1960 Jensen 541S

Peony Red Paint Prep

Our 1960 541S Jensen has been continuing its paint process with the bonnet and wings being masked, prepped and primed and the undersides painted black.

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Peony Red Grills And Shields

Paul has fit the heat shield into the engine as well as the front grill and badge into our 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541S. Every day our Peony Red is starting to resemble a real car more and more as it makes exciting developments daily.

Peony Red Gets More Chrome

Our 1960 Peony Red Jensen is coming along well. With the continuation of chrome fitting, Paul has been making an fitting seat belt strengthens to ensure safety. Originally only being fitted to the metal shell, Paul has made some enforced pieces of metal to make sure the seat belts are fixed in well.

Tom is also linking up the main loom to the fuel gage and reserve, as well a securing it in place so that it runs to the rear loom.

Peony Red Jensen Taking Shape

Our stunning custom build Peony Red Jensen is really taking shape now. Thanks to the continuous hard work from our skilled classic car technicians, this classic is looking more and more like the beautiful motor it was meant to be. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Peony Red Jensen’s Wiring Loom Fitted

Tom has begun to catalogue the different wiring looms for our 1960 Jensen 541S. He’s started with the rear wiring loom, connected the rear indicators, brake lights, sidelights, number plate lights and the reverse light. Tom has also allocated the rear wiring loom in the rear junction box. He has then continued to install the bonnet wiring loom and has connected the headlights, indicators and sidelights wirings to the bonnet wiring loom.

Paul has also fitted the rear bumper.

Lydia has also taken apart the head lining. She’s started by laying out the old fabric to see what it looks like. Once she made the new version, she sewed in calico loops onto each headlining part while attaching the sections together.

Peony Red Jensen Fitting And Fixing

Paul and Tom have been working on the Peony Red Jensen 541R today, both fitting more chrome to the body and fixing in place the underside bonnet clips.

Paul has been steadily getting through all the chrome pieces, fitting them to the body and ensuring they all sit perfectly. Tom has been fixing in place the clips which hold in place the bonnet rods and hinges that allow the bonnet to open.

Tom has also assembled the dash, fitted the boot and bonnet as well as fitting the indicators and chrome.

Peony Red Jensen Assembly Continues

Our lovely 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541S is at the stage where we’re putting lots of pieces back together and fitting them in, meaning that day by day, its looking more like a Jensen. Paul has fitted the vacuum pipe for the carburettor manifold as well as working alongside Tom to fit the sills. With the doors now on as well, the body of the car is more or less recognisable.

Peony Red Jensen Progression: Trim, Engine And Steering

Brian has been working on the door cappings for our 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541S. He began by fitting metal brackets to the rear door capping and then glueing in the wadding. Brian then glued the leather cover to the door capping and turned the leather over onto the back to neaten up the corners and pull taught the material.

Paul and Ady have recently fit the engine into the Jensen which is arguably one of the key milestones in a restoration. With this now in place, engine refurbishments and adjustments can be made to ensure its up and running.

The assisted power steering pump has also been prepared and fitted into our Jensen.

Peony Red Project Continues

The bonnet, boot and internal components have been painted for our 1960 Jensen 541S. The parts sat in primer and a base coat before having their iconic Peony Red paint applied. The internal parts and engine block have been painted black to keep them uniform with the rest of the internal elements.

Paul has been working on the mechanical elements for our Jensen, which has included fitting the rear section boot floor, new hand brake cables, and re-manufactured the bolts on the rear axle half shaft.

Ady has been working on refurbishing the engine by attaching a new rear seal conversion and replacing the bolts that hold it in and fitting a new cylinder head with new valves spring and valve guides. The engine has also been rebored to take new pistons, the crankshaft has been reground and new bearings fitted. A new timing chain, cam followers and gaskets have also been fitted.

Ady and Paul are have also been working on fitting the re-conditioned gear box to the engine.

We’ve also fitted the rear lights this week, ready to be wired in.

Twenty Twenty: The Year Of The Jensen

Some of you may remember we mentioned our busy Jensen workshop last year, and it hasn’t slowed down in 2021. We’ve become the Jensen Specialists of the UK with a constant set of Jensen 541R and 541S projects passing through our doors on a regular basis. With projects ranging from full nut and bolt restorations to small fixes and services, we’ve been inundated with Jensen’s, and we love it!

2020 saw 8 Jensen’s in at the same time, which led to this amazing shot of them all lined up. Our technicians are now well versed in Jensen mechanics, electrics and bodywork as we’ve still got 6 of them in the workshop plus another stored at Bentwaters waiting to find a new home.

With only 193 Jensen 541R’s ever made and 127 541S’s made, and even fewer still on the road, we’ve had a large quantity of them in the workshop.

Peony Jensen Heat Shield

One of our technicians, Pauls, has made and fit a heat shield for our 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541R. Paul has cut out, measured up and fitted the panels which are made up of Asbestolux.

Peony Red Mechanics Underway

The Peony Red Jensen, now finished in paint, has been moved into the workshop to begin its mechanical journey.

