Jaguar XK8: More Rust Reveal

Our 1997 Jaguar XK8 has become somewhat of a snowball restoration. Originally in for just a touch of rust repair, we’re now revealing more rust than previously thought. Scenarios like this is very common as rust repair is often like opening a can of worms and we believe its better to bite the bullet and sort it out rather than wait for the rust to get to an unmanageable and fatal point.

Pricey has started working on the rotten right hand front subframe point where he has removed the outer layer, then cleaned and removed the inner layer and zinc sprayed it all. He has then welded the inner layer and zinc primed that, before doing the same with the outer layer. Pricey has then rust treated the surrounding areas and epoxy primed, undersealed and cavity waxed the area. After this, he refitted the subframe bracket and bolts.

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