1962 Morris Minor Convertible

Folded In – Repairing the Hood Frame on a 1962 Morris Minor Convertible

Sometimes a certain amount of delicacy must be taken to the approach of a job. Take for instance the framework for the convertible hood on a 1962 Morris Minor that we currently have at Bridge Classic Cars.

Over the years, this frame must have been shut thousands of times. That put stress into the metal as it is worked backwards and forwards. Unfortunately, a gust of wind happened to catch it at just the wrong moment for our customer. This caused the frame to bend and slightly tear in some crucial places near the hinges.

Not a problem for our in-house restoration technicians. A careful and methodical approach to the assessment had to be taken. Our technician Dave, discovered that it could be repaired sympathetically. To achieve this, he needed to remove some of the rivets which allow the whole mechanism to retract in and out of its cubbyhole.

With those pieces carefully removed piece by piece. Dave could begin to reconstruct the original stays rather than replace the entire hood assembly.

With some small cuts and a few areas sectioned, this Morris Minor Convertible and its owner will be back enjoying the open road.

This Just In – 1962 Morris Minor Convertible

There’s something really quite charming about a Morris Minor. There’s something even more loveable about a convertible Morris Minor.

This beautiful 1962 Morris Minor Convertible is coming into us to have its convertible hood frame repaired.

Due to an unexpected gust of wind whilst the customer was out driving this stunning little classic, the hood frame was damaged. Our in-house team of restoration technicians assessed what would be needed to make sure this classic was safe. But also as original as possible.

It will be coming into us at Bridge Classic Cars very soon to begin work. So keep an eye on our news page for more updates on this Morris Minor Convertible and all of our other projects.