1960 Jensen 541S

Jensen Tool Tray!

This tool tray is from the Peony Red 1960 Jensen 541S. It hasn’t got any tools that were in it, so the customer is going

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Ingenius idea!

Dave has been working on the 1960 peony red Jensen 541S. He’s adjusted the cover for the gearbox so it can come apart for an

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Jensen Tool Tray!

This tool tray is from the Peony Red 1960 Jensen 541S. It hasn’t got any tools that were in it, so the customer is going to source those separately. Kath is going to shape a new piece of foam and cover it in black vinyl to match the dash. This piece of foam is the handle part, and the piece you see while sitting in the car. The tool tray sits underneath the dash, on the passenger side, and slots in like a draw into a metal frame.

Ingenius idea!

Dave has been working on the 1960 peony red Jensen 541S. He’s adjusted the cover for the gearbox so it can come apart for an easier inspection. Bolts have been fitted so it’s fixed in securely but also has a way to undo. We definitely have clever people working for us!

Lydia has also had a part to play in this process by sanding carpet, glue and paint off one of the floor panels that sits underneath the gearbox.

Cold blowing hot on the Jensen 541S!

John has been giving the heater valve some attention on the peony red 1960 Jensen 541S. When it was being tested, the heater was blowing hot when it was actually being set to cold on the control. So John set about changing the valve for it to work properly.

Small adjustment for the red Jensen!

Kath has been laying the carpet back down in the peony red 1960 Jensen 541S. The pedals needed some adjustment, so the sound deadening and carpet were glued back down after this was done.

Jensen finishing touches

John has now fitted the new steering wheels

…and has been adjusting the throttle linkage and gear change linkage.

Jensen Journaal – July 2021

It is lovely to receive a copy of the Zomer 2021 Jensen Journaal in the post this week.

Several of our Jensens that we have restored have been featured in this month’s copy of the Dutch magazine, Jensen Journaal! https://jensenholland.nl/ It’s an absolute privilege, so thank you.

The magazine talks about our 1957 Jensen 541R, the 1958 Jensen 541R, the 1960 Jensen 541R and the 1960 Jensen 541S (The Prototype).

Here are our website links to the cars that were featured to find out more information on each of the restoration projects.





Jensen 541S Air Box Bolt

Paul has re-produced an air box bolt for our 1960 Jensen 541S air box. It is now complete and ready to fit.

Bespoke Jensen book bag!

We call it the Jensen bible and in order to protect it Kath has made a bespoke leather book bag.

Jensen Genome Richard Calver July 2019 Edition

She started the process by drawing, measuring and working out the dimensions and design for the bag. Black leather was cut out to the required shapes and measurements and then mounted onto 3mm foam. She then sewed around the edges of the mounted pieces to make sure they were secure.

The first step in putting it all together was to sew a zip between two pieces of mounted leather with a zipper foot. Red topstitching went down either side of the zip as a finishing touch. Kath attached the zip and sidebands with clips onto the front of the book bag, to make sure it all fitted together, before sewing in place. She checked the book fitted inside, before sewing the back of the bag on. Red topstitching running around the outside edges of the front and back matched the zipper.

Jensen 541S engine running up

Please to show our Jensen 541S bursting into life and sounding beautiful.

Next job will be to set the gearbox up.

Red Jensen interior fit continues!

Thomas has been fitting the mushroom shade leather front seats into the peony red Jensen. He first had to fit runners into the front of the car, these are bolted in, either side, as a pair. The seats then slide onto these with attachments on the bottom of each front seat. These runners are what make the seats move backwards and forwards, to give more or less leg room in the front!

Thomas has also fitted the centre mirror, centre console and sun visors.

Kath has been making a boot carpet for the Jensen 541s too. She made a carpet cover for the fuel pipe, to match the boot. These were both made by her creating a paper pattern first. All the edges of the carpet were binded in the mushroom leather.

Jensen 541 – Spare Wheel Carrier and Dash Modifications

Tamas has manufactured a spare wheel carrier bracket to hold the carrier in place.

Having recently recovered the original dash, when fitting to the car we recognised that the dash was slightly larger than required. We have now stripped the dash back to reveal the area that requires adjustment. It has now been rectified and re-covered to make a perfect fit in the car.

And finally, Tom has fitted the grommets under the engine area.

Peony Jensen Update

The exhaust on our Peony Jensen has been fitted by Demand Engineering. We now need to put the seats and pins in, air filter, bleed the gearbox and modify the number plate.

Peony Red’s Boot Lid Interior

Our 1960 Peony Red Jensen has had a new boot lid carpet. Brian has cut and glued a leather strip around the inside edge of the boot lid and then glued down the carpet to the inside, cutting holes in the boot to support the arm and catch.

We’ve also sent the entire car off to Demand engineering to get the exhaust manufactured and fitted. We’ve found that the profile of the downpipes are not the correct profile so we’re also having them re-profiled so that they allow the exhaust to sit correctly.

Peony Red Paint Perfections

Chris has been neatening up one of the side panels to correct some imperfections that have happened whilst assembling the car. It’s very common for scratches and knocks to occur when building a car back together and luckily Chris is on hand to correct any accidental damage.

