Jaguar E-Type Dent and Axel Repair

Our lovely maroon 1968 Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 is back in for a small dent repair and a check up. We’ve worked on this classic in the past so its nice to have it back in for a freshen up. Mauro has discovered a rear differential leak in the rear axel so he’s taken its apart, stripped and cleaned it and will then replace the seal before re-building it all again and fitting it back into the E-Type.

Unfortunately our lovely E-Type had gained a small dent in its rear quarter panel. Chris and Matt have been correcting this by filling the dent, applying epoxy and primer before then repainting and polishing it so it looks brand new.

By the time Chris and Matt were done with the rear quarter, you would never know there had been a dent there. Good as new!

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