Winning the Jackpot! 2021, the year of the campervan

Huge congratulations to Peter Atchison, winner of our 1976 Volkswagen T2 Westfalia Camper with ticket number 1473.

Mauro delivered early this morning with the sun shining!

Interesting article written by Debbi Kirkham for Forbes on the popularity of camping:

“It’s easy to see how camping has developed such widespread appeal over the centuries – leaving modern society and its headaches behind to bask in the immutable ambiance of the natural world is a lifelong dream for many people. In the wake of this turbulent pandemic, the full effects of cabin fever have begin to set in, and it would seem that camping is shaping up to be the perfect antidote. Combining safe social practices with the opportunity to surrender oneself to the pristine beauty of the earth, the activity is uniquely equipped to reach unprecedented heights in popularity.

Camping has actually undergone a massive spike in activity due to current circumstances – just ask Dan Yates, founder of, an outdoor accommodation booking website offering placement at over three thousands campgrounds across five continents. “Bookings are up 350% over the last two weeks, compared to the period immediately before,” says Yates. “With campgrounds in 67 countries, we first began seeing signs of a resurgence in Italy with an annual growth of 135% in campgrounds joining Pitchup since lockdown began there on March 9th. Since then, other countries such as the USA and the UK have begun to recover as lockdowns have started to ease or a phased approach to lifting restrictions has been announced.”

For those who are wary about leaving home in the midst of this pandemic, one aspect of camping should be particularly appealing: the distance. “As the most outdoorsy type of accommodation, camping offers more space per party: campsites are often already tens of feet apart and owners are even reducing capacity further. Campgrounds are spread over tens of hundreds of acres. Travelers are also not confined to enclosed indoor spaces, reducing the risk of transmission by touch and ventilation system.” While more conventional dwellings such as hotels and resorts involve constant human interaction, the average campsite provides ample space to keep one’s mind at ease.

One of the ultimate benefits of camping is the ability to fully immerse oneself in the aura of the natural world, breathe in the fresh air, and catch glimpses of some of the earth’s most elusive creatures – and thanks to current circumstances, the conditions in which to do so have never been better. As air pollution plummets amidst many of the world’s cities, camping becomes a more viable option for those reluctant to venture far from home. In years past, families may have needed to drive or even fly long distances to fill their lungs with fresh air, and now there are suitable campsites located just outside their city’s urban core.

For those with little experience when it comes to the great outdoors, it may be somewhat intimidating trying to narrow down the perfect destination. For amateurs, the best option may be a nation that’s well-equipped with campsites.

Yates explains. “It’s hard to imagine a travel sector better positioned post-pandemic. Truly accessible to all, with the space to socially distance and the novelty of nature after months of isolation indoors, camping is the perfect way to re-acclimate to life after lockdown.”

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