Are Restomods The Future Of Classic Cars?

Restomodding is the act of restoring a classic vehicle by adding in modern technology and subtle aesthetic changes to enhance the car’s drive. It’s a controversial topic in the classic car industry as on one hand, it gives people the chance to enjoy classics without the hassle of outdates and old mechanics and in many cases makes them faster and easier to drive, however many argue that it destroys the classic car and removes what makes it iconic – which is the time piece mechanics.

Although restomods often come with a heavy price tags, it does allow drivers to not only enjoy a more accessible classic but also gives room to a highly customable vehicle.

The middle ground can be found in cars such as the brand new Morgan Plus Fours and Nissan Figaro‘s which retain the original classic styling but are being produced with today’s technology, creating an original classic with the modern luxuries.

Both restomods and modern remakes like Morgan’s still come with controversy with many classic car enthusiasts debating the authenticity of these new classics and arguing that part of the allure of a classic is in its mechanics and the way it drives.

“We compare it to an old federation house, or terrace house – you want one of these pretty old houses but you also want air-conditioning and internet and good plumbing.” says the owner of Modern Classic Cars in the Sydney suburb of Padstow.

The most popular restomod company is Singer, a USA based company that specialises in air-cooled Porsche 911s. David Brown Automotive got its fame for creating the Mini Remastered series.

Our stunning 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Race Replica is a restomod that packs a punch. Still with its original E-Type styling, we’ve re-designed it to give more power and speed as well as custom styling.

This of course then leads you down the rabbit hole of Electric conversions, rally conversions and hot rods. There are many things you can do with a classic and still enjoy them but where is the line drawn between a classic and a vintage style kit car? At the end of the day, here at Bridge, we understand it is the personal value of the car that means the most and the memories it allows you to have.

You can find more restomod inspiration here.

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