Peugeot 504 Rust Repairs Continue

Scott has been working hard on our Peugeot 504 project. This lovely classic was in need of some serious rust repairs. As with all rust repairs, it’s very difficult to tell exactly how far the rust has penetrated into the vehicle until you start cutting it out. As Scott has found, in this case there was a lot of rust! Work like this needs to be done correctly to future-proof the car and keep the vehicle in top shape for many years to come.

Scott is now at the fabrication stage of this extensive repair. He’s been shaping and welding in fresh metal, replacing what has been cut out.

Cracking work, Scott!

This wonderful classic Peugeot will head over to Chris in the paint shop when Scott has finished. Once in the paint shop, Chris will begin shaping and perfecting the bodywork in preparation for fresh paintwork.

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