Jaguar E-Type Cleaned, Sand Blasted And Prepped

Our 1973 Jaguar E-Type recently came back from Abbey Protective Coating’s for sandblasting. Now that any excess rust has come off, we can start to work with all the stable metal that’s left. This E-Type is a particularly strong example as there was very little corrosion.

Tom has been sorting out parts which were then powder coated and sent back from Abbey sandblasters.

Scott stripped the brake callipers before they were sent away to be refurbished, as well as stripping the heater box down and checking it over. He made sure that the matrix was in good condition, then he got a load of the parts sand blasted so they are ready to be painted.

Matt has prepared the panels by striping them back to bare metal and given a protective them a rust proof coating.

Some elements have been painted in DTM black. These components are internal and are kept black to look uniform.

Brian has also started to take apart the seats and hood to be re-covered.

Scott has put the heater box back together after the parts being painted. He’s cleaned and polished the parts and replaced the foam seals and gaskets where necessary, so it’s ready to fit straight to the car when that time comes.

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