ULEZ Expansion Threatens London Classic Cars

Sadiq Khan’s proposals for the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expansion has been met with controversy as London based classic car owners are threatened with losing their classic cars.

The new scheme would see an extra 140,000 motorists affected by the end of October as the proposal would cover the North and South Circular roads with drivers charge £12.50 a day to drive a heavy polluting vehicle.

Many argue that this proposal would simply imply an added cost to ownership and would not make it impossible to own a classic in London, as it also sees London making positive steps towards slowing climate change. Those against the proposal argue that it could force many London based classic car owners to scrap their beloved classics. This step could see a further push at converting more classic cars to being electric so that owners can enjoy them without a side portion of guilt and lighter pockets.

This change would not only affect the older classics but would also lead to less classics from the 1980’s through to early 2000’s being forced off the roads.

As we make steps to be a greener society, we could see more ULEZ zones opened around the country.

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