1982 Porsche 911

911 Back In Town

This stunning 1982 Porsche 911 is back with us for a freshen up of its paintwork. We worked on this classic last year and now

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Porsche Primed And Ready For Paint

Our stunning Porsche 911SC has been masked and prepped for paint and will now have its respray. We can’t wait to see it looking shiny and new after our expert paint technicians have finished.

Porsche Colour Matching And Correcting

Our stunning 1982 Porsche 911SC has come in recently for some paint TLC. The paint shop have been accessing what needs doing and in the process, have identified some rust, micro-bubbling, cosmetic imperfections and chips.

The team have sent a sample off to be colour matched at our paint manufacturers at Lechler to replace the worn-out paint and correct the imperfections. Our Porsche will be looking good as new in no time!

The body has been masked and prepped in readiness for paint. We’re aiming for this to be painted next week.

Porsche 911 – Corrosion Prevention

Whilst looking over the task in hand we noticed some corrosion on the boot lid and a small piece missing from the rear bumper.

With the customer’s approval we have decided to correct the corrosion and rear bumper to prevent it from deteriorating any further.

This will now be part of the bigger project.

911 Back In Town

This stunning 1982 Porsche 911 is back with us for a freshen up of its paintwork. We worked on this classic last year and now we’re delighted to welcome it back in for a tidy up.

The SC is an acronym for Super Carrera and marks what was meant to be the last air cooled and rear engined sports car before it was replaced by a front engined water cooled version known as the 928, however the beloved 911 SC caused a sensational rise in sales, outselling its more modern sibling by nearly 50%. The world still yearned for the iconic 911. The 911 SC was later replaced in 1984 by the 911 Carrera 3.2.

With a new camshaft design, the 911 SC delivered more torque than its predecessors, as the design allowed a boxer engine with a more tractable lower end and a flatter torque curve. All of this considered makes it an easier drive and in need of less downshifts to release its performance.

Stay tuned for updates!

Porsche 911 Wheel Refurb

We have freshened up the look of the wheels on our 1982 Porsche 911 by repainting the black centre piece. To refurbish the wheel costs a substantial amount of money, more than a traditional wheel refurbishment due to the material they are manufactured with. Traditional diamond cut will work but will give a shinier look so to the purist this is not the correct result.

So, to fresh up the look without a full refurbishment we have repainted the black centre inserts.

Porsche 911 Headlining Repair

It was debatable whether we could rescue the original headlining of our 1982 Porsche 911. This was the preferred option by the customer so we set to work seeing whether we could repair the tear and keep the original headlining.

With a bit of gentle persuasion, we managed to tighten the headlining and reposition. The slight tear, we managed to patch up using a special interior fill paste. Once set, we could colour match the area to enable to a good match to the patina.

Kath and Brian have done an incredible job on this one and the great news is, the car leaves us with the original headlining still in place.

Great work Kath and Brian #teamtrim

1982 Porsche 911 in The Paint Shop

This beautiful 1982 Porsche 911 has just left the paint shop after it’s repairs by Darren.

The front nearside wing had a nasty scratch that needed addressing. The rear spoiler had suffered the effects of having slight moisture and also needed repainting. Using our State-Of-The-Art paint matching system, Darren has been able to perfectly repaint the effected areas in the exact colour matched paint. The best compliment with repairs like this is not knowing any work was ever done. As always, a superb job from the Paint Shop.

This lovely vehicle is now in our Trim Shop for a roof-lining repair.

1982 Porsche 911 – Paint Repairs and Roof Lining Repairs

Our 1982 Porsche 911 is in the workshops to have a couple of areas of paintwork addressed. The front nearside wing has a small but deep scratch that needs repairing. The rear spoiler has unfortunately suffered the effects of having slight moisture. The car has been sitting under a cover and we believe the cover has allowed moisture to get in but not to breath which has resulted in a very minor bubbling effect. This area will need to be stripped of paint, treated, prepared properly and re-painted.

Whilst in, we will look to repair a small tear in the roof lining. We are aiming to repair the area in situ, without having to replace it with new. itr would be lovely to keep the existing roof lining but we’ll assess the results once complete to see whether it is to our satisfaction.

Finally, all four wheels will undergo a full refurbishment.