1960 MGA windscreen

Paul has been continuing work on our 1960 MG A. He’s stripped down the windscreen and windscreen assembly. The metal components will be refurbished, ready

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MGA Bodywork Update

Chris has been working hard getting our MGA body prepared and painted. After bracing and repairing any rust patches in the metalwork, he moved onto

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1961 Morris Mini

Here at Bridge Classic Cars, we’ve acquired a very early example of a Morris Mini. We’ve got big plans for this Mini. As pictured, there

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1973 Triumph TR6 Bodywork Prep

Darren has been hard at work getting our TR6 body ready for paint. He’s carrying out a complete strip down to bare metal, finding and treating rust and carrying out any nessasary bodywork repairs.

Our client has requested this vehicle be converted from left hand drive to right hand drive. To do this Darren has had to alter the bulkhead and reconstruct bodywork to fit right hand drive running gear.

1957 Jensen Door Hinge Fabrication

Dave has been working on our wonderful 1957 Jensen 541R. He’s had to convert the door hinges to allow the doors to correctly fit.

To do this Dave has cut out the old door plate and fabricated a new door plate, using our 1960 Jensen door as reference to match it perfectly.

He’s then had to modify the ‘A Post’ on our Jensen to sit 4 inches further forwards towards the front of the vehicle.

In order for Dave to check the fitment on the vehicle, the new hinges have been temporarily tacked together with a mild copper. This is strong enough to take the weight of the door during the test fitting process, yet also easy to remove when we undertake the final welding.

Only once we have the perfect fitment will Dave fully weld up the door hinges and get the panels ready for painting.

1977 Triumph Spitfire Arrives for Paintwork

We’re delighted to have this wonderful 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 into the Bridge Classic Cars Paint shop.

The owner has brought in his spitfire 1500 for our Paintwork specialists to work on. The Spirfire will be painted black. Interestingly, black was never a colour option Triumph offered from the factory so this really will be a unique classic.

Here at Bridge Classic Cars we have a bit of a soft spot for Spitfires. they’re such wonderful classics. We can’t wait for work to begin and to see this Spitfire transform into a beautiful machine.

The 1500 from this vehicles name denotes the cc of the engine given to it. The 1500 was the final iteration of the Spitfire and is favoured amongst enthusiasts as it was the most powerful engine on offer.

More parts arrive for our Suzuki Cafe Racer project

Every day more parts come through the door for our Suzuki GSX 400 Cafe Racer project.

The engine is currently being sandblasted in preparation for painting. The next steps will be painting the fuel tank and engine before fitting all of our new and refurbished parts back onto the Suzukis frame.

Servicing our Mercedes Van

To keep our workhorse Van in top shape, Pete is giving it a thorough service today. We’re just as adept at working on modern cars as well as our usual classics.

There is a minor issue with the handbrake to repair which Pete is also taking a look at.

Restoration Recap – 1971 Series 3 Jaguar E-Type V12

Wow, what a beauty! Our completed Jaguar E-Type restoration project was visited by it’s owner at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. Upon seeing this lovely Jaguar, he couldn’t resist but to take her out for a drive.

Seeing clients of ours happy makes the hundreds of hours spent on our restorations well worth while. We took a look back at how this restoration began and what a transformation this Jaguar has undertaken.

This Jaguar E-Type is now ready to be enjoyed for many a happy mile to come.

Damage repair in the Paint Shop – 2015 Vauxhall Mokka

Darren has worked wonders on a repair to our Vauxhall Mokka. We also carry out body and paint repairs on modern cars. Our state-of-the-art paint booth is capable of matching any colour perfectly.

Darren has done a wonderful job on this Vauxhall. As you can see below, there was quite significant damage to the drivers side of the car, spanning across multiple body panels.

And now the paintwork is back to perfect condition, great work, Darren!

Morris Minor 1000 Service

Here at Bridge Classic Cars we also offer classic car servicing. This lovely ’65 Morris Minor 1000 was brought into us to investigate a couple of imperfections as well as carrying out a full service.

Pete is currently working on the follwoing:

  • Checking the integrity of the chassis rails
  • Perfecting door alignment
  • Checking all seals (boot leaking)
  • Investigating glove box issue
  • Repairing back window
  • Repairing indicator switch
  • Investigate fuel gauge
  • Investigate rust issues

We will also look at the body chrome around the rear lights to see if this needs restoring.

Does your classic car need servicing? Our highly skilled classic car technicians are prepared to take on any job, big or small to ensure your pride and joy is running at its best.

