1962 TVR Grantura

TVR Grantura in paint

The colour has now been chosen. The original idea of a Chevrolet Laguna Blue has now changed to a lighter, brighter alternative and she looks

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TVR Engine update

The block has now been refaced and repainted, the bores re-honed, the pistons are fitted and the crankshaft has been timed in.  

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Re-trimming our TVR dashboard

Our 1962 TVR Grantura interior is starting to take shape with Donna now working on rebuilding the existing seats, dash and side panels.

We have chosen Poppy Red as the interior colour. Against the blue exterior this will be a beautiful colour combination.

The dash is now re-covered so it is now over to Brian to refit the refurbished dials whilst Donna can move on to the seats.

Re-designing our 1962 TVR Grantura Interior

Donna has now began work on stripping our TVR Grantura interior trim and prepare the frames ready for the new design. The framework will be cleaned up and refurbished ready before Donna builds back up with new cushions and leather work.

The existing dash will be stripped down and replaced with new leather and refurbished dials.

Refurbishing our TVR parts

Working through the assortment of TVR parts in need of restoration. The bonnet springs and runners have now been blasted, painted and ready for re-fit.

Rebuilding our TVR Grantura

The engine is now in and the components are now being fitted up by Ady.

Meanwhile Brian and Owen have been working through cleaning and polishing the light clusters and bright work.

The parts have been cleaned and blasted and treated to a covering of galvanising spray to protect them against future wear and tear.

1962 TVR Grantura: polishing the brightwork

Rather than sourcing new, we have spent some time tackling the original chrome work to see how well the chrome work can be polished and the results are fantastic…

TVR Grantura ready for assembly

Final job to do in the paint shop before our 1962 TVR Grantura can head back next door to the assembly shop; refitting the bonnet.

Ready now for assembly.

TVR Grantura in paint

The colour has now been chosen. The original idea of a Chevrolet Laguna Blue has now changed to a lighter, brighter alternative and she looks stunning. The bonnet and doors have been treated in blue primer ready for top coat to be applied.

And here she is; first pictures of our incredible 1962 TVR Grantura painted and currently in our ovens being heated.

1962 TVR Engine – Re-fit

Preparing the fibre-glass body of our 1962 TVR Grantura ready for repaint. The colour has not been 100% confirmed as yet but we are looking at the finish being in blue, similar to the Chevrolet Laguna Blue.

With the workshops being closed and limited staff in it was a great opportunity for Ady and Tommy to clear some space and get the newly built engine back into position.

Brightwork away for polishing

More chrome and brightwork heading over to Tony at Wyatt Polishing for a re-chrome and polish.

In our collection today we have parts for our Jensen 541R, Jaguar E-Type and TVR Griffith.

TVR Engine update

The block has now been refaced and repainted, the bores re-honed, the pistons are fitted and the crankshaft has been timed in.


Polishing the TVR’s expansion tank

Brian is currently working on polishing the TVR’s expansion tank and cap.

The results are amazing and no need for stripping and re-chroming on this one. The original ‘patina’ characteristics are present but will not look out of place against the newly refurbished body which is great news.


Cleaning or Re-covering our TVR dash and centre column

Brian spent a short while cleaning up the TVR dash and centre column to assess whether it would be acceptable enough to be refitted without re-covering.

As much as it has brought life back into the tired looking parts we feel it is best to re-cover for maximum impact. Against the newly painted body shell it is just not quite good enough to be refitted as is.

Refurbishing the MGB and TVR dials

Our 1975 MGB and 1962 TVR Grantura dials have all been stripped, cleaned and polished ready for refit.

TVR Grantura bodyshell arrives at Bridge Classic Cars

As you can see from previous posts, Ady is well on with rebuilding and upgrading our 1963 TVR Grantura engine.

We are now in a position to bring in the body shell and to prepare for paint. The majority of the body shell has been restored a number of years ago, elsewhere, and the work has been carried out beautifully so very little preparation is required to get this up to acceptable standard for paint.

1962 TVR Grantura: Cylinder Head Porting

We are currently in the process of porting the cylinder heads of our 1962 TVR Grantura. Porting refers to the process of modifying the intake and exhaust ports to improve the quality and quantity of the air flow. Porting the heads provides the finely detailed attention required to bring the engine to the highest level of efficiency. More than any other single factor, the porting process is responsible for the high power output of modern engines.

This process can be applied to a standard racing engine to optimise its power output as well as to a production engine to turn it into a racing engine, to enhance its power output for daily use or to alter its power output characteristics to suit a particular application.

Our very own Ady has been porting heads for many many years and is now somewhat of an expert in the field.

Unleaded conversion on our 1962 TVR Grantura

We have now carried out the unleaded conversion on our 1962 TVR Grantura.

To carry out an unleaded conversion first we have stripped the cylinder head and checked for any imperfections wear. The existing seat have been bored out to remove.

Our new inserts (above) have been fitted into the original seat with a 6 thou interference. A very thin layer of oil has been applied before a three angle profile is machined into the valve seat.  The new seat is checked for concentrically and is ready for the valve to be fitted.

TVR Grantura: the start of a full restoration

Early 2019 we’ll be able to introduce a new project to the workshops, a classic TVR Grantura. It is coming in as a stalled restoration with the previous company no longer trading and leaving the customer with an unfinished project.

For now we have the engine in for a full rebuild with the body shell and components appearing early in the new year.