all about the wonderful journey this very car has taken.