From the Ground Up – Restoring the frame on a 1951 Riley RMB

To achieve the best results with a restoration, every component must be given the same outstanding care and attention. It is vital that for great things to be built, the foundations must be strong.

This rings true with the 1951 Riley RMB we are painstakingly restoring in-house here at Bridge Classic Cars. As much attention has been given to the foundations of this beautiful classic as has been awarded to its flowing, classic bodywork being lovingly restored by our talented metalworking craftsmen. The frame had been sent out for media blasting to uncover and inspect any faults or deviations to this now 70-year-old frame. On the whole, the results were positive as to what returned from its careful strip down.

However, on closer inspection by our in-house team at Bridge Classic Cars, we found a couple of areas that we were not happy to leave be. So, for that, the decision was made to send the entire frame out to be dipped. The reason for this degree of investigation is to further expose any areas that would need attention and sympathetic repair befitting a classic car of this rarity and style.

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