1956 Jensen 541

Fine Adjustments – Bracing the 1956 Jensen 541 Chassis

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on the fine adjustments to the chassis of the 1956 Jensen 541 in for restoration.

The team are beginning to weld in the necessary braces and panels as the sides and roof structure begin to be put onto the brand-new frame. For a job such as this, the team are having to make sure that each dimension and axis of the chassis is square when it is welded in. Carefully, the team have moved around the frame to allow for this and gently push and pull certain places in order to bring them into line before welding them in permanently to tie the whole piece together.

Perfect Finish – Wheel Wells on the 1956 Jensen 541 in Primer

The Bridge Classic Cars paint and body team have been working on perfecting the wheel wells of the 1956 Jensen 541.

After the team had finished with the careful resin and fibreglass filler work, the team brought them into our in-house paint booth/oven to have their first coats of primer.

The team have carefully blended aluminium and fibreglass to remake and repair the wheel wells so the primer has covered these seamlessly blends. The wells will be now put into storage for the reassembly stage of the restoration.

The First Steps – Work Begins on the 1956 Jensen 541 Chassis

The 1956 Jensen 541 chassis which arrived back at the Bridge Classic Cars HQ recently has been moved into our restoration workshops for the team to begin work on the brand-new frame.

At this stage, Rob is preparing the blank bulkhead to be fitted onto the car in preparation for its left-hand drive conversion. Carefully he has set the pieces into place along the bulkhead before using another 541 chassis next to it in the workshop as reference. This will be used as a guide for hole diameters and orientation purposes for the brand new, hand-made chassis for the 1956 Jensen 541 undergoing its restoration journey.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates on the 1956 Jensen 541 restoration very soon.

Stronger – Fibreglass Repairs on the Boot of the 1956 Jensen 541

The body team at Bridge Classic Cars have been performing some fibreglass repairs on the boot lid of the 1956 Jensen 541 in with us for restoration.

Mauro has carefully reglassed certain areas of the bootlid to strengthen key places as well as refit the stripped-back boot latch. All of these were then built up over several layers before the resin was left to harden and cure.

Secured – Roof Supports Glued into the 1956 Jensen 541 Rear Window

The trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have been continuing work on the roof supports of the 1956 Jensen 541.

Previously, our trimmer Brian handmade the roof supports for the rear window of the classic Jensen which have been specifically profiled to fit the recess perfectly. With the pieces now test fit, the team could prepare the area and the pieces before applying the adhesives and clamping them securely down to let cure.

Coming Together – Wheel Wells and Front Arches of the 1956 Jensen 541

The paint and body shop at Bridge Classic Cars have been continuing with the fibreglass work on the 1956 Jensen 541 in at our Suffolk workshop for restoration.

Previously, the team remade the aluminium wheel wells which were then refinished in hardwearing black before being put into storage. Now, they can be pulled out and the team begin the process of making them into one complete unit.

The aluminium wheel wells have been bonded onto the fibreglass inner wings of the classic 541 before then have layers of fibreglass resined over the edge in order to create a uniform piece. From there, the team began work on the fibreglass filler used to perfect and refine the shapes which make up the pieces.

From Scratch – New Wooden Rear Window Beams for the 1956 Jensen 541

The interior trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have worked on crafting new wooden support beams for the 1956 Jensen 541 in for restoration.

Brian, one of our trimmers, made templates of the original pieces to begin work on carefully cutting and angling the new pieces of pine into the factory position. Each of these pieces were first rough cut before being refined to ensure the perfect fit as these pieces not only add a bit of support to the rear window opening but will also allow the trim team a place to attach the headliner once the interior of the car begins to go in.

Each of the two pieces which made up the beam are cut by hand and then offered up as no two are perfectly uniformed due to the handmade nature of the cars originally.

