Win with Bridge Classic Cars

Double your odds of winning our Mercedes 280SL!

The first 1000 tickets purchased on our 1999 Mercedes 280SL competition will be entered into a separate bonus draw with a chance of doubling your odds! Using Google random number generator we will pick one lucky winner from the first 1000 tickets purchased. Whoever wins the bonus draw will have their odds doubled! This means if you’ve bought one ticket, you’ll receive one free entry. Similarly if you’ve bought ten entries you’ll receive ten free entries etc…

The more tickets you have, the greater your chances are of winning!

The bonus draw will be run as soon as we sell 1000 tickets. If the last ticket purchase takes us over the 1000 tickets threshold, all tickets within the final transaction will be entered into the draw.

For example if the final transaction takes place on ticket number 997 but the transaction was for 10 tickets this would take the overall tickets purchased to 1007. Ticket number 1001 to 1007 would also be entered into the bonus draw.

The bonus draw has no relation to the main competition. Everyone within the bonus draw will also be entered into the main draw. The winner of the bonus draw is eligible for the same amount of free entries as the number of tickets they have purchased. The bonus draw prize cannot be exchanged for anything other than tickets for our Mercedes 280SL competition.

If you have any questions regarding the bonus draw, please feel free to get in touch with us on 01473 742038 or email us on

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