Win with Bridge Classic Cars

1962 Triumph TR4

1962 Triumph TR4 Paint Repair

Chris has been working on repairing and repainting our ’62 Triumph TR4. Chris firstly repaired the damaged areas reshaping the dented bodywork, before sanding down the bodywork for primer. He then applied a coat of primer before the all-in-one colour coat. The colour coat has now been flattened down and is ready to be polished.

Brilliant work, Chris!

1962 Triumph TR4 to Hangar 111

Ady has taken our 1962 Triumph TR4 this morning to our good friends at Hangar 111 to improve the running. The carburettors and jets have been adjusted to get the best possible performance from the car in it’s current state.

1962 Triumph TR4 in for Paintwork Repair

This gorgeous 1962 Triumph TR4 is in the classic car workshop today for repairs to the paintwork. It will be heading into the paint shop where Darren and Chris will be taking care of her.