1967 Jaguar E-Type Racing Series 1

Awaiting Parts…

Our 1967 Jaguar E-Type Race car is feeling rather poorly at the moment and is awaiting a new clutch from Norfolk Clutch and Brake who

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Jaguar’s 9 Lives

Our custom build Jaguar E-Type race car has come back into the workshop for a new pressure plate as the one we’d fit had shattered

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Jaguar At Dawn

The dawn chorus sounded a little different this morning. Accompanying the chirping birds on their morning song was the rumbling purr of an E-Type. Craig

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2020 In Reflection

It goes without saying, 2020 has been tough for everyone but there have been some positives! Bridge Classic Cars turned 16, we welcomed in more

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Friday Snapshot

Another week has flown by! Once again we’ve had photoshoots, new arrivals and spectacular developments on our current projects. Behind the scenes and sneak peeks

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Workshop Walkabout

Our week has been very busy with two photoshoots at the start of the week and new projects arriving in the workshop. Tr6’s new hood

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Friday Snapshot

We’ve been very busy this week with winners and photoshoots as well as ongoing works to our current projects! Check out the news section of

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Workshop Walkabout

There’s been a lot going with week already and its only Wednesday! Take a look at what’s been going on s far. Range Rover Sport

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Moves like Jaguar

From purring to roaring, we’ve seen this Jaguar E-Type race car grow from start to finish. The project itself has been the epitome of Bridge

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Workshop Walkabout

We had a walkabout this workshop this afternoon to see what everyone’s up to. One of our classic car technicians Pete has the 1996 Nissan

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The Jag’s All Geared Up

Our superstar seamstress Kath in our trim shop has been designing and manufacturing a bespoke gear knob for the 1967 Jaguar E-Type Racing car. She’s

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Race Car’s New Clutch

We’ve now received the new clutch for our 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Race Car which can be fitted to replace the faulty one. We’ve also manufactured a bracket for the starter motor as it wasn’t engaging. Once everything is fitted back together again, it will need a test drive to understand if it is running correctly or not.

Faulty Flywheel Replaced

We’ve now got the new clutch in for our 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Race Car which suffered from a faulty flywheel. Now with the new part, we hope this one will be able to handle the speed.

Awaiting Parts…

Our 1967 Jaguar E-Type Race car is feeling rather poorly at the moment and is awaiting a new clutch from Norfolk Clutch and Brake who are fabricating a new heavy duty clutch.

Jaguar’s 9 Lives

Our custom build Jaguar E-Type race car has come back into the workshop for a new pressure plate as the one we’d fit had shattered and fractured during one of our test drives. Unfortunately, the element was faulty, thus leading to this dramatic fracture. Our beloved Jaguar has gone from a roar to a pur but we’ll have it back up and running soon.

We’ve also found that the clutch slave cylinder was leaking which we are now endeavouring to fix.

Bridge Classic Cars x Car and Classic

We are delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with Car and Classic to share our Bridge Classic Cars’ services and competitions across their website. If you’re used to perusing the classifieds of Car and Classic, you’ll start to see our adverts popping up.

We’ve featured several times in Car and Classic’s Magazine. Most recently, our E-Type Racecar received a beautiful write up from Head of Editorial, Chris Pollitt. You can read Chris’ article here: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/magazine/e-type-racer-built-for-the-thrill

We’re excited by this partnership and cannot wait to reveal more of our exciting plans with Car and Classic.

Jaguar At Dawn

The dawn chorus sounded a little different this morning. Accompanying the chirping birds on their morning song was the rumbling purr of an E-Type.

Craig was up early at our hanger this morning and decided to take our 1967 Jaguar out for a spin to keep it fresh and the Suffolk sunrise did not disappoint! What better than a beautiful car against a stunning backdrop.

You can take a closer look at its restoration journey and previous photos here or take a look at it on our ‘For sale’ page here.

2020 In Reflection

It goes without saying, 2020 has been tough for everyone but there have been some positives! Bridge Classic Cars turned 16, we welcomed in more unique and interesting cars, expanded the team and took new ventures.

