Finishing Touches on the 541’s

Our 1960 Jensen 541R is having some finishing touches done this week, courtesy of our specialist classic car technician Scott.

Scott’s drilled and fitted the iconic 541 badge to the rear of the car.

“I’ve also been working on things beneath the bonnet” Scott explains “I made up an oil line for the oil pressure gauge and re-routed and tidied up the throttle cable”.

Scott’s also attached the front of the side skirt and repaired and fitted the secondary bonnet catch.

“I’ve also made up this bolt for the choke” Scott shows us “and for the 1957 grey Jensen, I’ve made a rubber gasket for the bonnet badge”. Scott’s had to measure out the positioning of the bonnet badge using tape. He then drilled holes to fit the badge into position.

Scott’s also built up the door window channel on the near side. He’s then fitted the window itself. “I’ve also put the front quarter lights together” he explains “and then fitted them to the car”.

Working alongside Scott, our other specialist technician Paul has fabricated a boot panel for the black 1960 Jensen 541R. A new heater box has also been fitted by Paul.

Now all the bulky jobs are complete on the Jensen’s, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the finishing touches completed in the weeks that follow.

Because we have a few Jensen’s in for restorative work right now, these projects often work hand-in-hand with one another. It also means our technicians have become quite the Jensen experts!

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