1987 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Rescuing the original interior

Brian and Kath and made an incredible start to our 1987 Volkswagen Golf GTI restoration story. Although the car has been parked up and off the road since 2007 the interior is in remarkably good condition.

The car was full of water and the interior smelt of mould.

A good clean, strip down, tighten and re-stitch and it’s looking beautifully patina’d once again…exactly what the owner was hoping for.

Some of the cushioning has taken a bit of abuse; a couple of the plastic covers needed some repair work carried out, the bolsters had started to collapse but the most important factor is that the original patterned interior could be salvaged. The door cards were in lovely condition, albeit a bit grubby.

Our brief is to keep the car as original as possible. It belonged to Alice’s father and together they want to get the car back on the road to be used and enjoyed for many years to come.

Meet Helmut, our 1987 Volkswagen Golf GTI

It may be some time before we see our 1987 VW Golf GTI in the workshops but having been sitting outside and open to the elements since 2007, we thought it was best to get the car inside and away from the wind and the rain.

Having been owned by the same family for many years Alice has decided to get her father’s the car back on the road for many more years of enjoyment.

After a little bit of tree surgery in order to get the van through the gates, Tom and Mauro have managed to pull the car out and successfully loaded (him) in to the trailer.

Now safely tucked away in the Hangar, our first job will be to thoroughly clean the car, inside and out. This way, we can see work is involved in the restoration or re-commission of this modern classic.

With a small window of opportunity in the trim shop diary Kath and Brian have got to work in removing the very wet, and very mouldy interior trim. We’ll return all of the interior to the workshops for a full assessment and clean and we hope to be able to rescue as much of it as possible.

Check out the T-shirt that Alice was wearing in the image above. The wheels aren’t the same but the number plate sure is!