2020’s Winners

This year we introduced our competitions back in May. With an uncertain year ahead of us, we wanted to provide some excitement to our followers, and what better way than to offer the chance of winning a car for less than £20! It wasn’t easy at first, but now with over 21 winners and up to 4 competition cars running at the same time, we’re doing better than ever. So far we’ve given away £561,197.00 worth of classic cars!

This week we’re delivering our latest winning cars, our 1974 VW Beetle that was won by Colin Knight and our 1995 Jaguar XJ6 who was won by Nick Nicola just before Christmas! We’re being careful to make the delivery as safe as possible, complying with tier 4 guidelines but we can’t wait to see Colin and Nick’s reactions!

1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Race Car Replica Completion

Its been a long restoration, but we were delighted to announce the completion of our very own project, our 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Race Car Replica. Its come a long way from the decrepit shell we started with in 2017. Every detail, right down to the colour has been custom made and designed. This truly is a Bridge Classic Car. You can see it’s story here.

The Year Of The Jensen

We love every and any classic car and are in turn, we’re equipped to fix and restore any classic too, but 2020 for us was the year of the Jensen. We’ve had eight 541R/541S’s in this year, some of which are still with us being completed. With only 193 Jensen 541R’s and 127 541S’s ever made worldwide, to have so many in at all really is outstanding, let alone all at the same time.

The 541R models were manufactured between 1957 and 1960 when they were later replaced by the 541S that ran from 1960 to 1962. Whilst each car is incredibly unique with its story and bespoke restoration, they are also very similar, and as you can imagine, with 8 very similar cars in at the same time, it took a while to get our heads around which was which when referring to them.

Expanding the team

2020 saw the birth of the Trim Shop. Whilst we’d had individual trim specialists working with us before, we were yet to dedicate a department to it! Last year saw the creation of the Trim Shop, giving the speciality its own workshop and team which continued to grow throughout the year. Originally just Kath and Brian, we have welcomed a new face to the team recently. Lydia has now joined us and is another much-valued member of the trim shop. Having our own trim department allows us to continue keeping all our restorations under one roof, limiting the outsourcing as much as we can.

We’ve also had Ellie join this year, adding to the marketing department. Previously we had just Freddie, and briefly Charlotte doing our marketing, but as the company started to grow, we found the need to take on another set of hands for our marketing and visuals.

One of a kind – Chevron B20

We’ve had some very unique cars in this year, including this original 1972 Chevron B20. Its seen top racing drivers, international races and a big crash in its lifetime and nowWe’re selling this on behalf of the owner but in the meantime, we’re enjoying housing this incredible special car. You can find out more about its history on our blogs.

Introduction of editorial shoots

The latter part of this year saw us start shooting some of our cars in a more editorial and creative style. Whilst we’ve always organised high-quality shoots of all our competition and for sale cars, we decided to add models to some of the shoots to make them a bit different.

Now we have both Freddie and Ellie on shoots, it means we can also get behind the scene insights into our shoots.

Bespoke restorations; A tribute

Another interesting and heartfelt restoration this year was our 1972 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 that we restored. In memory of their late uncle, the owner paid to have a commemorative plaque fitted by the handbrake. We also embedded one of their Uncle’s favourite cufflinks above it as well. As we always say, each restoration is special and every car carries its own stories, but this one was particularly special.

Car Show 2020

Last January, we had our open morning car show that proved to be incredibly popular. After having to cancel our 2021 January open morning show, we hope to organise one for later this year.

1967 Jaguar E-Type Race Replica Featured In Car And Classic Magazine – December 2020

We’re delighted to see that our treasured 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Race Car has been featured in Car and Classic’s recent online magazine as well as listed on their for sale section.

You can read the full article here.

This beautifully written article by Chris Pollitt really does highlight the hard work our team put into our Jaguar E-Type project.

We, of course, love this car but it’s even more rewarding to see others appreciate it. We hope that from this, our Jaguar will soon make its way to a new home.

If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can see more about its specifications here.

“The build, which was complete this year, took over three years in total. This is down to the fastidious nature of the team at Bridge, and also the desire for this car to be perfect, not rushed.”

“It’s become more than just an E Type. It’s something more. Something exciting, something unique and something so loaded with personality and character it makes other E Types look… muted?”

Friday Snapshot

Another week has flown by! Once again we’ve had photoshoots, new arrivals and spectacular developments on our current projects.