Piece by Piece – Fibre Glass Repairs on the 1956 Jensen 541

The paint and body team at Bridge Classic Cars have been carrying out a series of delicate fibreglass repairs to the bodyshell of the 1956 Jensen 541.

The team have been working on the joins between the front pillars and the windscreen surround which over time had cracked. The team carefully strapped the piece into place to make sure the piece was in alignment once the resin had set.

Along with this piece the team also had to carry out some repairs on the rear body section in places around the wheel wells to repair some small cracks and thin areas.

Closer Look – Fibreglass Repairs on the 1956 Jensen 541

The paint and body team at Bridge Classic Cars have given us a closer look at the fibreglass repairs on the 1956 Jensen 541 in for restoration.

In these photos, you can see the thinness of the material in areas which had developed some severe checking and in some areas, cracks had begun to appear. So, the team not only strengthened the outside face of the panel but also reset the inside of the piece with modern hard-lasting resins and glass sheets. Carefully, these were built up in specific areas before being left to cure and harden.

Full Glass – Fibreglass Repairs on the 1956 Jensen 541

The Bridge Classic Cars body team have turned their attention to some all-important fibreglass repairs to the rear section of the 1956 Jensen 541.

The entire rear clamshell of the classic Jensen had developed a few issues with the material, so the body team carefully re-glassed the area in order to strengthen the piece and add material in for correcting the shape of the piece.

With fibreglass, its important the layers are built up flat and evenly to make sure it perfectly followed the shape of the panel underneath but also around the area.

Piece by Piece – Trim Panels on the 1956 Jensen 541

The trim shop at Bridge Classic Cars has been working on building and finishing some of the interior trim pieces for the 1956 Jensen 541.

Lydia, one of our in-house trimmers, had worked on the ceiling pad and window surrounds as part of the restoration of the classic Jensen. These have been specially made, padded and trimmed to match the rest of the interior being made specifically for this 1956 Jensen 541.

Each piece of the Jensen is bespoke to the car to ensure the best fit and finish for all of our interiors as no two cars are the same. So, these pieces will be safely wrapped and catalogued to be put into storage for the reassembly of the car.

Freshly Made – The Fresh Chassis for the 1956 Jensen 541 Back at the Workshop

Bridge Classic Cars are pleased to unveil the newly completed chassis for the 1956 Jensen 541 has arrived back at our Suffolk restoration workshop.

The newly completed chassis has been made especially for this project as the car will be converted to a left-hand drive. The custom-made bulkhead has not been drilled or cut for the conversion so our workshop team can make sure that all the necessary systems can be worked into the car in real space.

It’s amazing to see this key piece of the project returning to our restoration workshop.

Better than New – New Chassis and Bulkhead for the 1956 Jensen 541

A brand new chassis for the 1956 Jensen 541 is under construction. Part of this also involves a very special bulkhead to covert the car to left-hand drive.

The estimated completion of the chassis is about 4 weeks. We will then be into reassembly. The car will be finished Deep Carriage Green with Burgundy upholstery.

After completing numerous restorations and recommissions of the Jensen 541, this will be the first left-hand drive car to be completed by our workshop.

In-Place – New Wheel Arches for the 1956 Jensen 541

The handmade wheel arches for the 1956 Jensen 541 have been into the Bridge Classic Cars to be finished in shiny new black epoxy.

The paint team prepared and painted the arches for when the car is ready to be reassembled.

Remade – New Aluminium Wheel Arches and Boot Lid Stripped for the 1956 Jensen 541

The Bridge Classic Cars body shop have the wheels arches of the 1956 Jensen 541 on the workbench currently.

Our body shop have been forming the new aluminium wheel arch lines by hand for the classic sports car. All of these pieces have to be made by hand for the car due to each arch being slightly different to one another, so for the best fit, our team have made them individually for the car.

Along with that, our teams have finished stripping back the boot lid of the 541 ready for primer and filler work to be completed and ready for paint.

