Thank you to NHS and Key Workers

Two weeks ago we asked each and every one of your to get involved to help us thank the wonderful NHS staff and key workers as they continue to keep our country moving.

We offered £200 worth of credit to be spent on any future competition here at Bridge Classic Cars as our way of saying thank you.

Here’s how it went:

Win £100 free credit for you and a friend❗? NHS staff and Key Workers continue to work tirelessly in these difficult…

Posted by Bridge Classic Cars on Saturday, 9 May 2020

Below is everyone who entered to win this free credit.

We’re about to randomly select a number between 1 and 77 and will announce the winners on Facebook. The winner will the number that comes up and whoever they nominated/ were nominated by.

Both people will receive £100 to spend on any of our current or future competitions!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this. We’re extremely thankful to everyone who has helped us build such a wonderful community of classic car lovers.

Stay safe everyone, The Bridge Classic Cars Team

1 Emma Galloway

2 Chris Galloway 

3 Jerry Clack

4 Laura Mendoza

5 Lyndsay Edwards

6 Mal Jones

7 Paul Orell

8 Julie Shoreman

9 Jack Orell

10 Lizzy Bailey

11 Darren Smith

12 Leanna Helen

13 Luke Hartgrove

14 Sarah Louise Goddard

15 Simon Carey

16 Joanna Carey

17 Lynne Dixon

18 Faith Sutton

19 Mike Hutton

20 Alex Nutter

21 Stephanie Arthorne

22 John Bilner

23 Simon Farmer

24 Kerry Warvil

25 Niki MacSpehney

26 James Crawford

27 Anna Topham

28 Roy Frankland

29 Paul Laycock-Leake

30 Susan Henderson

31 Diana Iozzia

32 Andrew Steele

33 Adam Last

34 Lucy Alex

35 Joshua Pitts-Klein

36 Steve Gray

37 Heather Gray

38 Walter Man

39 Peter Murphy

40 Daniel Lovegrove

41 Vicky Hughes

42 Gemma Ward

43 Gary Sraniforth

44 Paul Gemmell

45 Sharon Campbell

46 James Nicholson

47 Lucy Murdoch

48 Dominic Hornsby

49 Ashleigh Hornsby

50 David Rose

51 John Harrold

52 Thomas Hawthorne

53 Jade Monk

54 Hamish Stone

55 Jessica Lauren

56 Courtney Budd

57 Jamie Mayhew

58 Martin Escott

59 Buck Rogers

60 Caroline Radnor

61 Jason Whitwell

62 Antony Morgan

63 Darren Cleaves

64 Cliff Stone

65 Marie Stone

66 Ashleigh Woosey

67 Dominic King

68 Ricky Tull

69 Anita Tull

70 Marianna Hopcraft

71 Andy Hopcraft

72 Ann Williams

73 Justin Tarsilla

74 James Heron

75 Michael Swain

76 Ashlie Ridings

77 Louise Swain

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