Behind the scenes and sneak peeks

On Tuesday we shot the second half of the content for our 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 race car replica. For this, we took it to the track at Bentwaters where our skilled F1 Test Driver, Mike O’Connor, put it through its paces.

We’ve also shot our new competition car, the Jaguar XJ6. Here’s a sneak peek at the XJ6 in motion. For these kinds of shots, we often get Ellie to drive and Freddie to shoot the car in motion. This allows moving shots to be done efficiently when it’s separate to a staged shoot with a model/talents such as the Jaguar race car above.

The XJ6 has already gone live and has proved to be incredibly popular with almost a quarter of the tickets having sold out in one day! Get your tickets quickly as the launch sale is ending soon!

New arrivals

We’ve had a beautiful red 1979 Chevrolet Corvette C3 arrive which will soon be a competition car. It underwent an intensive valet by our talented friend at Viper Auto Valets.

A stunning Jaguar XJ6 auto and a classic 1979 Daimler 4.2 Sovereign XJ6 Series III Automatic have also arrived this week, ready to be a competition cars. You can find more about the Jaguar and Daimler here!

1957 Grey Jensen 541R

The sill and footwell carpet has been cut and glued down as well as the carpet around the gearbox tunnel. Brian has fitted the front and rear footwell carpets on the passenger side too. Metal rails & air vent covers have been fitted to the scuttle panels. The passenger side scuttle panel and front footboard have both been fitted in place this week.

Although a lot of the carpets and back seats have been made, there’s still the front seats to make and fit.

Upon inspection, we identified some modifications needed on the grey Jensen’s doors to make sure all components align correctly.

Triumph TR6

Our 1973 Triumph TR6 has had new speakers and speaker holders made and installed by our technician Mauro who’s been working exclusively on the TR6. Adam, our auto electrics specialist has also been doing some work on the TR6, changing the sidelights to indicators to comply with UK road laws.

Peugeot 504

The new bonnet has been attached on the 504, the latches have been modified, gaps lined, bonnet painted and now fit! It’s so rewarding seeing this beautiful car looking whole again!

We’ve had a rubber mystery in the workshop, but luckily enough Gordan used his detective skills to figure out a nifty solution! The Peugeot 504 was in need of new rubber sills however we couldn’t find anywhere that sourced them. By matter of chance, in our Amphicar box of spare bits and bobs, we found some rubber extras that fit the 504 perfectly! A tip for anyone looking for Peugeot 504 rubber sills, head over to Gordons Imports and get some Amphicar rubber!

The Peugeot 504 has also been started for the first time in quite a while! This was its debut since being reassembled and its sounding good!

Morris Minor

The Morris Minor 1000 is ready for a test drive! It will be the first time it’s been started and driven in a while so it’s going to be an exciting development! To get the Morris ready for its start-up, our engine technician Ady has cleaned the carburettors and given it a pre-startup service.

Behind The Scenes: Mike O’Connor And Our Racing E-type

We recently shot with local race car driver, engineer and enthusiast, Mike O’Connor, who took our amazing custom built Jaguar E-Type for a spin. These supplementary visuals go hand in hand with the shots we captured of the car itself which can be seen here.

Workshop Walkabout

Our week has been very busy with two photoshoots at the start of the week and new projects arriving in the workshop.

Tr6’s new hood cover

Our trim shop has been fitting the frame to the TR6. This includes riveting straps to the frame bars, marking positions for fasteners around the rear of the hood and fitting those fasteners in position. The next step is to clip the front edge of the cover in place while the fasteners are riveted to the metal bar inside the hood.

Brian, one of our trim shop specialists the glued velcro to the sidebars and screwed in metal channels for the side rubbers. Once all the fasteners have been fitted, Brian could then fit the cover to the car.

Lotus Esprit

Our Lotus Esprit has had a new water pipe fabricated from stainless steel to replace the old aluminium one that had rusted. This was made by hand in our workshop.

Jaguar E-Type Race Car

Although finish, the 1967 Jaguar E-type series 1 race car is always an ongoing project with new alterations being done frequently. This week a new door latch and release cable was fitted.

