TR5 Trim Continued

Kath and Brian have continued their work with the 1968 Triumph TR5 and are now tackling the rear quarter. Kath has added foam over the

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Daytona Details

The Ferrari Daytona is currently sat in primer and is being smoothed and prepared for its final paint step: the official colour. Before it can

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TR5 Carpet update

Our 1968 Triumph TR5 is still sat in the trim shop having its new interior fitted! Its a very exciting development as fitting trim to

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Morris Minor Enquiry

We’ve had an enquiry for this charming Morris Minor 1000 that may be coming in for some work soon. The client currently has it in

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Double Triumph Trouble?

By pure coincidence, we’ve had both of our TR winners send us photos of their TR3 and TR4 out on the road yesterday! We love getting updates from winners about how they’re getting on with their new motors, its one of the best bits about gifting cars!

Karl Reilly has been driving his charming green TR3 around his local area in Essex. Now the weather is looking up, Karl can begin to enjoy roof down days in his iconic classic. As part of the Triumph Club, we hope to see more photos of him and his TR3 with other Triumphs.

Couple Builds Snow Ferarri

We all remember building snowmen and making snow angels as children in the snow but few of us can claim we’ve built a snow car.

A husband and wife from Lithuania decided to re-create a Ferrari LaFerrari out of snow. Every detail was covered from the colour (done in an environmentally friendly paint) to the aerodynamic shape. It took two days of dedicated craftmanship from the couple to create the iconic red beast. At the end of the masterpiece, the wife, Donata Bugiene, said “Now no one can deny that there is a Ferrari in our yard.”

The Ferrari is a real size, made to the dimensions of the original Ferrari LaFerrari,” said Bugiene.

The life-size replica of Ferrari’s LaFerrari supercar (image taken Jan. 31, 2021. (Photo credit: Donata Bugiene)

TR6 and MGB Tucked Up At Bentwaters

Our newly finished Triumph TR6 and its friend, the Tundra 1975 MGB have been stored up in Bentwaters whilst we work on the third in this trio, a Beverly Hills Jaguar E-Type that’s in for a full 180 transformation. All three cars are owned by the same clients, making it an exciting set of projects. With these two tucked away in our Hanger at Bentwaters, we can get cracking on the Jaguar.

Daytona Seats Get A New Lease Of Life

Kath has been working on the Daytona seats again. The face of one of the seats wasn’t sewn straight originally, so Kath found that all of the red strips were uneven, and the centre strip wasn’t centralised either. With this in mind, Kath roughly drew around the original to get a basic shape before then making a template. Kath had to work out the distance between the black strips to make sure all the holes in the strips are even all the way down each strip.

Once Kath had worked out the correct measurements, she cut out the template and laid it into the seat. She found that the sides needed more as the frame came out, so she amended it to run along the seat frame in a nicer fashion.

Once Kath was happy with it, she cut the template up to make individual parts, and worked out the seam allowance around the frame and punched holes.

The pattern was then ready with all the parts to be marked out now for the final trim. Lydia is up next to make the cover.

Peony Jensen Heat Shield

One of our technicians, Pauls, has made and fit a heat shield for our 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541R. Paul has cut out, measured up and fitted the panels which are made up of Asbestolux.

Successful Test Scores For Our Jensen

our 1960 Jensen 541R has had its rolling road test from Hangar 111. The test has come back incredibly positive. Often these rolling road tests flag more issues however on this occasion its come back perfect, and we’re delighted!

Behind The Scenes: The 1958 Jensen Photoshoot

On Monday, Mauro and Ellie took the lorry and our 1958 Jensen 541R over to Glevering Mill to shoot it for our website. This stunning British classic is up for sale with us on our website, eBay, Car and Classic and Classic Car and Camper. In great condition, our Jensen is a stunning example of British engineering.

Monday turned from an overcast morning into rain and the shoot was halted early, however we were lucky enough to be able to come back the next day to continue to shoot. Denise and Allan, who live at Glevering Mill were enthusiastic and accommodating, working with us to help get the shoot done. Tuesday brought about blue skies and sunshine, making the paintwork really shine.

You can see this Jensen’s restoration story here.

Here’s some behind the scenes of Ellie shooting the Jensen on the sunnier second shoot.

The Jensen also happened to be one of the first cars transported in the lorry with its new designs that were applied over the weekend!

Little Morris Chassis Corrections

James has continued with correct the rust and corrosion on the chassis of the 1949 Morris Minor Lowlight. James made a template and then cut With the chassis now welded up, it has left the fabrication bay and made its way over to our hanger.

We managed to snap a few teaser photos of the Morris as it sat in our work shop before it went down to be stored at Bentwaters for the photoshoot. The interior is just stunning!

Bridge Classic Cars x Car and Classic

We are delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with Car and Classic to share our Bridge Classic Cars’ services and competitions across their website. If you’re used to perusing the classifieds of Car and Classic, you’ll start to see our adverts popping up.

