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1960 Jensen 541R

Shut The Front Door!

Dave, one of our incredible classic car experts has built a custom-made adjustable door lock for the 1960 Jensen 541R. These parts never look much,

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Give The Jensen a Brake

Restoration work continues on the black 1960 Jensen 541R. This week the brakes have been given some special attention by our classic car expert technician

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Shut The Front Door!

Dave, one of our incredible classic car experts has built a custom-made adjustable door lock for the 1960 Jensen 541R.

These parts never look much, and often on cars of this age they’re impossible to obtain. Therefore, our talented team of mechanics and classic car restoration experts often manufacture their own components.

Struggling to find a component for your classic car? Have a chat with the team to see how we can help – 01473 742038

Bits ‘n’ Bobs on the Jensen’s

Scott, one of our classic car technicians has been tinkering with several more intricate parts of both the 1957 and 1960 Jensens. “I stripped down and modified the windscreen wiper mechanism,” Scott tells us, “re-greased it, put it back together then fitted it back onto the car.”

Scott also stripped down the motor for the wipers, then cleaned the grease out, prepped and repainted it, repacked the grease then re-fitted it to the car.

Scott has also made and fitted new number plate surrounds for both Jensens. “I had to fabricate a tiny joiner or ‘mount’ as it were, for the top.”

Scott has also modified the boot lid handle as it didn’t fit. Along with sorting out the bonnet guides and rest plates and fitted the glass for the 1/4 windows and fitted them to the car too. Scott also refurbished the courtesy lights too.

“I then made a boot-prop,” Scott described. “I’ve fitted that, along with the boot catch and striker plate, then adjusted the boot so it would close.” He also then fitted the return spring to the throttle pedal.

All these little additions contribute toward what will be two fantastic cars, both looking and working. Super work Scott!

Power Steering The Jensen 541R

Both our 1957 and 1960 Jensen 541R’s had an upgrade in steering system this week.

John, our classic car workshop manager explained, “It’s a like-for-like exchange really. We take the old steering column out and replace with power steering.”

In some other cars this process can be much more complex, but for the Jensen’s it’s a case of replace and rewire.

“I then make sure it’s all fitted nicely away,” explains John, “so you can’t see it.”

We love the concept of transforming classic cars by upgrading things like power steering, aircon and installing modern technology including sound systems, Bluetooth and GPS.

Now you really can have the look and feel of a classic car, but with the luxury extras you’d find on a newer model. To find out how we can improve your classic car driving experience, give us a call – 01473 724038

Custom Built Bracket For The Jensen

Our 1960 Jensen needed a new number plate bracket, the trouble was, none that fitted were in existence.

Therefore, our creative and very talented classic car specialist technician Paul manufactured a custom built bracket to take it’s place.

Using aluminium, he cut and bent the metal into the correct shape and fitted it seamlessly into position. You’d never tell it hadn’t started it’s life there.

Awesome work Paul!

Give The Jensen a Brake

Restoration work continues on the black 1960 Jensen 541R. This week the brakes have been given some special attention by our classic car expert technician Paul.

“I’ve refurbished the handbrake caliper,” explains Paul, “then fitted the repaired unit back into place.”

Next stop – the trim shop.

Bonnet And Bodywork On The Jensen’s

The 1957 and 1960 Jensen 541R’s were treated to custom made bonnet supports last week. Along with this, they had their recently restored wings and sills re-fitted.

“Both cars have had their sills and wings completely restored, including a fresh paint job.” Our talented technician Paul explains. “I’ve fitted the restored parts back onto the car and built and fitted their new bonnet supports too, to keep the bonnet steady”.

Both Jensen’s are really starting to return to their former glory now, it’s great progress from the Bridge team.

The Jensen 541R Can Breathe Again

Work continues on the full nut and bolt restoration of the 1960’s Jensen 541R.

Replacement air filters were fitted by expert technician Paul last week. “The original inlet manifold and carburettor didn’t fit” he described. “I’ve replaced them, so she should now have more torque and perform better”.

Paul also replaced the top coolant hose and the bottom hose, both needed cutting to the correct size.

She should sound even sweeter now – good work Paul!

The Jensen 541R Has Clutch Trouble

The clutch on the 1960 Jensen 541R hasn’t been working properly. So, our expert technician Dave has built his very own easy-bleed component to get it back up and running.

“You can buy these parts online.” Dave explains, “but I’ve made my own so I can do the work sooner and not wait for parts to arrive”. A great example of the proactive attitude our team have here at Bridge – awesome job Dave!

The Jensen’s Get New Grilles

Both the 1957 Jensen 541R and the 1961 Jensen 541S have been treated to fully repaired bonnet grilles this week, courtesy of our expert technician Dave.

“These aluminium hooks can be flimsy and snap off”, Dave explains, snapping one of them off with ease. “So, I’ve custom built stronger ones to replace them”. Dave then welded the new hooks onto each grille to keep them snug and secure in the centre of the bonnet.

One of many finishing touches that will contribute to the final look of the Jensen’s iconic bonnet.

1960 Jensen Custom Thermostat Gasket

Dave has made a custom Thermostat gasket for the modern thermostat being installed into our Jensen 541R restoration.

Dave has fabricated from scratch a metal plate to perfectly fit the modern thermostat. Superb work, Dave. It’s such a shame this lovely work will be covered up!

Dave has also now test fitted the rear windows with the hinge mechanism attached.