The Smallest Details – Repainting Parts for the 1956 Jensen 541

The paint team at Bridge Classic Cars have had some of the parts and pieces from the 1956 Jensen 541 in the paint booth.

With the restoration of the 1956 Jensen 541 moving ahead with the body panels and pieces being worked on by our paint and body teams, it was the turn of some of the parts to go into our in-house paint booth to be refinished in heavy-duty black and looking as good as new.

The pieces for this restoration will be going into the booth in various stages in preparation for the final assembly of the car but until then they will be wrapped up and put into storage after being catalogued.

Bodywork – Prepping the Doors, Boot and Quarter Panels of the 1956 Jensen 541

The 1956 Jensen 541 in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ has been being prepared bit by bit in the paint and body shop.

The doors, boot and quarter panels have all been carefully stripped back and prepared. Some of those parts have gone into our paint shop to have their first layers of primer put onto the panels. These pieces will then go back into the body shop to be refined and perfected.

A Delicate Process – Preparing and Repairing the Wheel Arches of the 1956 Jensen 541

The in-house paint and body team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on preparing to start work on the 1956 Jensen 541.

The first stage is to get the wheel arches for the car sanded down and ready for when they eventually go into the paint booth. First, though, the team had to perform some repairs. One of the benefits of the Jensen 541’s fibreglass construction is that repairs can be easily performed on these amazing classic GT cars.

Then, once the resin had cured for the repair the team could begin sanding and fairing the pieces to make sure every surface and recess of it is perfect and ready for the time when it all gets its first coats of primer.

The Smallest of Details – Refurbishing 1956 Jensen 541 Parts

Our in-house restoration team at Bridge Classic Cars put the same level of skill and finish for even the smallest parts of our restoration projects. Applying the same high standards to things such as nuts and bolts as we do to a complete car.

Take for example these pieces for the 1956 Jensen 541 which is in with ourselves for full restoration. When people say a full ”Nut and Bolt” restoration, this is what Bridge Classic Cars means. Jonn, one of our amazing technicians, spent a considerable amount of time getting the nuts and bolts for the suspension components, pedal box etc all in the best condition.

Jonn, cleaned off the years of corrosion on each piece. Regreased every joint and either cleaned or rethreaded any bolts. Meticulously working his way through each piece part by part.

That is how Bridge Classic Cars does a restoration.

Rearward – Fitting Up the New Rear Seat Cover to the Base of the 1956 Jensen 541

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop has made every piece of the interior for our Jensen 541’s by hand. And the 1956 Jensen 541 we have in for restoration is the next car in that line of bespoke interiors.

Brian and Lydia have been working together to get the rear seat finished for this amazing project. In the last update, Lydia had finished making the new seat cover entirely by hand and bespoke for this particular car. Now, Brian has made the new seat base and foams for the car. Again, these are unique and bespoke for the car to ensure the best fit and finish for the final product.

The interior of this particular 1956 Jensen 541 is going to look absolutely phenomenal when it’s finished and we cannot wait to show you.

The Perfect Fit – Making the Rear Seat Cover for the 1956 Jensen 541

Our in-house trim expert Lydia has been busy remaking the rear seat for the 1956 Jensen 541 that we are currently in the process of restoring at Bridge Classic Cars.

Lydia used what was left of the original rear seat as a rough guide to create a specially made template for the classic GT car. Carefully, Lydia could transfer this template onto the chosen leather to begin the process of cutting out the individual pieces that will be joined together, edged and then fitted around the seat base.

The attention to detail that our trim-shop have is what truly sets them apart in their field. Every aspect of the seat is taken into consideration when creating these custom pieces from scratch.

From Scratch – Making and Trimming Rear Quarters for the 1956 Jensen 541

Brian, one of our legendary in-house trim experts at Bridge Classic Cars, is a true master of his craft. Brian is currently working on the rear trim panels and pieces for the 1956 Jensen 541 being built by us here at Bridge Classic Cars. The interior is one of those pieces being handcrafted to fit the car.

