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1984 Suzuki GSX 400T

Project Cafe Racer

The exciting Suzuki GSX 400T Cafe Racer project continues! We’ve stripped down the bike and are assessing which parts will be modified, which parts will

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1984 Suzuki Tank in Primer

The tank is blasted, repaired, shaped and primed and now awaits the new colour scheme…which is yet to be confirmed.

Refurbishing our Cafe Racer fuel tank

The fuel tank is now going through a full transformation as we remove the badge housing, blast the tank and prepare for paint.

The end result will be a flush, smooth finish in a high gloss colour, TBC.

Making space for the custom exhaust

In order to make way for the custom exhaust, we are temporarily removing the side stand and brackets.

The centre stand will be removed entirely and not replaced but the side stand will be reapplied once the exhaust is in place.

Suzuki GSX400 Custom Exhaust

Before we look to cut the frame, alter the overall appearance to a cafe racer and start to piece together the bike with brand new components, we have taken the basic set up to our very good friends at Demand Engineering. Demand will be the next guys to get their hands on our bike as we look to design and manufacture the bespoke custom exhaust. A very different look to the original with the appearance and sound being absolutely critical to what we want the end results to be. We cannot wait to sit down with Dan and plan the next steps.

Introducing Demand Engineering:

“Demand Engineering makes exhausts, that’s what we do, and that’s all that we do.

We’d like to think that we’re getting pretty good at it, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Demand was formed in 2011 by two friends doing what a lot of friends do, finishing a conversation that starts with the immortal lines ‘what if you and I…..?’  they both happened to be Engineers, and they both had passion for all things noisy with wheels on.

Fast forward 7 years and we’ve been involved with some pretty special projects, in a wide variety of vehicles, from GT40 race cars to irreplaceable classics.  We’ve built exhausts for Boats, Bikes, Tractors, Buses, Supercars and even Aeroplanes. That doesn’t mean to say we haven’t done a fair few ‘normal’ cars as well, Subaru’s, VW’s, Fords, and seemingly endless Motor homes.  There’s been nothing I can think of that has phased us.

We work with all of our customers to give them what they want, I’d like to think that was kinda the point.   We’ve worked with Guy Martin on his Transit van, and with Universities with their ‘Formula Student’ cars.
Side exit? No Problem. Lightweight, Carbon fiber Race Kart exhaust? Sure. Needless to say, if it has an engine, we’re bound to be interested!  We can build and create manifolds, silencers, tailpipes and more,  come and have a cup of tea and lets talk about what we can do for you.

Over the years, we’ve also become pretty adept at exhaust development.  We have designed, tested and manufactured exhausts for other companies, from specialist equipment to super cars.  With computer controlled Tube bending equipment, combined with our fixture tables, we can precisely replicate any design, over, and over again.

One thing in common with all that we do, for every exhaust we make, from a tuned equal length manifold, to a rear silencer on a family hatchback, we offer the same level of care and attention, workmanship, materials and customer service.

Demand Attention and Performance.  It’s our name on the exhaust, and we’re proud of what that means.

Suzuki GSX400 New Headlight Design

Huge thank you to Alchemy Motorcycle Parts for their assistance on this design modification. Our 1984 Suzuki GSX400 Cafe Racer/Bobber now has it’s new headlight.

We have been searching the market for a 6 inch LED with black surround and an integrated black mesh front. We have been able to find this specification in a H4 Halagen format or a 7.7 inch size but the size and specification has been tricky to master.

There are plenty of 6 inch LED options but the only grille able to fit would be a retro-fit option that screws to the sides. This was not the look we were going for.

A call to Alchemy Motorcycle Parts and a little homework on their part and they have successfully managed to marry up the LED 6 inch headlight with the integrated mesh used on the Halagen set up.

And it looks amazing…thank you!

Suzuki GSX400 – Temporary Refit

New bearings have arrived from France so Paul has pieced together the bike using the parts we have started to gather.

The re-design is starting to take shape and although still in the early stages, we are really impressed with the look so far.

We will now position the seat so we can assess the frame and reshape where necessary.

It’s a black bits day…

The transformation of our 1984 Suzuki GSX400 is one step further forward today as we painted the metal components in the new satin black finish.

At the same time, we resprayed the repaired dash of our 1973 Triumph TR6, ready for rebuild.

Sandblasting our Suzuki tank

Our 1984 Suzuki GSX400 custom restoration project work has made further progress as we sandblast the existing tank ready for the new Monza style filler cap neck to be welded in prior to the tank being painted in it’s brand new colours.

Suzuki GSX 400 T Engine Blasted

Our Suzuki Engine has recently been blasted in preparation for paint. The heart of this Suzuki will live on when it’s reborn as a cafe racer. The engine will now go over to our paint shop to be painted in heat resistant paint.

More parts arrive for our Suzuki Cafe Racer project

Every day more parts come through the door for our Suzuki GSX 400 Cafe Racer project.

The engine is currently being sandblasted in preparation for painting. The next steps will be painting the fuel tank and engine before fitting all of our new and refurbished parts back onto the Suzukis frame.

Suzuki Cafe Racer strip down

We’ve ordered up a custom rear light strip from New Rage Customs. This will compliment our new ‘Bobber’ style seat and overall minimalistic look.

Paul has completely stripped the Suzuki, in preparation for sandblasting and then later, painting.

The next steps will be to refurbish the forks and the fuel tank.

Then once the frame is painted, we can prepare the entire bike for assembly with new parts.

Seat Arrives for our Cafe Racer Motorcycle Project

Our 1984 Suzuki GSX 400 T is being treated to a new seat as part of the Cafe Racer restoration. Originaly made for Triumph, the badge will be replaced when it’s fitted to our Suzuki.

Lots more for Paul to get his teeth stuck into on this exciting project in the new year.

Project Cafe Racer

The exciting Suzuki GSX 400T Cafe Racer project continues! We’ve stripped down the bike and are assessing which parts will be modified, which parts will be replaced and which parts will be surplus to requirements. We’ve had the engine running again and it looks to be in fairly good condition. Most of the work required on the bike will be cosmetic to fit it’s new, tougher Cafe Racer look. The next steps will see Paul, our motorcycle expert at Bridge Classic Cars Refurbishing parts that will be re-installed onto the motorcycle.

1984 Suzuki GSX 400T Cafe Racer Project

Here at Bridge Classic Cars, we’ve just acquired this 1984 Suzuki GSX 400T motorcycle. This air cooled 400c Suzuki is in dire need some attention. As part of this vehicles restoration, we will be modifying the vehicle in cafe racer style. The current plan is to paint the bodywork cream with a tan leather cafe racer seat. The handlebars will also be lowered to create a sleeker profile to this motorcycle. We can’t wait to see where this project will lead but we’re proud to bring this tired Suzuki back to life.