Triumph TR5

Our 1965 Triumph TR5 has had its split dashboard repaired. Refurbished by hand in our workshop, its now ready to be re-installed.

Peony Red Jensen

The trim shop has added wadding to the rear-seat centre section, glued the cover at front & back down and turned the fabric around the hinge at the back. The seats have also had the sides glued and pulled tight. Wadding has been added as well as extra foam to the side section of the rear seat base.

Primer has been done and its now ready for the fiberglass to be smoothed and corrected and the colour to be applied.

1962 Gold Jensen 541S

The Gold and Burgundy Jensen 541S had an issue with its engine which Ady, our engine specialist soon diagnosed as a cracked oil way. Oil was leaking into the water pipe. To discover the issue, Ady had to fill the oil way with water and push air through the pipe to identify the issue.

Photoshoots behind the scenes

Both Monday and Tuesday were jam-packed for our marketing team with two photoshoots for our race cars, the Jaguar E-Type and the Chevron B20. We’re excited to share the results of these shoots. A big thank you to Ellough Park in Beccles for allowing us to shoot on their track and to Mark O’Connor who featured in the Jaguar E-Type photos. As an F1 test driver and stunt driver, he was the perfect person to get behind the wheel and model for the shoot!

Friday Snapshot

We’ve been very busy this week with winners and photoshoots as well as ongoing works to our current projects! Check out the news section of our website for in depth exclusives on our current cars.

Live Draws and Winners

This week we aired to live videos! One being on Wednesday night as a Hanger walk around, teasing some of the cars to come which must have enticed some extra ticket buyers as all three competition cars were drawn and won last night!

A big congratulations to James Colwell for winning our 1979 Mini Clubman with his lucky ticket number 850. Our 1998 Jaguar XJR Supercharged was won by Sam Holmes with his ticket number 134. Finally, our 1999 Mercedes was won by Robert Read with ticket number 131. Although his ticket number was selected, it wasn’t the first ticket number to be chosen by Google’s random number generator. The first ticket pulled was 183, a number assigned to an unbought ticket. This just goes to show it’s worth buying those extra tickets as that could have been you!

Closer look at the Chevron

We released some details about our new Chevron B20 earlier in the week. Here’s a closer look at our new race car. We’re planning on doing an official shoot for this iconic vehicle next week, so stay tuned!

New arrival of an Austin Nippy

Yesterday we welcomed this 1934 Austin Nippy to the workshop. This little car is visiting us for an engine rebuild. We’ll be uploading more details about the car and its restoration soon!

Finishing touches on the Jaguar

As you may have seen in our previous blog, our beautiful 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Race Car project has finally been completed. This has been in progress since 2016 and this week we saw the finishing details such as these pinstripes added.

We can’t wait to start it up and photograph it! Keep an eye out for its full story and photoshoot coming next week!

Workshop Walkabout

There’s been a lot going with week already and its only Wednesday! Take a look at what’s been going on s far.

Range Rover Sport 2016

One of our directors, Gordon, had his Range Rover Sport’s tyres refurbished, ready for the cold winter months ahead. Now fully refurbished, Gordon’s Range Rover is ready to take on the elements.

Jaguars New Stripes

As seen in our blog yesterday, the 1967 Jaguar E-Type Race Car has now been finished! This has been an incredibly exciting project that has been in progress since 2016. Over the last few days, the finishing touches have been added such as the pinstripes on the bonnet and fine-tuning the engine. The bonnet itself has also be re-installed to make sure it fits after the recent engine works.

Craig’s Mercedes 500SL

Our other director, Craig, is in the process of choosing the leather for the interior and the spray finish for the fuel tank. It’s deciding details like this that make classic cars so personal to their owners.

Morris Minor

One of the more notable updates on the Morris Minor 1000 is the new hood. The trim shop has done a fantastic job yet again to make the perfect custom hood, allowing this Morris Minor to be more usable throughout the changing seasons. Our technician Scott has also been trying to figure out the reason for the play in its front wheels. The mystery is yet to be solved…

The front suspension has also been tightened, the curtesy light wiring is being installed and Adam is troubleshooting the electrics.