The rear quarter pieces have been entirely made by hand by Brian. We have a long history of restoring Jensen 541’s to a world-class standard and part of that is the interiors our team create for these bespoke sportscars. Each piece for the interior of the ’56 has been made by hand by the team, whether it be the coverings or literally panels for the car like these rear quarter pieces.

Brian made these panels to perfectly fit into the car and also to work alongside the other pieces of trim which are going to be alongside them in the car. After hand forming them, Brian then cuts and wraps them by hand to ensure the best possible fit and finish to each piece for such a special car.

Got Your Back – Working on the Seats of the 1956 Jensen 541

Our in-house trim shop at Bridge Classic Cars are well versed with the interiors of the majestic Jensen 541. So, with the fronts of the 1956 Jensen 541 seats complete, it was time for Kath to turn her attention to the back of the other seat.

Using the other completed seat for reference, Kath began by carefully making a template of the back of the seat. Each of the seat buckets was made by hand back in the 1950s so they are slightly different from one to the next, so to ensure the best fit and finish Kath makes each template by hand. Once this was complete, she could begin to transfer the template onto the lining and the hide that would envelop the fibreglass seat.

After this had been carefully glued and set to the backs and bottom of the seat, Kath began to work on the seat base and cushion. Again, every single piece of the seat is handmade by our in-house trim shop so even the cushions are bespoke to this car. Millimetre by millimetre, Kath perfected the fit and shape of the foam and once that was fair and even, she attached it to the seat base. Then, in the matching hide, Kath retrimmed the cushion and seat base ready to put into the seat.

With this complete, both seats are now ready for when the rest of the car is finished and handed over to the trim shop for fitting.

Core Components – Stripping Parts for the 1956 Jensen 541 to be Refurbished

Mauro, has been working on getting all the relevant parts and pieces of the 1956 Jensen 541 ready to be sent out to local, trusted specialists for refurbishment.

Bridge Classic Cars have a long history of restoring Jensen 541’s to a very high standard and this 1956 541 is to be no exception. The pieces of the car have been carefully dismantled down to their core components and assessed for condition and originality. Where possible, we try to keep the cars as original as possible but refinished and restored to go back on the car.

The pieces here have also been catalogued and photographed for record as well as detailed records of them being dismantled so that everything and their construction method is accounted for. Each component is dealt with individually to ensure that it safely comes apart and if not, can be taken apart and repaired to the exacting standards that Bridge Classic Cars holds its restorations to.

Soon, there will be more updates on the 1956 Jensen 541 during its restoration, so keep an eye out here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.

To The Smallest Detail – Preparing Parts of the 1956 Jensen 541 For Sandblasting

The teardown of components for sandblasting is a crucial step in any restoration. The parts need to be broken down into the their separate pieces in order to be properly blasted and cleaned but also different attention is sometimes required to different materials. Another part of this is knowing the fixing and the parts are in good or rebuildable order before they are sent out.

That’s why Mauro, one of our in-house restoration technicians has been hard at work carefully taking apart each of the components which will be sent away of the 1956 Jensen 541 for sandblasting. With a car as bespoke and handbill as the 541, it is important to carefully remove and catalogue all pieces that come off the car for later when the rebuild begins. Also, for reference to know exactly what is being sent out. That is something Bridge Classic Cars prides itself on with our restorations, the level of detail.

Each component, piece by piece was gently and sympathetically broke down to its constituent parts in order to be fully assessed before being labeled and photographed. These pieces will be sent to a local specialist to treat and revitalise before being returned to us at Bridge Classic Cars for the Jensen. The process allows the fresh metal underneath to breathe but also for our restoration teams to assess any imperfections or hidden damage to the components when they arrive back. As you can see with the Jensen, there are lots of parts with even more small fixings and components so it is crucial with a restoration as in depth as that of the 1956 541 that everything is as good as it possibly can be.