We’ve featured several times in Car and Classic’s Magazine. Most recently, our E-Type Racecar received a beautiful write up from Head of Editorial, Chris Pollitt. You can read Chris’ article here:

We’re excited by this partnership and cannot wait to reveal more of our exciting plans with Car and Classic.

Silver Jensen Wiring Issues Diagnosed

Pictured below is the Silver 1959 Jensen 541R recent wiring ammends. John had found that when wiring up, the overdrive didn’t engage. After an investigation, John found it was because the solenoid had overheated and melted the terminals, meaning a new solenoid was fitted.

A new stoplight switch has also been fitted because the old stoplight had seized and wouldn’t turn off.

TR5 Trim Continued

Kath and Brian have continued their work with the 1968 Triumph TR5 and are now tackling the rear quarter.

Kath has added foam over the raised section in the boot and positioned the carpet over the foam to get an idea of how it would fit. Once happy, Kath could then glue the foam sections down and pack it out around the fuel tank. Once the foam is stuck down, Kath could then lay in and glue down the carpet in sections, pulling the carpet over the edge and down into footwell so that it fits tight. Once in place, Kath could trim around the corners, and get started on the hand brake gaiter section.

The hand brake gaiter section needed to have foam packed around the hand brake with an 11mm scrim foam piece so that the get carpet fits nicely. Once in position, the carpet can be glued down, making sure the fabric is pulled taught to ensure a fitted finish.

The next step was to fit the rear quarter panels and the door panel which clips onto a board. Kath found that she needed to adjust the panel around the wheel arch and the bottom section for seat belt eyelet first before fitting the sections. Once she had fitted the drivers side rear, Kath could then fit the passenger side and attach the carpet fasteers to footwells so that the mats don’t move about.

Finally, Kath could secure the carpet down in the upper foot well around the pedals and focus on the rear cockpit panel which needed to be screwed into place. Kath cut holes out for the hood mechanism and fit the hood mechanism in place so that it’s ready for the hood.

Brian started on the seats and their frames. He began by fitting the rubber diaphragm to the base seat and added foam around the front edge. He then glued the base cover to the upper foam and secured the lower foam in place underneath. The next step was to glue the base foam and cover to the seat frame and add extra foam around the front edge. By pulling the cover tight around the frame and clipping it in place, Brian could then glue the rear flap to the frame.

Land Rover Series IIA Finishing Touches

The paint shop have added the finishing touches to our 1964 Land Rover Series 2a by painting the wheels cream. The injector fuel pump has also arrived and been fitted, making it photoshoot ready for its editorial on friday!

The wheels were first coated in an epoxy primer and then painted over in an originally land rover ‘off white’ cream finish.

VW Camper welding continued

James has been sanding and smoothing the door frame window sill using the wire wheel on the grinder.

Four out of five doors have been prepared and are now ready for primer. James has discovered that the 5th door doesn’t need such extreme work meaning its ready to go to Chris tomorrow after its been lined up on the van to make sure it still fits straight.

Daytona Details

The Ferrari Daytona is currently sat in primer and is being smoothed and prepared for its final paint step: the official colour. Before it can be painted, it needs to be masked. We hope to see the shell painted by the end of the week which will mark an exciting milestone in this restoration.

Here are some examples of different stitching options for the interior of the Daytona. The trim is set to be a similar tone of green to the exterior.

Scott has also been continuing his welding to the front subframe of the Daytona. The bottom of it was heavily damaged so he cut the damaged area out and straightened the supports inside. He then, cleaned up the rust inside and treated it by applying a zinc primer. Scott then fabricated a new panel and welded it in. Finally, he dressed the welds so it was ready to go to paint.

Behind The Scenes: 1981 MGB GT LE Photoshoot

On friday, Ellie and Freddie took to Bentwaters to shoot our latest competition car, the 1981 MGB GT LE, a limited edition MGB GT. Its fast back rear and silver exterior makes for a trendy classic car.

1 of only 580 MGB GT LE’s built, this rare model was one of the final run to leave the production line before the closure of the Abingdon factory in 1980. This MGB is not only a lovable and affordable classic, but makes a great every day vehicle too.

With Freddie handling the video and main visuals, Ellie worked on capturing the behind the scenes insights and artistic shots. After scouting out multiple locations across Bentwaters, the team settled on the run way after shooting some content on the access roads and by the log piles.

The MGB has had its PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) and only had a few small leaks which have been fixed.

Here’s an exclusive view on some of the extra visuals shot last week…

Mercedes and Rolls Royce Live Draw: Behind The Scenes

Another live draw and two more winners! Last night we announced two more winners to add to our growing collective of lucky classic car winners! Our 1996 Mercedes 320SL and 1992 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit II found their new owners during our live draw that we hosted at our HQ in Pettistree.

Charlotte and Craig took us around the workshops to show off our current restoration projects and upcoming vehicles. With lots of exciting cars soon to be released, the live draw was jam-packed with exclusive news.

