The Search for Perfection – 1989 Porsche 911SC

The Porsche 911. An icon of the sportscar world since its introduction in 1963 with the legendary long bonnet cars. To this day, 911 takes its first basic principles forward through each subsequent generation.

The older generations of this model need to be kept in top condition so as to remind those of its lineage back to Ferdinand Porsche’s earliest idea. This beautifully kept 1989 Porsche 911 SC that we have in at Bridge Classic Cars is one of those cars. The owner of this vehicle has asked our skilled and enthusiastic technicians to inspect and advise on a small rust blemish on the rear window frame.

Just like all of the restorations that are undertaken here Bridge Classic Cars, the work will be sympathetic to the car but also finished to the highest standard to ensure that both the customer and ourselves are happy with the repair.

Keep an eye out on our website for more updates about this incredible 1989 Porsche 911.

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