Expect to see more on the 1956 Jensen 541 being restored at Bridge Classic Cars very soon here on the News page.

Refining Process – Making the Rear Quarter Trims for the 1956 Jensen 541

Brian, our in-house trim expert, has been continuing to work on the rear quarter trims for the 1956 Jensen 541 currently in at Bridge Classic Cars for restoration.

Brian has completely fabricated each of the trim pieces by hand for the 541 using what was left of the originals. Piece by piece, Brian used the original techniques to recreate the trim panels which will then go on to be retrimmed in matching vibrant red leather to the rest of the car.

Each of the pieces has been hand cut and sanded to be a perfect fit when installed into the car. Millimetre by millimetre, Brian removed material after dry fitting. Also, taking into account the foam covering and leather to ensure the best fit and finish possible for this incredible 1950s British sports car.

Carrying On – Continuing the Woodwork for the 1956 Jensen 541

Brian has been busy at work hand-crafting several pieces for the interior of the 1956 Jensen 541 that is being restored by Bridge Classic Cars.

Brian, one of our master in-house trim experts, has been using what is salvageable from the original interior as well as reference photos and experience to create the needed trim panels. Here, Brian is making new wooden pieces for interior cards of the 541 which will be foamed and then wrapped in the world-class hide to the customers choice of colour.

Brian took his time to carefully measure and template the pieces that are needed for the car. Then, he began to bring them to life for this stunning British sports car which is currently being restored by all of our restoration teams.

Application of Skill – Remaking the Rear Quarter Trims for the 1956 Jensen 541

Brian is a true master of his trade. What started as a series of rotten wooden pieces became brand new pieces for the 1956 Jensen 541 that is in at Bridge Classic Cars.

Using what was left of the original pieces, Brian began to strip back and assess each piece to see if it could be salvaged and reused in the car to preserve any form of originality. Inch by inch Brian has recreated the pieces for the rear quarter trims from almost thin air. Using ply for the wooden pieces underneath, Brian began to wrap and prepare the pieces for the leather trimming.

From Scratch – Making the Rear Seat for the 1956 Jensen 541

Brian has been continuing to work on the interior of the 1956 Jensen 541 that is here at Bridge Classic Cars for restoration.

This time, Brian has been skillfully making the new rear seat by hand. To ensure the best fit, our in-house trim shop finds it best to do these by hand in order to get the best possible finish for the car.

Starting from a single solid block of foam, Brian transferred the template and began to cut it down to size. Slowly refining the shape until it was as close to perfect as possible and then going that last little bit to get it 100% spot on. Brian then began fitting in the braces and extra padding that is needed once the cover has been made and fitted to fit properly.

The Level of Detail – Recovering the Dash and Ceiling Pad of the 1956 Jensen 541

It’s the small details on a restoration that we believe take it to a world-class finish. Interiors are a huge part of the experience of these cars for their very lucky owners as it’s the best seat in the house in our opinion. That’s why our in-house trim shop takes everything to the next level in terms of fit and finish.

Brian, one of our in-house trim experts here at Bridge Classic Cars, has been hard at work stripping down and recovering several of the larger components for the 1956 Jensen 541. Brian began by stripping back the original dash and ceiling pads ready for them to be recovered in matching red leather to the rest of the interior. Carefully, Brian worked his magic on revealing the original piece that lay under the weathered coverings for assessment.

The pieces themselves were in remarkable shape. So, very little was needed before they were prepared for their new look. Inch by inch, Brian began with the underlays for each piece making sure they were cut perfectly to size before being married to the piece. Then, using the best hide, Brian began the process that would make them complete.

Using his years of experience in high-end retrimming, Brian stretch and secured the leather to the piece making sure at each point that the coverings sat flat and straight onto the original 1950s pieces. As you can see, the results are sensational just like the rest of the interior on this wonderful early car.