Grey Jensen 541R

Lots of little updates for the Grey Jensen 541R such as preparing the door rim before it goes to the trim shop, stripping the bonnet ready for paint, made the curtesy light switch by hand, installed the hand brake cables and panhard rod as well as the speedo drive.

Triumph TR5

Our 1968 Triumph TR5 is awaiting its interior but it has had its heater installed!

Blue E-Type

Our blue 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 is awaiting on a new steering rack, clutch slave cylinder and bumper to be fitted. The parts have been ordered so the E-Type should be looking good as new in no time!

Ford Transit

This lovely 1953 Ford Transit is almost ready to leave us now. We’re just waiting on some new 6 volt bulbs for the headlights and then it’ll be ready to go!

Blue Jensen

We’re giving the blue Jensen a general nut and bolt service. It came in to have its clutch, exhaust and breaks replaced which have been or are in the process of being fixed.

Peony Red Jensen

The Peony Red Jensen 542S has had its seats made up. The next step is to complete the set and install them. Our trim shop never fails to impress us with their stunning interior projects.

Peugeot 504

The Peugeot 504 has now had all its interior trim completed. The last few pieces include making and fitting the hood which had to have the leather glued to the frame once made up.

Black Jensen

The black Jensen is visiting our paint shop for some touch-ups and corrections in the paintwork.

1988 Nissan 300ZX

Ady our engine specialist has taken apart both exhaust manifolds on the Nissan 300ZX.


The fuel pump has been rewired, two bilge pumps are set to be added, the brakes have been bled, the grease nipples re-greased and the heater has been ordered.

Range Rover TDI

A new gear stick gaiter has been made and fitted by the trim shop. Our range rover is making steady progress to be completed soon.

Black Spitfire

Although we don’t have the Black Spitfire back with us, we do have the task of replacing the half shafts. We’re hoping we can order in new pieces however we may need to take these apart instead and refurbish them ourselves.

Moves like Jaguar

From purring to roaring, we’ve seen this Jaguar E-Type race car grow from start to finish. The project itself has been the epitome of Bridge Classic Cars, to prove what we can do.

This 1967 Jaguar E-Type 2+2 Series 1 came in in 2016 as nothing more than a beaten up shell that had been sat in a barn. After a full nut and bolt restoration, a lot of hard work and planning from the whole team, it now resembles a beautiful custom race car.

You can read its full story here.



The underbelly of the beast:

The significance of the number 17 on the side is that the project started in 2017. Its been a long road but we’re excited to see this stunning car come to life.

Now the car is finished, it will have a full photoshoot and will be auctioned off to be sold. Keep your eyes peeled for its official photoshoot!

The future’s bright, the future’s…

We’ll start with the exciting news that our Orange race E-Type is nearing completion…

As the UK enters a new national lockdown this evening, here at Bridge Classic Cars we remain open for business as per our recent statement. The new measures come in to force on Thursday 5th November and expected to last until Wednesday 2 December.

This morning, we are introducing you to and looking forward to some exciting new projects hoping to be heading our way in the new year.

Here is a brief over view of some recent discussions we’ve been having and some exciting projects that we are hoping to be involved with very soon.

Our 1973 Triumph Stag has sadly been a stalled restoration for some years. Having been prepared and painted a few years ago the car has been sitting still ever since. The owner has now made the decision that the car must be completed and back on the Suffolk roads so we are hoping to be of assistance with this one very soon.

Next up we have our 1948 Triumph Roadster 2000. Again, a stalled restoration project that may possibly be in our workshops early 2021 to be completed and returned to the UK roads.

As you know, we love a Jensen 541. Here is an ongoing restoration being carried out by the current owner and a key player in the Jensen 541 world. The car is now ready for body preparation and paint so we are hoping to see her with us in the paint shop early to middle of 2021.

In 2019 Chris started the restoration of his father’s 1959 MGA Twin Cam. Now in the very safe hands of ex-TVR head technicians, the car is looking wonderful and taking shape nicely. We are hoping to take on the responsibility for the car, once completed. The current owner resides overseas and wants to find a good home for the car. It has been in the family for many many years and it would be lovely for it to find a new home with another family for many many years to come.

