Goodwood Revival’s New Look

Goodwood Revival, which is set for 17th-19th September 2021, will take on a new look this this year’s event. The iconic Madgwick Corner will gain an extra viewing station as well as a brand new bridge which will cross over the track.

The Lavant Infield will also take on a different lay out, with the introduction of high street shops and food venues to refuel as well as an opportunity to admire the “stunning selection of 60s GT cars racing in the Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy, our most expensive race of the whole event.”

This year Goodwood also has a ‘Make do and mend’ section that looks at and celebrates the craftsmanship of an era where the ethos was to mend and fix.

“It promotes a thoroughly modern ethos – to “reduce, reuse, repair, restore and recycle” – in the most authentic way possible.

Behind the Woodcote Corner will be home to our brand-new Make-Do and Mend area which is where we’ll showcase a host of restoration projects and, more importantly, how you can apply some of these methods in modern day life.”

Other areas include a Festival Of Britain theme at Gate 2, the Victory Parade and the Drivers Club.

You can read more in detail here.

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