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1963 Morris Minor 1000

Workshop Walkabout

We took a walk around our busy workshop this afternoon to see what all our technicians are working on right now. First up we have

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More Primer on the Minor

Paintwork continues on the 1963 Morris Minor 1000 as the doors and wings get some specialist paintwork treatment from our expert paint shop technician Chris.

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Workshop Walkabout

We took a walk around our busy workshop this afternoon to see what all our technicians are working on right now.

First up we have Paul, who’s looking into an oil leak from the 1967 Jaguar E-Type. “I’m taking the sump off to further inspect where the oil’s coming from” he explains. “It’s quite possibly that the crankshaft seals that have gone.” With some further inspection, we’re sure Paul will figure out the issue.

Here we have Tamas and Andrew, both working on different parts of our 1963 Morris Minor 1000. Tamas is preparing sections of the car ready for assembly, in this picture he’s working on the foot well. Meanwhile, Andrew is sandblasting various parts for the car.

John our Workshop Manager has been working on the dashboard fittings on our 1960 Jensen 541R. “I’ve been fitting the glove box” explains John “along with the cooling fan control unit.”

And lastly we have Dave, who’s been working on a new gearbox mount for the 1958 Jensen 541R. “I’ve made the part already” says Dave “but no doubt there’ll be several versions I make before I find one that fits perfect.”

There’s always lots happening in the workshop here at Bridge Classic Cars. The team are a little camera shy, but it’s nice to catch them off-guard doing what they do so well!

More like Morris Major!

Our iconic 1963 Morris Minor 1000 is being treated to her final paint job this week at the hands of our very own specialist painter Chris.

“I prepped and painted all the odd bits and pieces this week” explains Chris, “including the door panels, door hinges and other smaller parts of the body itself.”

See if you can spot hanging up the wheel arches, doors and even bumpers.

These various Morris Minor parts have also been prepped and primed by Chris, ready for their final paintwork.

Chris has since completed the entire shell’s paintwork too. “It was all prepped and primed last week” Chris tells us “so she’s now had her final coat throughout”

Now Chris has fitted the additional bits and pieces back onto the shell, next up is her newly recommissioned engine – she’ll be needing that!

The Morris Is Prepped And Ready

Chris in our paintshop has continued work on the 1963 Morris Minor this week. “I’ve coated the inside of the car and the engine bay with raptor satin black,” Chris describes.

“I also temporarily fitted the wing rubbers,” he continues, “to make sure they fit nicely before spraying.”

Chris has completed the high build primer on the Morris Minor, below are the full before and after shots of his progress.

The Minor’s now ready to be rubbed down and have her final direct gloss paint job. Looking good so far… Great work Chris!

More Primer on the Minor

Paintwork continues on the 1963 Morris Minor 1000 as the doors and wings get some specialist paintwork treatment from our expert paint shop technician Chris.

“I’ve got the car ready for epoxy and polyfan primer,” describes Chris. “Then the doors and wings in a high build primer to perfect the finish.”

The car’s paintwork will be finished very soon now, we’re looking forward to the next stage of the restoration where the project moves to the trim shop.

Morris Minor Gets Final Primer

Final high build primer has been applied to the doors and bonnet of the 1963 Morris Minor by our paint-shop-pro Chris. “All they need now is a final rub down ready to be painted,” he explains.

The side panels have also been prepped and shaped with filler, ready for their polyester primer.

Inside the car, polyester sealant has been used along all the welded joints. This section will be ready for painting very soon too.

This project is coming along quite nicely, we’re looking forward to seeing the finished paint job in the coming weeks, coupled with the next stage of the restoration- the trim shop.

Paint Work Gets Underway On The Morris Minor

The 1963 Morris Minor 1000 has already had a ton of improvements made including the engine restoration work having already started.

Our expert paint technician Chris is already making great progress with the entire respray of the car after all the welding work on the body is now complete.

“All the newly welded sections needed to be sealed” Chris explains. “I’ve then completed several stages of priming, sanding and priming again.”

The next stage is to have the car wrapped ready for a full body spray. We’re all looking forward to seeing the before and after.

More body repairs to follow…

It seems like an endless task for Antony at the moment as he continues to work on the body repairs of our 1963 Morris Minor 1000.

More panels have been cut out and more new panels, whether they be replacement panels or fabricated panels are being fitted.

Morris Minor 1000: Engine Coming Out

Pictured below is our Morris Minor 1000 having it’s engine removed by Pete. The engine will be fully recommissioned including a new water pump and fresh paint.

Morris Minor Convertible Update

The car arrived to us with the issue of the doors no longer closely properly which lead us to believe that there may be structural issues. The car was converted from a saloon and it is always the worry that has the necessary precautions been made to ensure the integrity of the car has not been compromised.

After initial investigations it was found that several areas of rust were evident and we have now undertaken to remove all such areas and install more structural steel work to ensure longevity.

It is also decided at this time to remove the engine and gearbox; firstly to give us better access to the corroded areas but also to fully detail the engine and engine bay as to compliment the forthcoming re-spray the car will require.

We have taken delivery of more new panels and structural parts.

Morris Minor 1000 Repairs

Dave, one of Bridge Classic Cars’ vehicle technicians has been hard at work on the restoration of this Morris Minor 1000. He has Removed the worn brake pedal. The pedal currently has a lot of play in it which will need addressing. 

Dave has welded in two steel plates into the chassis and repositioned two captive nuts inside of the chassis box. He’s also repaired the end of the mounting brackets.

The brake master cylinder has now also been removed. We will check the seals and refurbish it to full working order.

The next stages will be to weld all the floors and panels that are corroded and re-align panels that have flexed with age.

1963 Morris Minor 1000: Strip down

Dave has been stripping down our Morris Minor 1000. There is mild corrosion throughout the vehicle which requires cutting out and new metal letting in. Being a convertible, we will also need to ensure the structural integrity of the chassis.

As part of the restoration, Dave is stripping down the vehicle before the rust-affected areas can be repaired. The vehicle will have all the panel alignment checked, and if needed corrected, before it receives a full respray.

1963 Morris Minor 1000 Rust Repairs Needed

As part of our inspection and recommissioning of this Morris Minor, Pete has uncovered quite severe rusting on the passenger side. Should the customer agree, we will begin repair works on the affected area shortly.
There are quite a few other jobs to do on this lovely little Morris which will be picked up shortly.

Morris Minor 1000 Service

Here at Bridge Classic Cars we also offer classic car servicing. This lovely ’65 Morris Minor 1000 was brought into us to investigate a couple of imperfections as well as carrying out a full service.

Pete is currently working on the follwoing:

  • Checking the integrity of the chassis rails
  • Perfecting door alignment
  • Checking all seals (boot leaking)
  • Investigating glove box issue
  • Repairing back window
  • Repairing indicator switch
  • Investigate fuel gauge
  • Investigate rust issues

We will also look at the body chrome around the rear lights to see if this needs restoring.

Does your classic car need servicing? Our highly skilled classic car technicians are prepared to take on any job, big or small to ensure your pride and joy is running at its best.

Morris Minor 1000 – In the workshop

This lovely 1963 Morris Minor 1000 will be worked on at the beginning of 2020. This cherished vehicle is in for restoration works with us at Bridge Classic Cars.