A project for Kath and Brian for early 2021 will be our South African 1980 Porsche 928 from our friends at Horizon Classics. The Porsche has recently undergone a full engine rebuild and body work improvements. Steve is currently awaiting the brand new, original Porsche material at which time the car will make it’s way over to our Trim Shop in Suffolk for a interior refit.

Finally, we look forward to welcoming our 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle 1303 to the Bridge Classic Cars family. We are hoping to collect this incredible car from the north of Scotland very soon, hopefully when we have the opportunity to get out on the road. We will update you very soon on this one!!

Workshop Walkabout

We had a walkabout this workshop this afternoon to see what everyone’s up to.

One of our classic car technicians Pete has the 1996 Nissan Patrol up on the ramp. “I’m working on the front disc brakes” he explains “the inner seal on the hub has gone.”

Pete’s lined up the front-wheel-drive axel, marking out exactly where each component goes, so it can go back together the exact same way.

The seats on our 1972 MGB Roadster are back from Kath in our in-house trim shop. Tamas is now fitting the seats back into car. “I’m also removing the wheels ready to go into paint” Tamas tells us “as well as refitting the luggage rack back onto the boot”.

Another MG also in the workshop, is our stunning 1960 MGA. Keen to modify the car, her owner is opting for heating to be installed. Some classics would have these modern ‘essentials’ as optional extras back in the day.

“We had to order the heater box from America” our expert Paul explains. “We’re also doing some minor improvements on the gearbox and pistons.” Paul’s also added another mirror that the customer’s asked for. Along with changing the rubber trim around the boot and bonnet from grey to black.

Classic car technician Scott’s continued fitting various bits and pieces onto our 1957 grey Jensen 541R. “I’ve been making the cable ends for the grill flap mechanism” he tells us. The front grill on the 541R opens to act as a cooling aid for the engine. The driver controls this mechanism from the front seat.

Scott’s also fitted the new windscreen washer system this week. Including new washer bottle, pipework and washer jet system.

Our impressive 1967 Jaguar E-Type Race Car has reached a milestone moment today! Our Director Gordon and workshop manager John got her engine roaring and even got flames firing out the exhausts!

This is a very exciting moment here at Bridge. After quite an exhaustive restoration, it’s a beautiful thing to finally have a car up and running again.

Gordon even managed a quick test drive round the car park!

In the trim shop our interior experts Kath and Brian are making great progress on our 1960 Black Jensen 541R. The back seats, front seats and centre console all now in position.

Rosie the dog even came to say hello!

Our car electrician Adam has been working on the 1965 Amphicar’s wiring. “I’ve been tidying up the engine bay wiring” Adam explains. “All the engine accessories and wiring wasn’t waterproof. Which for an Amphicar- is pretty important!”

Interestingly, the Amphicar’s engine is in the boot, much like boat engines are. Whereas under the bonnet, is where the fuel tank and storage space is.

Our engine expert Ady’s is getting ready to put the engine back in our 1972 Peugeot 504.

He’s also done some engine work on the 1953 Ford Taunus Transit Van. “It was running a bit rough. So, I’ve done a few engine tweaks and am hoping to do an oil and filter change next.”

Last but certainly not least, our body shop expert Anthony has been working on our 1987 Mercedes 500SL. “We need to get the underseal off the metal shell” explains Anthony. “It’s really tough to remove so we use a method of literally burning it off, it’s almost like melting it.”

Phew! What a busy week we’re having here at the workshop. As we fast approach the weekend I think everyone earned a well deserved break. Well done Bridge Class Cars team!

Jag Takes Centre Stage!

We’ve continued interior trim work on our 1967 Jaguar E-Type race car this week. Brian and Kath, our trim shop experts, have been making parts for the centre console.

“I made the base for the Jags chubby box out of ply wood” explains Brian. “I started by cutting all the separate sections, gluing them into position. Then screwing the finished box into the centre console.”

The leather was then marked out and cut to shape around the box. Foam’s been added around the edge to give the box a nicer shape. “I fitted the leather around” describes Brian, “then glued neatly around the edges.”

Kath’s been working on our race car too. She’s been making the pattern for the gaiter surround. “I mark out the pattern then transfer this to the leather” Kath tells us. “I then stick the edges neatly in place, cut out the centre and stitch the surround to tie in with the rest of the design.”