1960 Jensen 514R Dynamator + Inner wings

John has fitted a dynamator into our 1960 Jensen 541R. A dynamator is an alternator fitted within the original dynamo housing. Our Jensen 541R project required a dynamator to cope with the additional electrical draw required to run the power steering.

Whilst installing and wiring in the dynameter, John also installed the wiper motor and connected this up to the wiring loom. Great work, John.

Paul, who is also working on our Jensen restoration has recently fitted the front inner arches and side panels. Paul has also now installed the side panels and all of the sill covers have now been fitted. Dave has almost completed both doors on our 1960 Jensen and is currently working on the rear windows of our 1957 541R.

Paul has completed fabricating the bonnet locators which are now ready for welding. He has also fabricated new sill brackets which are ready to be installed onto the car. Great work, team.

1960 Jensen 541R Door Modifications

Dave has been working on our 1960 Jensen 541R restoration. He has taped up the side rear windows to test fit into the car for a trial fit.

The rear windows are fitted in place after some polishing and filing. Dave is now bolting these fixed windows in position.

Dave has had to modify the doors on our Jensen to allow the glass to move freely up and down through the door. He has had to cut out a strip of metal at the top of the door, move it back a few millimetres and then weld the metal back into the correct position.

Jensen 541R Front Bumper Chrome

Paul and Scott are working on both our 1957 and 1960 Jensen 541R’s. This lovely chromework has just arrived back at the workshop and will now be installed onto the car.

1960 Jensen 541R Boot Install

Paul has fitted the boot on our 1960 Jensen 541R. He’s custom made retaining nuts for the boot. Nicely done, Paul.

Jensen 541 R Restoration Updates

We’ve been making wonderful progress on both of our Jensen 541R restorations.

On our 1960 Black Jensen 541R, Paul has recently fitted the floor and brake and clutch master cylinder. The stainless steel exhaust has been custom made by exhaust specialists Demand Engineering and installed into the vehicle.

Paul will now be moving onto fitting the clutch pipe from the master cylinder to the gearbox slave cylinder.

In the trim shop, Brian and Kath have been trimming our Corvette engine powered 1957 Jensen 541R and 1960 Jensen 541R. We’re using Connoly Vaumol Leather. 891 Luxan grain chestnut in the 1957 Jensen and 8500 Crushed grain black in the 1960 Jensen. Brian has been covering the door cards in the specified brown and black leather leather.

Brian has trimmed the front arm rests and the rear seat divider in the Connoly Vaumol Leather.

Below you can see how Kath has trimmed the door card. Using the wooden panel that Brian has made, Kath cut the leather to size and has glued and stitched the leather in place.

Kath has applied carpeting to the door panels. She is now currently making the rear seats on the 1957 Jensen 541R.

Dave has custom fabricated this panel for Brian to trim.

Jensen 541R Interior Update From The Trim Shop

Brian has been making some superb progress on lots of smaller jobs on our Jensen interior restoration. He firstly stripped down the scuttle air vent covers ready to retrim.

Brian has also stripped down and recovered the main Jensen dash panel. He has re-trimmed this in black vinyl. This black vinyl is extremely tactile, providing a luxurious, understated finish that will offset the chrome work superbly.

Brian has restored the original glovebox, re-trimming the glovebox with new carpet.

Brian has also made one pair of rear door capping from 9mm ply wood. He chiselled the correct cutouts and shaped the wood to perfectly match the original. Great work, Brian!

Jensen 541R Floor Fitted

Another milestone has been hit in our 1960 Jensen 541R restoration as she now has a doors and a floor!

Paul has installed the newly painted doors onto the vehicle.

We’ve also now installed the floor into our 541R.

In The Trim Shop: Jensen 541R Interior

Brian, one of our Classic Car Technicians who specialises in Interior Trim has been making superb progress on the interior of our 541R.

Brian has fabricated new footpanels with back supports screwed in. He’s also stripped down the old scuttle panels.

He’s cut new scuttle panels and drilled correctly placed holes.

Brian has dismantled the original under-dash panels and is making new under-dash panels from millboard. He’s stripped down the original door panel infills and trimmed in black leather. The attention to detail is second to none. Beautifully done, Brian.

1960 Jensen 541R Restoration Progress

Paul has been working on our 1960 Jensen 541R restoration. He’s fitted the doors and prepared the prop shaft to paint black.

A new brake servo unit has been fitted with custom brackets. We’ve installed EPS (Electronic Power Steering) and fitted in place. Paul has also installed the Brake and clutch pedal mounting box. He’s fitted the front brake hose and modified bracket to hold the hose.

1960 Jensen 541R in the Trim Shop

Brian has been hard at work on the interior of our Jensen 541R. He’s been working on the front cubby box/ armrest. He firstly stripped off the old covers of the cubby box and sanded the wood down to a smooth finish. He then made new covers from black vinyl, using the old ones as a template.

He then fitted the cut vinyl onto the freshly prepared cubby box. The base plate was also fitted with black vinyl and fitted into cubby box.

Brian then has made up a soft armrest and fitted it to the cubby box. He’s cleaned up the ashtray and fitted it into the box. Great work, Brian!

Jensen 541 R Roof Lining

Kath and Brian has done a wonderful job transforming the roof lining of our Jensen 541R. There’s a lot of black components on this Jensen specification. The roof lining however is finished now in this sumptuous perforated cream headlining fabric, expertly trimmed by our Trim Shop team. They begun by fitting the restored roof bars into the roof of the car, using the old headlining as a template, it was a challenge to get the fabric to fit perfectly without any creases. This required the fabric to be kept taught from all angles. It’s now finished and looking wonderful.