Peony Red Is Finding Its Voice

Our 1960 Jensen 541S, fondly nicknamed ‘Peony Red’ after its colour, is currently having its horns fixed by Tom. He’s also checking over a few issues with the wiring and ensuring that the lights work and the earth cable is responding correctly.

Peony Windows Fitted

Our 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541S has had the windows fitted and is now resembling more and more of a working car.

Peony Red Jensen Gets New Carpet

Kath has made a boot carpet for out 1960 Jensen 541S. She begun by inserting rubber grommets in the holes, made templates and then cut out the patterns. When she had cut out the carpet, she could bind and shape the edges.

Peony Red Air Vents

Kath has made a cover for the metal plate Paul made as part of the windscreen air vents.

Peony Red Jensen’s New Chrome and Dynamometer

Our 1960 Jensen 541S has had new chrome fitted around the door as well as ‘weather strips’. Paul has been working to apply the smaller chrome details.

Paul has also fitted a new dynamometer.

Peony Jensen Tweaks And Adjustments

Our 1960 Peony Red Jensen is having its newly built dashboard fitted by Tom and the chrome adjusted by Paul.

Kath has continued with the door side panels and had now completed the passenger side. She has screwed in the panels for the air vents, added carpet fasteners and was then ready for Tom to work on the dash and Paul to work on the chrome.

Peony Red Jensen’s New Dash And Door Cappings

Tom has been working on building up the dashboard for our 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541S. A keen eye for detail and a steady hand is needed to build up dashboards as it is a tricky job.

Brian has been adding wood to the front door to make the capping fit correctly. He’s then covered the door capping and new board for the side panel and added in a seat belt slot. Lastly he added the pipping between the side panel and rear quarter panel and glued it all in place.

Sound Deadening The Peony Jensen

Kath has been laying sound deadening in the Peony Red 1960 Jensen 541S which is starting to look more and more complete.

Kath began by covering the section of floor she was working on, with leather and then started to lay the sound deadening, being careful to check how each piece fitted and glue them securely in place. She then went over the sills and added the carpet under the rear seats and bound the ends. Then Kath started laying the carpet in the passenger footwell, around the side of the centre tunnel and bound the edges.

Peony Red Headliner Continues

Kath has continued on the 1960 Jensen 541S Peony Red headliner by bolting in the screws in the front header rail. She’s then covered the B posts in leather and added 3mm of foam to the rear. Kath has then covered the back parcel shelve in the same headliner leather and then followed it up by fitting the panels along the top of the head liner.

Next up, Kath made a pattern for the rear pocket sections and then glued it in place. She then removed the seat belt to fit the rear quarter panel. She then modified the rear quarter panel to make it fit better. Kath then attached the rear door capping and rear panel as well as fitting the seat belt back in place. She then repeated this process on the driver’s side.

Once everything was covered and fit, Kath could lay the rear seat in place to make sure it all fits. Next up is the sound deadening and carpet.

Peony Red Jensen Gets New Badges And Headliner

The owner of our Peony Red custom 1960 Jensen 541S took the decision to get the badges painted in a diamond red as he didn’t like how the silver looked. Here’s the before and after:

Kath has also fit the headliner for our Peony Red Jensen. She begun by attaching the metal rods to the edge of the car and then attaching the leather around the windscreen. The next step was to attach the front header rail and then screw it in place, lining up the holes.

Peony Red Jensen Bonnet Catches

Paul has manufactured some new bonnet catches for our 1960 Jensen 541S. These components are crucial to keeping the bonnet closed and secure. Being made by hand, these catches have been designed and made to fit our Jensen perfectly.

Peony Red Grills And Shields

Paul has fit the heat shield into the engine as well as the front grill and badge into our 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541S. Every day our Peony Red is starting to resemble a real car more and more as it makes exciting developments daily.

Peony Red Gets More Chrome

Our 1960 Peony Red Jensen is coming along well. With the continuation of chrome fitting, Paul has been making an fitting seat belt strengthens to ensure safety. Originally only being fitted to the metal shell, Paul has made some enforced pieces of metal to make sure the seat belts are fixed in well.

Tom is also linking up the main loom to the fuel gage and reserve, as well a securing it in place so that it runs to the rear loom.

Peony Red Jensen Taking Shape

Our stunning custom build Peony Red Jensen is really taking shape now. Thanks to the continuous hard work from our skilled classic car technicians, this classic is looking more and more like the beautiful motor it was meant to be. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Peony Red Jensen’s Wiring Loom Fitted

Tom has begun to catalogue the different wiring looms for our 1960 Jensen 541S. He’s started with the rear wiring loom, connected the rear indicators, brake lights, sidelights, number plate lights and the reverse light. Tom has also allocated the rear wiring loom in the rear junction box. He has then continued to install the bonnet wiring loom and has connected the headlights, indicators and sidelights wirings to the bonnet wiring loom.

Paul has also fitted the rear bumper.

Lydia has also taken apart the head lining. She’s started by laying out the old fabric to see what it looks like. Once she made the new version, she sewed in calico loops onto each headlining part while attaching the sections together.