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1973 Triumph TR6

Tip Top Trim Shop

Our interior trim expert Brian has been spending time with our stunning 1973 Triumph TR6 this week. The eye-catching magenta classic is undergoing a full

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TR6 Recline Repair

One of the seats on our 1973 Triumph TR6 was broken. Recline seats break quite often, so Dave, one of our classic car technicians, has

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Corr! What a Door!

Mauro, our master mechanic here at Bridge has been completing work on the doors of the 1973 Triumph TR6. Along with getting all the mechanisms

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This Biscuit Leather’s Making Us Drool

Our exciting 1973 Triumph TR6 is in our in-house trim shop getting some very special treatment. The body has been painted an electric magenta, meanwhile the interior will be finished with a very complimentary biscuit leather.

Kath and Brian, our interiors experts has been working on the seats for the TR6. “We fitted the diaphragm and webbing to seats” Kath describes, “then made the foam for the middle of the base, stuck that into position, then glued down the calico flaps.”

They then added foam either side of the centre foam piece to create the seats shape and again glued down the calico flaps.

“We then added foam around the base of the seat” Kath continued “then fitted the cover over and Brian trimmed it up.” The vinyl was then pushed through to the back and fitted into place.

Thereafter the foam for the squab of the seat was fixed into place and glued, ready to have it’s cover fitted.

For the headrest, the chrome eyelets were fitted into place ready to be placed over the headrest and have any excess fabric trimmed off. Wadding was then fitted to the seat ready for the cover to finally be fitted over the back of the seat and fixed into place.

The covers were then pulled down over the seats to fit snugly into place. “We clipped the bottom ears into place to hold the covers firm” Kath explains “then stick any loose ends under too.”

Any loose ends were glued into place to hold to cover still and tidy up all the edges.

Finally, the seats had their metal adjustment handle fitted over the top.

We think the biscuit leather looks almost good enough to eat!

Tip Top Trim Shop

Our interior trim expert Brian has been spending time with our stunning 1973 Triumph TR6 this week.

The eye-catching magenta classic is undergoing a full restoration with us and currently is getting some special treatment in our in-house trim shop.

Brian begins with the underlay. “Starting with the rear section,” he explains “I mapped out all the underlay sections then positioned and glued them into place.”

He then began on the wheel arches, “I glued foam onto the wheel arch sections” Brian explains “then glued vinyl onto them, glued the rear bulk head carpet into place and fitted the wheel arch panels over the top”.

After fixing the cockpit panel, Brian turned his attention to the side panels of the car. “I added material to the inside posts and glued in these triangular panels.”

Brian then fitted the carpet sections for both the sills and rear foot wells. Finishing off by fitting the front foot well carpets.

We are obsessed with this colour combination, magenta paint with a biscuit interior. Our customer selected these colours, as the car arrived with us totally different! It’s one of the many exciting parts of bespoke classic car restoration.

What colour combination would you choose?

The Trim Team Tackle The TR6

Our super-star trim shop duo Kath and Brian continue work on the exciting 1973 Triumph TR6.

Now all the interior leather seat covers and panels are complete, they’re ready to be fitted into the car.

The team have also added the bespoke biscuit leather door panels. Now they’re fitted in place, the final additions are added like door handles and window crank.

It’s so exciting seeing a colour combination coming together, what do you think to this colour scheme?

TR6 Is Ready For Trim

Our 1973 TR6 is ready and waiting to enter our in-house trim shop. She’s had a ton of restoration work done on the engine and body, so now it’s time to restore her interior.

Her owner has opted for a gorgeous biscuit leather for the interior. We think it’ll set the magenta paintwork off a treat! We’re looking forward to seeing the colour scheme come together over the next few weeks.

TR6 Recline Repair

One of the seats on our 1973 Triumph TR6 was broken. Recline seats break quite often, so Dave, one of our classic car technicians, has been TIG welding the guide of the mechanism to rectify the issue.

“I took apart the mechanism to prepare it for welding,” explains Dave, “then re-positioned the broken part into the correct position and welded it.”

It’s these small fixes that often cause the most discomfort or frustration when driving a classic car. If your pride and joy isn’t as comfortable as she used to be, get in touch to see how we can help – 01473 742038.

Corr! What a Door!

Mauro, our master mechanic here at Bridge has been completing work on the doors of the 1973 Triumph TR6.

Along with getting all the mechanisms working on the handles and windows, Mauro had been busy finishing up other bits. “I’ve also finished the surrounds on the doors and windows,” Mauro explains. “So all the rubber seals are now in place to make the doors water tight.”

1973 Triumph TR6 Restoration Update

As so often found when restoring classic cars, many components simply cannot be sourced and need to be fabricated in-house. 

Mauro, one of Bridge Classic Cars vehicle technicians has today been fabricating a new window bracket on our Triumph TR6 restoration, in place of the original bracket that has rotted away. Fortunately, a matching bracket on the passengers side window was still in tact so Mauro was able to replicate the bracket’s design. It’s the little details that make all the difference to the final result. Superb work, Mauro!

Mauro has now also fitted the restored steering column into the vehicle.

The wiper engine, washer fluid reservoir and fuse box have also been fitted to the car.

Mauro then moved onto installing the heating ventilation system.

After completing the ventilation system, Mauro moved onto restoring the TR6’s windows. He’s cleaned up the glass and restored the metal brackets to beautiful condition. The windscreen surround has also now been fitted into the car, ready for the windscreen to be fitted.

