1963 Jaguar MkII 3.4

A Tell-Tale Heart – Engine Refit on a 1963 Jaguar MkII 3.4

The Jaguar straight-six. A staple of British motoring since its first outing in 1949 and continued in production well into the 20th century. This particular engine was lovingly refreshed by our in-house engine builder Ady along with some other sympathetic restoration work completed by our highly skilled technicians here at Bridge Classic Cars to make sure this Mk2 3.4 was one of the best out there.

The level of detail put into this engine by us here at Bridge Classic Cars matches the rest of the care and attention lavished on this fine example of this era of Coventry Jaguar. With so much attention given to the build-up of the long block, the install had to be given the same respect.

After a full engine bay respray, it was important to install the engine slowly and methodically. Gently easing the glorious straight-six into its age-old home. Like a well-tailored suit, the engine slipped perfectly into position where it could be checked that it would not interfere with any other componentry and it sat just right for all to behold when the long, elegant bonnet was opened for its tell-tale heart to be on display for all to proudly see.

Jaguar MkII – Replacing O’Rings

Ady has carefully removed the o’ring from our Jaguar MkII oil pump to replace with new.

The parts are all here on the shelf and we’ll start the rebuild of the engine very soon.

Paint prep for the Jaguar Mk II engine.

Lydia has been taking the flaking paint off the engine block for the 1963 Jaguar Mk II 3.4. It’s going to get re-painted, so a smooth surface is required. The block was cleaned several times first to get grease and dirt off. She used an air gun, to begin with, to blow off as much as possible, then a mini air sander for the worst bits that were on a flat surface, and sanded the curved flaking areas by hand. Once all the sanding was done, the engine block got blown again with an air gun to remove debris and then cleaned over a few times. Lydia finally masked up any areas that aren’t getting painted. It’s now ready to go in the spray booth!

Engine bay re-spray for the Jaguar!

The 1963 Jaguar MK II has been in the paint shop recently.

All the original paint and underseal was stripped from the engine bay of the car. It was then cleaned to remove any excess residues that would get in the way of the new paint. All the wires were masked up to prevent any paint from spraying onto them. Paper was then stuffed into any gaps. The final bit of prep was to cover the rest of the car in plastic sheeting. The engine bay was then finally ready for the new paint to be applied.

Stripping the Jaguar MkII engine bay

Work continues on our 1963 Jaguar MkII. Paul has stripped the engine bay of key components, clean up in preparation for refit. The refit will commence once the engine bay is prepared and painted by our paint shop.

Jaguar 3.4 MkII Balancing Act

Ady has been balancing the carbs on our 1963 Jaguar MkII to improve the running and overall performance of the car.