For Sale Soon: Morris Mini 1000

Pete and Freddie have collected this fabulous little Mini 1000 from near Bury St Edmunds. This vehicle will be available for sale once it’s been inspected by one of our classic car technicians. Having covered under 30,000 miles, it’s a very honest little low milage Morris Mini that has been well cared for by it’s previous owner for the past 10 years.

For more information about this Morris Mini 1000, please give the office a call on 01473 742038

1975 MG B Roadster In for Repairs

This lovely 1975 MG B was restored by us here at Bridge Classic Cars last year. It’s been brought in by its owner to fix some running issues with the engine. Upon inspection Ady assessed that the running issues were caused by low fuel pump pressure which would occur after a few miles of driving.

A new fuel pump has been fitted to remedy this issue. Whilst the car was up in the air we’ve noticed a small oil leak coming from the drivers side driveshaft. One of the Inner collars had cracked, allowing oil to break through the seal. We’ve since fixed this by replacing the collar and reassembling the rear hub assembly, ready for this MG B to be taken back out onto the open road.

TR6 Body Preparation

Our Triumph TR6 is in the paint shop now to be prepared for paintwork.

The chassis has to be sanded down to a smooth surface to remove any defects before the first layers of primer are sprayed. Several stages of sanding and filling are required to get the absolute best finish possible here. It’s all in the perp work, great job, guys! This meticulous preparation is the only way to achieve perfection in the paintwork.

1960 MGA windscreen

Paul has been continuing work on our 1960 MG A. He’s stripped down the windscreen and windscreen assembly. The metal components will be refurbished, ready for new glass to be fitted.

Jaguar E-Type Seats Upholstery

Kath has begun working on these E-type seats. She put new foam in, fitted both bases before fitting the gorgeous red leather. Then she moved onto fitting the headrest before the metal stalks and metal grommets arrive to complete the seats.

Project Complete: 1971 Bedford J Type

Our Bedford J Type Indian Takeaway restaurant truck is now complete.

Its safely home in Hackney, London where it will begin it’s new life as a Indian Takeaway van.

Spotted in Calais!

We’ve got a soft spot for the Reliant Scimitar. We noticed this lovely Reliant on the ferry over to Calais.

MGA Bodywork Update

Chris has been working hard getting our MGA body prepared and painted. After bracing and repairing any rust patches in the metalwork, he moved onto preparing the bodywork for paint.

The underside was the first part of the vehicle to be painted. Interestingly, the underside of the body is painted in coloured Raptor. Raptor is a protective coating that provides a barrier, reducing the chances of rust appearing in the future. It still delivers a perfect colour match to the regular paint, however, it has all the protective qualities to prevent the underside from corrosion.

Once the shell has been baked off, Chris will flip the body over and move onto painting the topside. Great work, Chris!

1961 Morris Mini

Here at Bridge Classic Cars, we’ve acquired a very early example of a Morris Mini. We’ve got big plans for this Mini. As pictured, there are still remnants of the original, claret red paintwork. We intend to fully restore this lovely little vehicle to original specification and colour.

1962 Jensen 541 S Arrives at Bridge Classic Cars

This lovely ’62 Jensen 541 S has been collected and brought back to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. It’s in for paintwork correction and a other remedial works.

Our classic car technicians have a wealth of well experience with Jensens. As such, we’ve picked up a lot of Jensen restorations over the years with clients eager to have their cars seen to by Jensen experts. They are beautiful cars, but also present many demands and challenges in order to restore with the finest quality. Rest assured, this Jensen is now with our expert technicians who will see this lovely 541 S back on the road, ready to be enjoyed soon.

1950 Studebaker Champion Generates a Buzz Online

Our Studebaker Champion went up for sale last week and captured the hearts of many 1950s American vehicle fans. Custom & Unusual Cars For Sale shared our advert with their nearly 90,000 followers.

Interested in our gorgeous Studebaker? Get in touch with our friendly sales team.

1965 Amphicar Restoration update

Tom has picked back up work on our 1965 Amphicar, a vehicle that can travel both on land and water.

Tom has been busy fabricating new floorboards, using the original, rotten flooring as a template. He’s also refitted all the rubber seals and started assembling the rear seats.

Daimler Dart Roof in the Trim Shop

Kath has been busy in Bridge Classic Cars’ Trim Shop. She’s been working on our Daimler Dart hardtop refurbishment.

Kath started by removing the old headlining off and stripping back the surface. She then prepared with foam and primed brackets and cut new boarding for the edging to ensure a seamless, tight roof lining.

The next stage was applying the brushed nylon headlining.

The roof will now head over to the paint shop for fitting of the rubbers, a final polish and inspection.