Superb work, Mauro.

The Triumph’s Dream Screen

Our 1973 Triumph TR6 had her windscreen removed to be treated to a full respray in our in-house spray shop.

The car body has been sprayed a eye catching magenta, we’re hoping that coupled with this slick black windscreen frame the final result will look gorgeous.

1973 Triumph TR6 Refurbishing Components

As we near completion on our TR6 Restoration, Mauro is working hard refurbishing components to fit back into the car.

He has refurbished all of the dash buttons and switch gear which are now all ready to be installed into the new dashboard.

The steering column has been completely stripped down to access every part for refurbishing.

One of our other classic car technicians Dave has also skilfully repaired the seat brackets too. Great job Dave and Mauro!

1973 Triumph TR6 Restoration Update

Mauro has been working on our Triumph TR6 restoration. He’s made fabulous progress over the past week, the car is really starting to take shape now.

Mauro has recently fitted the Heater box with a new matrix. He has also installed the fuel tank and uprated Bosch fuel pump.

With the chrome work and black exterior elements now installed, the rich Magenta colour is looking simply gorgeous.

1973 Triumph TR6 Restoration Update

Mauro has been making some great progress on our TR6 restoration. Since the last major update he has now fitted the door locks, installed brake and fuel lines, fitted rear brake lights and the gorgeous stainless steel exhaust.

1973 Triumph TR6 Components In the Spray Booth

Mauro has sent a load of components needed for our TR6 restoration through to Chris in the Paint shop. Chris has now painted all the metalwork and it is ready for Mauro to continue assembly on the car. Great work guys.

1973 TR6 Work Commences

Mauro is trilled to be working on this beautiful Triumph TR6. He’s shared some snaps on Facebook as this project starts to pick up momentum.

Superb work, Mauro! We will be updating this blog with every major milestone in the rebuild of our TR6.

1973 Triumph TR6 In The Workshop

Our TR6 has reached another exciting milestone in it’s restoration journey. The Triumph TR6 has now left the paint shop and is with Mauro in the Workshop.

Mauro will now be building the car. All components will either be refurbished or replaced with new.

The main components that are being currently refurbished are as follows:

  • Steering collum
  • Door locks
  • Wiper motor and mechanism
  • Dashboard
  • Dash vents
  • Seat runners
  • Windscreen surround
  • Door handles
  • Center console
  • Mudguards
  • Front grill
  • Soft top roof

The following items are brand new:

  • Fuel pump
  • Alternator
  • Fuel filter
  • Front lights
  • Tail lights
  • Indicators
  • Rubbers

The following items have already been refurbished

  • Radiator
  • Prop shaft
  • Exhaust
  • Chromework
  • Fuel tank
  • Wheels
  • Heater box
  • Dials
  • Mauro will now begin the assembly process on this vehicle.

1973 Triumph TR6 In The Paint Shop

Darren has now completed the final stages of painting our stunning magenta 1973 Triumph TR6. After masking up to protect the already painted inner sections of the body, Darren firstly applied primer to the prepared surface.

He then applied several layers of the sumptuous magenta colour coats.

Finally the paint is fully protected and sealed in with several layers of clear coat. Once the car is fully re-assembled, this clear coat can then be machined and detailed to a crystal clear finish.

This looks absolutely stunning. Top work, Darren!

Chromework Completed on several Classic Car Restorations

These chrome items have been completely transformed and are shining bright once more. The first step in the process of re-chroming is the stripping process. Grease, paint and rust that has accumulated on the car bumper over the years is removed.

Items are then stripped in a solution known as ‘Labere’. This solution is a perfect chemical balance to ensure the old chrome plating is removed without damaging the metal underneath.

The next step in the process is polishing to a smooth finish.

The metal has then gone through a triple plating process. First copper, applied for weather protection. Then Nickel is applied. Once the nickel layer has been applied it is time for the chrome.

The chrome plating process is a method of applying a thin layer of chromium onto a substrate (metal or alloy) through an electroplating procedure.

In simple terms, electroplating is achieved by passing an electric current between two electrodes which are immersed in an electrolyte bath comprising of chromic acid. One of the electrodes will be the substrate which is to be plated. During the flow of electricity between the two electrodes, chromium atoms are deposited in a layer on the electrode to be plated.

We have chromework here for our Peugeot 504, Mini, Triumph TR6, Ford Capri and Corvette projects.

1973 Triumph TR6 Update

Darren has been progressing with our Triumph TR6 Restoration down in the Paint Shop.

We’ve fitted a new boot for our TR6 and adjusted the fitment to perfectly align with the bodywork. We’ve also prepared the boot, side sills, doors and fenders. Now the panels are prepared and smooth, these will be going into the paint shop primer very soon.

1973 Triumph TR6 Body Gapping

Darren is meticulously working on our stunning triumph TR6. He’s ensuring the panels are perfectly gapped and positioned before we apply any paint. 

He’s also making sure the panels are completely smooth and true to achieve the perfect paint finish. After seeing the internal bodywork painted we can’t wait to see how good this vehicle will look in it’s stunning magenta. Once Darren has worked his magic on the external body panels and all the chromework if fitted we will get to admire this stunning triumph once more. Great work, Darren.

It’s a black bits day…

The transformation of our 1984 Suzuki GSX400 is one step further forward today as we painted the metal components in the new satin black finish.

At the same time, we resprayed the repaired dash of our 1973 Triumph TR6, ready for rebuild.