1983 Ford Capri 1.6 LS

Shooting an ’80s Icon – Behind the Scenes with a 1983 Ford Capri 1.6

Well, you may have seen by now the video of our latest competition car but it’s time to take you behind the scenes of the shoot. The icon that is, the Ford Capri.

The sun shone brightly on a crisp but slightly hazy Suffolk morning. At our Bentwaters storage facility, the nose of this black icon stood out of the hanger doors begging to be let loose. With every classic car, you need to let them warm up before any fun can be had. The Capri is no exception.

As the sun began to rise higher in the sky, a sense of urgency swept over the marketing team. The light was perfect, the conditions were perfect and most importantly, the car was perfect. Our marketing expert Freddie was at the controls of the camera, making sure each shot was perfectly tailored to fit around this much sought after sportscar.

As he called out the directions to the helmsman guiding the direction of the Capri’s long, elegant bonnet, the whole piece became a ballet at speed. A carefully choreographed meeting of two vehicles in one place to be captured in a moving image.

Lap after lap, the Capri performed faultlessly. Even when an unexpected and unruly herd of deer managed to find their way onto the south circuit of RAF Bentwaters and the brakes had to be tested a couple of times. The steering wheel felt almost telepathic to the new RS 4 spoke wheels, finding the path of least resistance around the sweeping and tight corners of the old base.

The 1983 Ford Capri 1.6LS you see before you is our newest competition car, available for anyone in the UK to enter over at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

New Shoes – Fitting a Classic Wheel to our 1983 Ford Capri 1.6 LS

The wheels. A key element to any classic Ford, especially when it comes to a Capri. Especially a really beautiful black 1983 Ford Capri 1.6 LS that we have in with us at Bridge Classic Cars.

The original wheels just didn’t quite fit the majesty and the period fun of this much loved classic blue oval. The 4 spoke RS Alloy was the obvious choice to go on our Capri. With hints of nostalgic racing, Saturday night cruises and fun-filled weekends behind that long, flowing bonnet.

When it comes to fitting our wheels and tyres, here at Bridge Classic Cars we always use Ipswich Tyre Assist for anything involving the safe, correct and confident fitting of the wheel and tyre packages available for your classic vehicle.

The 4 Spoke RS Wheels that are fitted to the Capri are period correct pieces thanks to the amazing reproductions available to the classic Ford community, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do here at Bridge Classic Cars…

And you might even be in with a chance of winning this very car and its RS 4 spokes at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions very soon.

Our Capri Sparkles Again

After years of car park dings and scratches. We’ve revitalized the paintwork on our 1983 Ford Capri. It will now head into our workshop for a full mechanical check-over and the wheels will be refurbished. A vehicle purchased by us here at Bridge Classic Cars, Should this be a future competition car?

Sanding and Polishing our Capri

Matt has been hard at work in our paint shop giving the Ford Capri’s paint a new lease of life. After a full respray, Matt has sanded and polished the paintwork in incrementally finer polishing grades. We cannot wait to see this fully polished.

Ford Capri gets a new lick of paint

After huge amounts of work from Matt sanding, filling and more sanding, and then transferring it into the paint booth for priming, the 1983 Ford Capri 1.6 LS has now been painted! After turning up to us with the exterior looking a little worse for wear, it’s now back to looking fantastic. The final step will be to polish the new paintwork. Great work from Matt, I’m sure you will agree.

More paint prep for the Ford Capri.

As well as the exterior of the 1983 Ford Capri 1.6 LS being transformed in the body and paint shop, Lydia’s been getting pieces from the engine bay in a better state for re-painting. This piece was sandblasted to get the original paint and corrosion off in preparation.

Ford Capri goes monochrome!

It’s priming day for the 1983 Ford Capri 1.6 LS! But let’s go back to the end of last week for this blog post, when Matt was marking out with masking tape where he could spot dents were on the exterior of the car. He then masked up the front windows and sun-roof to avoid any damage, and began the process of sanding, filling and sanding again all over the car, using both a DA and block sander for the large areas and then using red scotch to go over the shiny bits lefts behind. The work has continued this week. It’s going to be a sympathetic paint job because we’re not taking the windscreen out, so can’t go all-out on it. Thankfully, Matt has found very little corrosion in the process.

Capri gets stripped!

Chris has started to strip the 1983 Ford Capri 1.6 LS, in preparation for re-painting.

Ford Capri needing TLC

Our 1983 Ford Capri 1.6 LS that we bought last week has arrived! Unfortunately, it needs some TLC, so it’s going to be heading into the spray booth soon to get re-painted. It’s also going to get a full mechanical check and service in our workshop. Stay tuned for the progress!

Newly purchased, Ford Capri!

Here’s a car that a lot of people are fond of. Purchased by us today is this 1983 Ford Capri 1.6 LS! The bodywork on this car is fantastic, with no signs of corrosion underneath, the original cloth interior is in great condition for its age and it’s only had two other owners! Keep your eyes peeled on the happenings of this new purchase!