Kath’s then fitted the surround around the gaiter and added the gear knob she made earlier.

Brian’s then fixed the finished box into the centre console and covered the screws with a matching carpet panel. Now both parts are looking right at home in the race car.

That’s some awesome team work Kath and Brian – great job trim shop!

The Jag’s All Geared Up

Our superstar seamstress Kath in our trim shop has been designing and manufacturing a bespoke gear knob for the 1967 Jaguar E-Type Racing car.

She’s use the existing gear knob to create the pattern. “I make sure I leave the thread tails,” explains Kath, “as I’ll use these later to sew them together later.”

“I’ve then put all the pieces together and used those thread tails to sew the pieces together in a crisscross and pull tightly to secure.”

We’re super impressed with the final look. Now it’s time to couple the gear knob with the gear shift gaiter Kath made earlier and this part of Jaguar E-Types restoration is complete!

The E-Type’s Getting In Gear

The very special 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 race car has had Kath’s magic touch today receiving a bespoke leather gear shift gaiter.

“There was no original gaiter there for me to go by” explained Kath “I had to design a completely new pattern”.

A bold orange leather has been used to compliment the cars exterior paint work, while grey cotton stitching has been used in contrast but also to be in keeping with the newly painted centre piece also in grey.

Looking superb so far!

1967 Jaguar E Type Racecar Update

Tom has been making superb progress on our Jaguar E-Type Race car. The ethos of this build has always been to keep weight to a minimum, delivering the rawest possible E-Type racing experience whilst highlighting the incredible skill of our engineers. This car will meet all road legal requirements whilst being hugely competitive on the racetrack.

Tom has installed the custom rear quarter lights.

We created a template to shape the rear window perspex perfectly to the window frame before cutting to size.

The wiper motor is now installed.

Front headlights have been test fitted with custom moulded lightweight perspex. These still need to be trimmed to shape and fitted with sealing rubbers.

Tom has custom made a fuel pipe breather that is fitted within the fuel pipe line. This allows air to escape as the vehicle is being refuelled.

The E-Type handbrake has been sandblasted and powder coated by Darren and Chris in the paint shop. It’s now ready to be fitted into the car.

Tom has fabricated a custom seat frame from steel tubes. The seat runners have been installed onto the steel frame.

We have now fitted the rear window and rubbers. Picture left is the window being test-fitted, picture right is the completed job.

Last but by no means least for today’s E-Type update. The old wheel spinners have now been replaced with new, chrome spinners.

Great work, Tom. We’re inching ever closer to completion now. The next major task is to complete the wiring.

E-Type Racecar Carburettors

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist has got our E-Type fired into life. Ady has noticed an occasional misfire.

He has stripped the 45 Weber carb as there was a misfire on cylinder 6. Upon closer inspection, the tiny mixture screw had broken off. Ady’s now ordered up a new screw and will be reassembling the carburettors.

1967 Jaguar E-Type Racecar – Engine Running

Ady has got our Jaguar E-Type Racecar engine up and running. She’s currently running a bit rich but Ady will have her running at her best in no time at all.

The workshop ground to a halt for a few minutes to hear this beast bark into life. Now this car really does feel like it’s nearing completion.

Race E-Type Transmission tunnel

Dave has created this masterpiece for our Race -inspired Jaguar E-Type project.

Sticking with the lightweight ethos of the build, the transmission tunnel will be fully on view. And what a view it is. Dave is a master welder and has created this beautiful transmission tunnel from sheet metal. Superb work, Dave.

Racing Jaguar E-Type: Custom Door Inlays

Kath has been hard at work on our unique Jaguar E-Type Racecar. The interior is going to be very different to any other E-Type. The stripped out, lightweight interior will be functional, sleek and stylish.

Kath has made door panel inlays in orange leather. She’s marked out the leather before backing onto board, trimming off any excess.

Kath has then sewn around the edges in a slightly lighter contrasting shade of orange. She has then glued them into position within the metal doorframe with contact adhesive. There will be some additional components to come on our door panels but they are already looking great.

Jaguar E-Type Series One Racecar – Interior

Our jaguar E-Type Racecar has been in the Trim shop visiting Kath and Brian last week.

They have been fitting the bold orange carpets into the veheicle.

