Change of approach to our 1974 Audi 100 Coupe Restoration

When you start out with a full restoration you have all good intentions to stick to the plan and stay within the schedule but inevitably incidents and issues arise that are not expected. Your plans therefore have to change.

This is definitely the case with our 1974 Audi 100 Coupe. We started off the week flying. Having the car almost stripped within days we were left with a car that looked relatively solid.

Once we started the welding stage this is where we began to uncover lots of hidden nasties, mainly with rotten panels and holes appearing from nowhere.

Before we continue with the project we have decided to arrange for the car to chemically dipped to ensure all areas are uncovered so we know exactly what we are dealing with.

Prostrip automotive restoration specialise in removing paint, rust and other contaminants from all types of vehicles and substrates involving steel and aluminium, ranging from classic cars to vintage motorcycles. Our vast in house facility ensures we have the correct and most cost effective process to suit your application.

Prostrip Ltd. has developed Phos-Strip™ a chemical dip process for the removal of paint, rust and underseal from complete car shells or individual panels. Its chemical formulation strips away contaminants from all internal and external areas.

As a company we are pleased to offer a complete service and are proud to have access to a body shop housed within a modern factory within a few 100 yards of the stripping facility. Dedicated to automotive refinishing we can offer customers a complete package from start to finish.

So we continue to strip the car of ALL components now as what’s left the car probably won’t be once the chemical process is complete.


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