Lilac Jensen Update

Ady has taken apart the lilac 1960 Jensen’s rocker shaft to be cleaned out and rebuilt to ensure it works as it should.

Brian has been gluing foam onto the front face of the rear quarter seat panels. He then stapled the cover to the top of the wood and glued the cover down over the lower mill board section. Once the rear quarter panel of the seat was finished, he could then get started on the others by following the same process. The next step was to glue the front flap to the seat base and add foam and wadding to the inside and outside of seat tub. By pulling the cover around the tub and gluing the edges, the cover can then sit taught to the seat, giving it a fitted and tight finish. The excess leather is then trimmed and the seat tub is finished.

Lydia has also been working on the lilac Jensen by cleaning up the metal frame for the front base seat and then covering the front of it in calico and wrapping it around the frame. She then drew out the flute line patterns for the front squab and the front base seats. Jensen’s don’t usually have fluting around the front squab and front base of the seats however this is something Gordon has requested. Lydia then cut out the leather for covering one of the front seat tubes. Then she clipped the front to the back for dewing and then she sewed all the pieces together.

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