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1960 Jensen 541R

Jensen Dash Wiring

Bob, Bridge Classic Cars’ electrical specialist has been working on our gorgeous rare 1960 Jensen 541R. He’s connected the wiring loom through the bulkhead and

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Jensen Dash Trimming

Kath has been working on both of our Jensen 541 R’s within the Bridge Classic Cars Trim Shop. She has been simultaneously working on interior

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Jensen 541 R Restoration Updates

We’ve been making wonderful progress on both of our Jensen 541R restorations.

On our 1960 Black Jensen 541R, Paul has recently fitted the floor and brake and clutch master cylinder. The stainless steel exhaust has been custom made by exhaust specialists Demand Engineering and installed into the vehicle.

Paul will now be moving onto fitting the clutch pipe from the master cylinder to the gearbox slave cylinder.

In the trim shop, Brian and Kath have been trimming our Corvette engine powered 1957 Jensen 541R and 1960 Jensen 541R. We’re using Connoly Vaumol Leather. 891 Luxan grain chestnut in the 1957 Jensen and 8500 Crushed grain black in the 1960 Jensen. Brian has been covering the door cards in the specified brown and black leather leather.

Brian has trimmed the front arm rests and the rear seat divider in the Connoly Vaumol Leather.

Below you can see how Kath has trimmed the door card. Using the wooden panel that Brian has made, Kath cut the leather to size and has glued and stitched the leather in place.

Kath has applied carpeting to the door panels. She is now currently making the rear seats on the 1957 Jensen 541R.

Dave has custom fabricated this panel for Brian to trim.

Jensen 541R Interior Update From The Trim Shop

Brian has been making some superb progress on lots of smaller jobs on our Jensen interior restoration. He firstly stripped down the scuttle air vent covers ready to retrim.

Brian has also stripped down and recovered the main Jensen dash panel. He has re-trimmed this in black vinyl. This black vinyl is extremely tactile, providing a luxurious, understated finish that will offset the chrome work superbly.

Brian has restored the original glovebox, re-trimming the glovebox with new carpet.

Brian has also made one pair of rear door capping from 9mm ply wood. He chiselled the correct cutouts and shaped the wood to perfectly match the original. Great work, Brian!

Jensen 541R Floor Fitted

Another milestone has been hit in our 1960 Jensen 541R restoration as she now has a doors and a floor!

Paul has installed the newly painted doors onto the vehicle.

We’ve also now installed the floor into our 541R.

In The Trim Shop: Jensen 541R Interior

Brian, one of our Classic Car Technicians who specialises in Interior Trim has been making superb progress on the interior of our 541R.

Brian has fabricated new footpanels with back supports screwed in. He’s also stripped down the old scuttle panels.

He’s cut new scuttle panels and drilled correctly placed holes.

Brian has dismantled the original under-dash panels and is making new under-dash panels from millboard. He’s stripped down the original door panel infills and trimmed in black leather. The attention to detail is second to none. Beautifully done, Brian.

1960 Jensen 541R Restoration Progress

Paul has been working on our 1960 Jensen 541R restoration. He’s fitted the doors and prepared the prop shaft to paint black.

A new brake servo unit has been fitted with custom brackets. We’ve installed EPS (Electronic Power Steering) and fitted in place. Paul has also installed the Brake and clutch pedal mounting box. He’s fitted the front brake hose and modified bracket to hold the hose.

1960 Jensen 541R in the Trim Shop

Brian has been hard at work on the interior of our Jensen 541R. He’s been working on the front cubby box/ armrest. He firstly stripped off the old covers of the cubby box and sanded the wood down to a smooth finish. He then made new covers from black vinyl, using the old ones as a template.

He then fitted the cut vinyl onto the freshly prepared cubby box. The base plate was also fitted with black vinyl and fitted into cubby box.

Brian then has made up a soft armrest and fitted it to the cubby box. He’s cleaned up the ashtray and fitted it into the box. Great work, Brian!

Jensen 541 R Roof Lining

Kath and Brian has done a wonderful job transforming the roof lining of our Jensen 541R. There’s a lot of black components on this Jensen specification. The roof lining however is finished now in this sumptuous perforated cream headlining fabric, expertly trimmed by our Trim Shop team. They begun by fitting the restored roof bars into the roof of the car, using the old headlining as a template, it was a challenge to get the fabric to fit perfectly without any creases. This required the fabric to be kept taught from all angles. It’s now finished and looking wonderful.

Both Jensen Interior Projects Continues

Brian and Kath have been flat out the past few weeks since returning to our workshop. They’ve been tackling the interior on our two Jensen 541R’s.

Brian has been mainly working on creating the bespoke wooden panelling and Kath has been working with our leather and fabric.

The old interior has been used by Kath as a template to cut our fresh leather to. She has then fitted the new leather to Brian’s bespoke built wooden panelling.

We’ve now finished work on the front two seats and the rear seat base and back swab of our black 1960 Jensen. The next stages will be to fit the headlining which will be a gorgeous cream colour. This should offset the black leather and black exterior paint wonderfully!

