Land Rover and IFRC Highlight Importance Of Community Aid Units In New Film Series – Premier Tonight

Land Rover and IFRC have one of the longest corporate/humanitarian relationships. Their new short film series highlights the importance of this partnership and the work local community units carry out.

We’re all used to seeing Police, Traffic Officers, Mountain Rescue and the occasional Ambulance Land Rover, but what many people may not realise is that the use of Land Rovers in local community response units, such as emergency responses to humanitarian aid, is vital to their functioning.

Land Rover and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) are set to release a series of short films shot on GoPro’s by volunteers in the Red Cross to show their work. Land Rover supply vehicles to response teams to help reach people across the world.

Land Rover and IFRC have worked together for 66 years and form one of the longest running corporate/humanitarian relationships. Throughout this partnership, Land Rover have supplied vehicles and offered experience and expertise. No other automotive company is better suited to the work IFRC do, which often leads workers to hard to reach corners of the world, places where off-road vehicles are vital.

The films will premiere on IFRC’s Facebook Live alongside a panel discussion on the future of crisis response. The first film premiers tonight.

We have seen during this year, like no other, that the future of emergency response is local. Communities have gone above and beyond to support each other and their most vulnerable people.

However, the capacity to respond locally varies vastly by country and area. International organisations like ours need to work with local communities leveraging our National Societies and put their expertise and resources towards strengthening local capacity and addressing inequality.


Each film focuses on “life-changing moments of humanity and crisis, from the streets of Italy, where homeless people are more vulnerable than ever, to the communities still rebuilding their lives after the devastating Australian bushfires in 2020. Local teams also teach life-saving skills to people in remote Mexican communities and support those hit hardest by coronavirus in the UK.”

This last year has been exceptionally challenging for people all over the world and Land Rover is prouder than ever to work with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

These films capture the commitment of the IFRC’s staff and volunteers and the vital importance of going above and beyond to support people at a local level.


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