They firstly started making paper floor mats in the floor pan as a template when cutting the carpet. The carpet then gets test-fitted and adjusted to fit perfectly if needed. This process was used for the front carpet mats, rear underseat, rear ramp area and the boot…

When all the carpet pieces are cut to size, they are ready to bind. Binding is the process of wrapping leather around the carpets, creating a piped edge. Kath has sewn the leather onto the front of the carpet, before folding the edge over to sew down the inner edge. This helps the carpets to sit perfectly in place and stops the fabric from fraying.

The cross-members were then also trimmed with carpet, following the exact same process before being glued down to the vehicles tub.

Next up, sound deadening is installed and stuck into place before being bonded to the carpet. We’ve now trimmed most of our E-Type’s interior. The next major phase will be to begin re-installing seats and switchgear.

Great work, Brian and Kath!

Sourcing missing parts for our race car

Having carried out a number of Jaguar E-Type restorations we have been very fortunate to have met some fantastic contacts and friends all with shared interests. This has come in extremely useful as a call to one of our good friends has meant we have managed to source two very rare parts that were missing from our Jaguar E-Type race car project, the gearbox column cover and hand brake.

Jaguar E-Type Racecar Trottle Linkage

Paul has been working on our unique race inspired E-Type. He’s had to modify the throttle linkage to fit our carburettors which are upgraded from standard. The linkage has now been fitted into the engine bay which is now tantalisingly close to completion.

Lovely work, Paul!

Jaguar E-Type Racecar Restoration Update

Mauro, one of Bridge Classic Cars’ vehicle technicians has been hard at work fitting more components onto our Jaguar E-Type. He’s recently fitted the fuel filter, fuel pump and exhaust heat shield.

Mauro has also tidied up the radiator hoses and completed that job.

Jaguar E-Type Racecar Restoration Update Part 1

Mauro has been working on our stunning Jaguar E-type racecar. We’re now at the final stages of re-fitting all the vehicles refurbished or new parts. He’s fitted the below components recently.

  • Steering column
  • Wipers
  • Brake fluid reservoir
  • Alternator and alternator heat shield
  • Water pump and new gasket
  • Radiator and water hoses
  • Horns
  • Ignition coil
  • Fuel tank and fuel lines

Choosing our E-Type Racecar Specification

We’ve chosen the interior leather colour and carpet colour for our Racing E-Type.

The leather will be finished in tropic orange to compliment our exterior colour. We’ve selected a matching, darker hue for the carpeted areas. We have access to an almost limitless array of colour options for our bespoke interiors. This means we can stay as true to the original or go as wild as you can imagine with our custom made interior trimming.

1967 Jaguar E-Type Race Car

Our 1967 Jaguar E-Type Race Recreation is nearing completion with around two weeks until testing can commence.

Mauro has been working through the big list of to do’s…whilst adding a few more along the way.

We have successfully completed; the brake lines, fitting up of the doors and windows, fitting the prop shaft, fitting the pedal box, brake master cylinder, clutch master cylinder, the alternator, wiper mechanism, brake fluid reservoir, front hub dust shields, anti roll bar, gear lever, brake servo, washer reservoir and jets.

Jaguar E Type Racecar Interior Specification

We’re currently deciding on which material to use for our E type interior. we initially looked at a colour matched orange leather, however the first samples we received back clashed against the exterior. Were now looking at alternative samples to find the perfect colour for our interior.

Within our trim shop we can build completely bespoke custom interiors, keeping them as original or as unique as our clients request.

Jaguar E-type Racecar: Dash Wiring

Bob, Bridge Classic Cars’ Electrical Technician has been working on our own E-Type racecar project. He’s currently wiring in all the gauges and instrumentation associated with the dash.

Does your classic car have electrical issues? Our experienced team can diagnose and repair electrical faults on classic vehicles. Get in touch with our office team today to see how we can be of service.

Jaguar E-Type Racecar: Restoration Update

Our Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Racecar has been over to Demand Engineering for a full stainless steel exhaust. We elected to go for a side exit exhaust to suit the ethos behind this lightweight race-car build.

Tom has also fitted lightweight perspex glass to the rear windscreen, whilst strengthened glass is fitted to the windscreen.