Our Jensen 541R Interior

Our 1957 and 1960 Jensen 541R interiors have completely taken over our trim shop as Brian and Kath return to work.

They get straight into the rebuild of our Jensen interiors and as you can see, a lot of the original components are beyond repair so many new templates are being made using the original patterns.

The Jensen rear quarter are being remade using new boarding and foam padding before being recovered in black leather.

The original leather work has been stripped, removed and being replaced with brand new material.

1960 Jensen 541 R Seatbelt Mounts Fitted

Dave, one of Bridge Classic Cars’ skilled Classic Car Technicians has custom fabricted mounting bracket for our Sabelt racing seatbelt setup.

He’s fabricated the centre seatbelt point for the three point seatbelt harness and mounted the seatbelt point to the chassis. Wonderful work, Dave.

1960 Jensen Sets and Seatbelts go in

Dave has been installing the newly trimmed seats into the car. They really do look wonderful in position. He’s currently fitting the driver side seat. Firstly, Dave installed the seat rails before mounting the seat onto the rails.

The four point racing seatbelts are being custom fitted to the chassis.

1960 Jensen 541R Interior Trim

Kath, Bridge Classic Cars’ in-house trimmer is working hard on our Black 1960 Jensen 541R interior. Kath is now working on the second Jensen seat from the black leather hide. She begins by marking out the new parts, using the old components as templates. The old seat tub, base and squab has also been prepared and refurbished, ready for the new leather to be sewn on. Lovely work, Kath.

The black interior to match the black exterior will look absolutely stunning when complete. The chromework is sure to look incredible when paired with the all black colour specification.

Jensen Dash Wiring

Bob, Bridge Classic Cars’ electrical specialist has been working on our gorgeous rare 1960 Jensen 541R. He’s connected the wiring loom through the bulkhead and connected up the dashboard instrumentation.

Jensen Interior Restoration Update

Kath, Bridge Classic Cars’ interior trim specialist has been making wonderful progress on both of our Jensen interiors.

Firstly, Kath begun by sewing up the new black leather seat covers before moving on to refurbishing the upper panels near the headlining. She then began assembling the front and rear seat bases, the rear seat middle section also required trimming in fresh leather.

Kath then began stripping the interior side panels and centre console, ready for reconditioning.

The seats are now complete and ready to be fitted back into the cars. They have been refitted to the highest quality and will look absolutely stunning fitted back into the vehicle. Great work, Kath!

Jensen Perspex Ready for Fitting

The perspex is now ready to be fitted to both of our Jensens. Using the old perspex as a template, the fresh perspex was made to the exact same shape as the original was.

These are now ready to be fitted to both cars.

Jensen Components for Chroming

We’ve got a few more Jensen components that are ready to be chromed. We can’t wait to see the A pillar windows fitted to the car and shining once more.

1960 Jensen 541R Interior Trim

Kath has been making great progress on our Jensen 541R interior.

She’s been carefully stripping down the original interior. The original material is then used as a template for fresh material to be cut to. When cutting out the material its crucial to leave enough spare material for the seam, whilst also making the most out of each roll of the expensive leather.

These Jensen interiors are far more complex than many vehicles of the era. They use plenty of tacs to keep the material in place. This provides a wonderful tight quality finish, but is very time consuming to safely remove. We will upholster the interior in the same fashion to keep everything as original as possible.

The current red interior will be changed to a wonderful rich black leather. This will match the stunning deep black exterior that was recently finished by Chris down in the Paint Shop.

Next up, Kath will be reupholstering the interior in the freshly cut new black leather.

Jensen 541R Interior Restoration

Kath has been hard at work on our Jensen interiors. For the convertible roof she has tackled the following stages

  • Dismantled the headlining
  • Marked out new material patterns onto the new fabric
  • Cut out and numbered the fabric pieces
  • Measured out a strips of calico for the convertible loops
  • Cleaned metal bars
  • Sewn headlining back together
  • Inserted metal bars

Kath has also begun stripping down the Jensen seats. They actually sit on a fibreglass base that attaches to the car. The seats are currently still being prepared to be reupholstered.

Jensen Dash Trimming

Kath has been working on both of our Jensen 541 R’s within the Bridge Classic Cars Trim Shop. She has been simultaneously working on interior components for both of our Jensen 541 R restorations.

The Jensen dials have also arrived in to the workshop, ready to be fitted and wired in to the newly trimmed dash.

Great work, Kath! These new interior pieces will shortly be installed into both cars.

Jensen 541 R Electrical Update

We’ve made great progress on our beautiful 1960 Jensen 541 R. Bob has installed the wiring harness, front and rear lights and indicators. Paul has fitted the bonnet and bonnet support struts.

This restoration is now really starting to come together. The next stages will be to fit the freshly trimmed dashboard and wire in the dashboard instrumentation.

The wiring harness is labeled by Bob before permanent install.

The bonnet in position before being mounted to the bonnet support struts.

Wiring has now been installed and the lights are tested at this stage.