Our technician Paul is currently fitting new brake lines as the original ones are worn out.

Peony Red Paint Prep

Our 1960 541S Jensen has been continuing its paint process with the bonnet and wings being masked, prepped and primed and the undersides painted black.

Peony Red Jensen Painted And Ready

We’re delighted to announce that after being smoothed and polished, our beautiful Peony Red Jensen has entered the trim shop.

Chris spent yesterday smoothing and polishing the body so that the paint looks smooth and perfect. We’re loving the richness of the red contrasting with the soft grey roof.

This 1960 541S Jensen is now sat in our trim shop ready to start its interior restoration journey.

The Peony Red Grows

Chris has been working on some of the exterior panels for our Peony Red Jensen. Although the body can be painted in one go, the exterior panels and doors need to be done separately to ensure the paint can get into all the details.

Here Chris is painting the wings with the Peony Red and a clear coat. The wheels have also been primed and painted.

Our Peony Red Jensen Has Blossomed

Yesterday afternoon was the moment we’ve all be waiting for. The first drop of Peony Red paint has been applied to our 1960 541S Jensen. For months we’ve been watching our skilled technicians work on rebuilding and reworking the body of this Jensen and finally its entered the paint shop.

This is a very exciting development in this restoration project as it’s now starting to resemble a classic car! With this fresh layer of paint on, our beautiful Peony Red Jensen is blossoming into the iconic classic it should be.

Chris has been focusing on preparing other exterior elements for paint. Here Chris is working on a front bumper shield.

Our specialist paint technician, Chris, has been dedicated to preparing, masking and painting our beloved Peony Red Jensen. He began by applying primer and guide coat to the bonnet, panels and body. He then rubbed the car down with 320 and 500 sandpaper grit ready for paint. Once the car was masked up, it was ready for paint. Car masked up for a ‘Verkehrsgrau’ grey roof and red bottom. Once the two tones had been applied, Chris could paint on the clear preservative coat.

The Peony Red Jensen Is Almost Peony Red

Step by step, our Peony red 1960 541S Jensen gets closer to actually being Peony Red. We’ve been referring to it with its colour but its been nothing more than various shades of white or metal for quite a while. Soon, we’ll be able to honestly call it Peony Red.

Chris has been applying the guide coat onto the body and smoothing down all the surfaces, ready for it to be masked and painted.

The Jensen is now sat in primer and once dried, will be painted the infamous Peony Red.

Final Bits Before Paint On The Jensen

Our Peony Red Jensen is getting closer to actually be Peony Red. This classic Jensen has been sat in parts for a while as we work through the rust but is now on the final steps before it can be painted.

James has been working on creating a door spring mechanism that allows the window glass to sit safely inside the panel.

Below are some process photos of James preparing the door and fitting the elements. He’s been working on the left-hand door to remove old rust metal and tidy up repairs as well as fabricate new sections to weld in place.

Chris, our painter, has been preparing some of the individual elements for paint as the door wing and sill is now ready for primer. Several parts have been primed in a guide coat well as the wheels having been rubbed down ready for paint

Peony Red Jensen Bodywork Continues

Parts of our 1960 541S Jensen are sat in our paint bay whilst Chris works on them. The door hinges have been sandblasted, the door frames and door skins have been painted, and the boot, front bumper part and wheels are ready for primer. The black part for the boot rubber has also been painted.

Rust Bust On The Peony Red Jensen

The restoration to the Peony Red Jensen’s doors continues. James is working on correcting the corrosion damage by welding and fabricating new parts to replace the corroded elements. Both doors are bespoke and custom to the car, so James, one of our classic car specialists, is having to make all his adjustments bespoke and unique to the car.

You can see the process here:

Peony Red Bodywork

Our Peony Red Jensen has been masked and primed and is now ready for paint.

New Doors For Our Peony Jensen

Brian from our trim shop has been working on creating more interior fittings for our 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541S. The first steps in creating new door panels were to remove the old metal from the door panel board and make new panels from hardboard. The metal has been cut out and riveted, ready to be put in place. Brian then glued some foam to the door panel, cut out new leather and glued the sewn door panel to the leather panel. Once the parts were fixed together, Brian then turned the edges over. The next step was to then cut out the leather for the infill panel and glue that to the door panel.

A new armrest has also been fitted to the door panel. Brian removed the old cover from the armrest and made a new one, including new foam and a new pocket. Fresh piping has been fitted to the top edge of the pocket and foam support added. Chrome has then been added to the armrest trim.

Chris has removed the door skins from the door frames ready to have the paint taken off sandblasted. This is to combat the corrosion found inside the doors. Once this is completed, epoxy primer is applied inside and out. The bonnet and boot have been lined up and rubbed down as well. Holes have been marked out on the boot and are ready to re-drill.

James has removed both Aluminium door skins from the steel frames to work on the corrosion too. We will be using modern materials to avoid corrision occurring in the future rather than the original strips of canvas fabric to act as a barrier.

Here you can see the conditions of the door panels which are showing serious signs of corrosion and rust damage, including a series of holes appearing along the edge.