1971 Lotus Europa Twin Cam

1971 Lotus Europa Twin Cam

Classic and Sports Cars – 1971 Lotus Europa Twin Cam – Restoration Project

As you will see from the photographs, this lovely twin cam Lotus Europa came to us as a fresh barn find. What was obvious to us through the years of accumulated dirt was how good this car actually was. The interior is like the day it came out of the factory with no rips, tears or degradation through its long term storage. Dash and dials are great. Period radio cassette in place in an original bespoke housing.

We put the car on the ramp and although there is surface rust on the wishbones and suspension etc the chassis appears to be in really good condition.

The brakes will require a full rebuild. Rubbers etc are perished but all an easy fix.

We decided to get the car fully valeted and as you will see by the other photographs it has come up to a good standard. There is very minimal crazing but of course would benefit from a respray to compliment the interior. The door shuts are spot on with no hinge drop. This car has never been messed about.

As we understand; the car was purchased by a company and through difficult times the company sold it to a close family member. When times became easier that family member then sold it back to the company but rather than it being in the company name it was sold to the Director. The car was then handed on to the grandson who is a close friend and acquaintance of Bridge Classic Cars. So we believe the car has really, in the main, had been owned by just the one family through various generations.

As we understand, the only reason the Twin Cam was laid up was because of a gearbox failure. The original gearbox is still in the car although the internals of the box have been removed. We have all the removed parts and the new parts to rebuild the gearbox. Don’t know if they are all there but I would think only minimal would be missing. We also have as a part of the sale a untested but believed good Renault 5 speed box. We have been told that this is a direct replacement.

All in all, you would struggle to find a better, unmolested restoration candidate.

There is some service history with the car although in early years it was looked after by the company but the 58000 miles is believed to be correct.