A big congratulations to Russ Warman who won our classic Rolls Royce with his lucky ticket number 499 and Steven Lambe who won the characterful Mercedes with his ticket number 950!

Charlotte also helped us move the cars around before the draw and had a go in our MGB GT LE, which she agreed is a pleasant drive! Keep an eye out for the release of our MGB, which is set to be our next competition car.

Lorry Design – Apex Signs

Our new lorry has had an eventful week already! At the weekend it got thoroughly detailed before Harvey from Apex Signs applied the vinyl graphics.

Now our lorry has our logo applied on both signs and competition imagery on the back, we can spread the Bridge word whilst on the move! Our lorry is integral to the functioning of our business as it delivers and drops off all of our competition cars, cars sold and new cars that we acquire.

Kitted out with a single bed in the cabin, it means it’s ready for wherever our winners or clients may be. Mauro, one of our skilled technicians also doubles as our lorry driver as he comes from an experienced HGV background.

The first job for our lorry was to delivery our 1988 Ford Escort RS Turbo to Anglia Classic Car Auctions in Kings Lynn. If you like the look of our RS Turbo and want it to be yours, make sure you get your bids in!

Later that day, Mauro and Ellie headed over to Glevering Mill to shoot our 1958 Jensen 541R. If you’re interested in buying our classic Jensen, you can find it here.

Our Golden Roller: One year on

“The quality will remain long after the price is forgotten.”Henry Royce

Nothing quite says luxury like a golden Rolls Royce. A timeless classic, oozing with nobility and class, this 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I left our doors just over a year ago. Its proud new owner, Michael, has been enjoying cruising around in his beloved Rolls Royce, documenting his travels on Instagram.

With just a service and a small neaten up from the workshop, this stunning gold motor was in perfect condition when we sold it on behalf of a client in February 2020.

We’ve been keenly following the trips and adventures of Michael and ‘Auric’ on their appropriately named Instagram page, ‘The man with the golden roller’ (@themanwiththegoldenroller). Over the last year, Auric has been pictured dotted around London from Buckingham Palace to Richmond Green and Chelsea, Westminster Abbey and Knightsbridge. Michael continued the very royal road trip theme out to Windsor Castle, Blickling Estate, Clivedone House, Combe, home of 007; Pinewood Studios, and Denham! He’s even photographed Auric around Norfolk! Auric even featured in ‘Spirit and Speed’ magazine last year!

A Rolls Royce is the epitome of British nobility in the car world, and driving one is said to be a unique and timeless pleasure. We’ve currently got a 1992 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit II up for grabs over on our competition page and could be yours for just £9! Alternatively, for those who just cant wait and want their own golden roller now, our 1973 Golden Rolls Royce Corniche is up for sale with us and could be yours straight away!

Electric Classic Cars – February 2021

We’re delighted to see the Electric Classic Car’s electric mini is coming along well. If you’ve been following this story, you might remember that we painted this mini before it was handed over to Electric Classic Cars to be turned into an electric classic.

This car belongs to a client of Team C Racing and has been carefully restored by Ted before being passed on to ourselves and Electric Classic Cars to be completed.

The Tesla powered Mini is being fitted with a 31kWh battery pack, that has 100-300hp power options. Electric Classic cars suggest that a bolt-in kit will be available from them soon. Their Instagram post (featured below) explains that more details, including pricing, will be announced after rigorous testing. We’re excited to see how this characterful mini develops as it leads the way to be among the first Tesla classic cars.

TR5 Carpet update

Our 1968 Triumph TR5 is still sat in the trim shop having its new interior fitted! Its a very exciting development as fitting trim to a vehicle is one of the final sections that really makes all the difference visually!

Kath has trimmed around and glued into position the carpet on the driver’s side under the pedals. She’s also fitted the driver’s side sill and the carpet near the accelerator pedal.

The centre console was then just laid in place to make sure it fits with the sound deadening now in place. Once everything definitely fit, Kath could glue in the sound deadening around the upper tunnel section and glue the carpet in the upper head of the tunnel. She then trimmed around the pipes and wires and lay in the tunnel section. The next step was to then put the centre console in over the carpet to make sure it still fits after each modification. The driver’s side and passenger tunnel section could then be glued in and packed out with foam to make a better fit.

Brian has made up the centre console by sanding and filling the cracks in the existing centre console switch unit. He’s glued the inner section and pushed the leather into place and followed it up by glueing the outer section and pulling it tight around all edges.

Brian could then cut the holes for the switches and fill the cracks. Once repaired and sanded, Brian was ready to glue the leather to the console, and start on the gearstick section by glueing and stretching the leather around all edges of the console. He then cut and trim the leather to get it to fit perfectly around the back of the console. Once these modifications were made, he could glue the leather and turn over the edges for the gearshift hole. Once these steps were completed, Brian fitted the console into the TR5.

Morris Minor Enquiry

We’ve had an enquiry for this charming Morris Minor 1000 that may be coming in for some work soon. The client currently has it in this condition and just needs some help finishing the project.

Watch this space…