1973 MG B GT V8

Having a tidy.

Tamas and Lydia have been tidying up the 1973 MG B GT V8 in various ways. It’s not in for a full restoration so a

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The Smallest of Details – A New Fitting on a 1973 MG B GT V8 Oil Filter Housing

Previously on the 1973 MG B GT V8, we were installing the electric fans to help keep that freshly rebuilt V8 cool. Another integral part of the engine is its oiling system.

Our master engine-builder Ady fitted a remote oil filter housing to the MG’s engine bay. To help with the oil feed of the refreshed V8 in the MG B, he needs to add a specialised small fitting to connect up to the hardlines.

With the fitting now in place and hardlines bent up to meet the new fitting, it could be installed into the engine bay safely tucked out the way.

Next up for the MG B GT V8 will be its first fire. Keep an eye out on the News Page for more updates.

Kept in Check – Electric Fans on the 1973 MG B GT V8

From our last post, we had begun to work on adjusting the radiator fitment for this 1973 MG B GT V8. Thanks to the spacer made up by our in-house technician Ady, the radiator now sits back enough in the engine bay to fit the two new electric fans.

The electric fans, although a modern addition, will help those glorious 8 cylinder classic sportscar conquer anything its owner may throw at it. The cooling system on this B GT V8 has been entirely gone through by the team at Bridge Classic Cars after the engine rebuild to ensure all the work we have carried out works harmoniously with each other.

Cool Down – Adjusting the radiator of a 1973 MG B GT V8

One of the most important parts of any vehicle restoration, especially classic vehicles, is the cooling system. Often overlooked and undervalued when it comes to work carried out by many. At Bridge Classic Cars, we take a different approach. Every component and aspect of the vehicle is just as crucial as the next. It’s cooling system, is no exception.

This rather fetching Purple 1973 MG B GT V8 has had a completely rebuilt V8 carefully placed into its classic nose but along with that is a brand new radiator to keep the temperatures in check when the customer is out using and enjoying their beloved sports car. With that, a modern solution to its cooling had to be undertaken. The addition of some electric blow through fans.

Now with this type of MG B GT, it’s not as simple as popping them in place on the radiator. Our in-house technician Ady measured the engine bay carefully to determine that around an inch was need to be found. For this, he fabricated a custom set of spacers to allow the radiator to be placed behind the core support and back an inch allowing for the electric fans while also not impacting the routing of any coolant hoses from their factory location. With this type of move, considerations need to be taken to not impact other aspects of this timeless classics use. That’s what we at Bridge Classic Cars pride ourselves on, the ability to work alongside a customer to best facilitate their restoration needs while also making sure that your classic car is working in the best way it can.

Heart and Soul – 1973 MG B GT V8

The engine. The beating soul of any classic sports car is just as important as its classic, iconic lines. Performance was the cornerstone of sports car design and dynamics in the 1960s and 1970’s and the legendary 1973 MG B GT V8 is a fine example of this.

When it came to the engine build, our talented and all-knowing in-house engine builder Ady here at Bridge Classic Cars, all that was delivered to his bench was several boxes comprising of an all-aluminium Rover V8 when he had got it all back together to the highest of standards for this very special customers car.

With such care and attention to detail taken with building up the long block to the finest of details. Its installation must be dealt with under the same supervision and care.

The engine was tentatively lowered down between its fabulous purple towers, being careful as to not mark or mar the body or engine in any way. Millimetre by millimetre until it sat perfectly in position to achieve the handling and excitement its B GT V8 is renowned for.

Next up for this particular car is to handle a way of keeping the whole package cool and calm in the face of many fun-filled miles ahead.

A Jewel in the Crown – 1973 MG B GT V8

When you first open the bonnet of any sportscar, the first thing your eye is drawn to is the engine. It sits centre stage and prominent, it is unmissable.

After the hard work by our talented in-house engine builder Ady here at Bridge Classic Cars, it was important to add the finishing touch. A beautiful set of refinished rocker covers to catch the eye of anyone lucky enough to stare into its soon to V8 filled engine bay. The care and attention given to each individual component are clearly seen here in the time and approach to something like a cover, it has to be as close to perfect for our customers.

With the rocker covers now finished and carefully installed onto the rebuilt and restored all-aluminium V8, it’s soon time to drop it into the car.

V8 engine rebuild now complete

Ady has now finished rebuilding the engine on the 1973 MG B GT V8 and so it’s now ready to be fitted into the car. As well as painting the engine beforehand, Chris also painted the rocker covers for Ady. You can read about the painting of the engine that Chris did in the paintshop here.

Having a tidy.

Tamas and Lydia have been tidying up the 1973 MG B GT V8 in various ways. It’s not in for a full restoration so a sympathetic touch was required. There was fraying carpet in places and where it had come unstuck and screws had come out that were holding panels in place. Another thing was there were various painted pieces from the engine bay that had become corroded underneath the paint, so these were either sandblasted or ground down to remove the paint and corrosion, before re-painting.

Fitting a new clutch to our MGB V8

A new clutch has now been fitted to our newly built V8 for the MGB. Tom is just finishing off and tidying the engine bay before he hands the car over to Ady for the refit.

Engine rebuild for the MG B V8.

Ady has been working on the total engine rebuild for the 1973 MG B GT V8. He’s rebored the engine to suit the pistons, refaced the engine block, refaced both the cylinder heads and cut all the valve seat and the lap in the valves. There are all new valve springs fitted, the crankshaft has been re-ground, there’s a new camshaft with new cam followers, he’s up-rated the camshaft and crankshaft, there are pulleys with a new timing chain and a new front cover is on, including an oil pump. The engine has been built re-built with new bearings, gaskets, seals and a water pump.

Rebuilding the MGB V8 oil pump

The oil pump gear would not turn so with the use of a marker pen, Ady was able to show where the pump was rubbing and then he could relieve the high spot to allow it to turn.

One that was done, Ady had to sort out the end float as there are two thickness’ of gaskets.

Here we have the oil pump drive coming through the housing to the distributor to make sure it all works before thbe rebuild.

MGB V8 Blast From The Past

Various parts and components from our MGB V8 have gone off to the aqua-blasters to be cleaned up ready for preparation and paint.

MG B V8 Arrival

We’ve been working on the engine for this MG B V8 and now the rest of the car has finally come in for us to fit the engine.

MGB GT V8 Engine Strip

Ady has stripped the engine of our 1973 MGB GT V8 so he can diagnose the issue with it.

Rebuilding the V8 engine

Having been in storage for many years with our friends at Brown and Gammons it’s time for the car to out and see the sunshine.

We have been commissioned to rebuild the engine and marry up the gearbox.

Work will commence very soon.