Life On Two Wheels

On these sunny Sunday afternoons we don’t just jump in our cars here at Bridge! Two of our technicians, Mauro and Tom spent Sunday enjoying

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Tr4 Goes Camping

We love receiving updates from winners about what they’re getting up to with their cars. Adrian has gone camping with his campervan and Tr4. What

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Jaguar XK8

Pricey has discovered a rotten left hand subframe mounting point/chassis leg. To deal with this, Pricey cut out the outer layer to reveal a rotten

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Toyota TLC

James has been using the original spot-weld marks on our Toyota Hilux to realign the drivers door skin. James has made a spacer for the

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Mental Health Awareness Week – Connecting with Nature: Top Destinations In East Anglia

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, with this year’s theme being ‘connecting with nature’. We understand that our beloved classics give us the ability to drive to some beautiful spots but sometimes its best to get out from behind the drivers seat and take a walk.

70% of adults in the UK say that their mood is lifted when spending time outdoors. We understand that not everyone has access to vast landscapes, the time to take big trips or the privilege of fitness to take large hikes, however, you can still appreciate nature by taking a small walk or a picnic in your local green space.

You can use the hashtag #ConnectWithNature to get involved in the Mental Health Foundation online as they explore the positive benefits of spending more time outside.

We’ve made a list of our top destinations in East Anglia for you to enjoy, and that act as great backdrops for photos of your classic!

The Brecks

You may have heard of the Brecks when linked to Thetford Forest, which is part of this stunning forest landscape. Situated in Breckland, The Brecks straddles North Suffolk and South Norfolk and has the best overall climate of the UK. Fantastic for everything from Red Deer spotting to mountain biking, walking and the more adventurous high ropes. Grimes Graves, a Neolithic flint mine thought to be Europe’s first industrial centre can also be found as well as St George’s Distillery and Oxborough Hall.

Norfolk Broads

East Anglia is famous for its ‘tree of life’ map of estuaries, rivers and streams. The Norfolk Broads is the youngest National Park in the UK and is host to calming walks, characterful windmills, cycle paths and traditional pubs. Best admired from the water, boats of all sizes can be hired on the Broads.

Constable Country

Taking a walk out in Suffolk and Essex’s Constable country is sure to give you a peace of mind as you stroll through the never-ending grassy fields and age old forests that inspired the painter John Constable. Dedham Vale provides the perfect roadside backdrop for your classic motor, giving you the choice of woodland or a charming town. Equipped with accessible walks, cafe’s and row boats, Dedham Vale also features the Stour estuary which is perfect to paddle board or row down.

Suffolk Coastline

From Covehithe to Shingle Street, Suffolk is host to a huge selection of stunning beaches, most of which are connected to interesting local history, forests, or an equally stunning village. Aldeburgh and Southwold are well known for their coastal life and make a wonderful accessible and social beach day, however if you fancy something more secluded, Bawdsey or Shingle Street provide a quaint taste of coastal Suffolk.

Sea Spalling And Horsey Gap

The Norfolk coast is home to great stretches of sandy beach and wild seals basking in the sun. Cromer and Sherringham are both great options, however for the best views of the local seals, Horsey Gap comes top trumps. If you do decide to take a walk down Horsey Gap, it is important you keep your dog on a lead as both seals and dogs are known to attack each other. Please remember these are wild seals and should not be approached. We recommend taking some binoculars or a long zoom lens on your camera so that you can enjoy the beach without putting the seals at risk.

Local Parks

For those who can’t travel far, most towns and cities have community parks that can be accessed via public transport and are accessible for wheelchairs. Ipswich has a great array of outdoor spaces such as Hollywells Park and Christchurch park. These community green spaces make great settings for a picnic or a quiet place to read. Places such as Foxes Farm also open their Sunflower fields in the summer, which makes the perfect spot to walk around and pick your own flowers.

1971 MG Midget In For Service

This little 1971 MG Midget has come in today for a service. It’s in need of its wheels being balanced, a general check over as it hasn’t been driven in a while and an oil check.

These MG Midgets are a particularly popular and charming classic which are quickly appreciating in value. As a simple classic roadster, it is the perfect every day classic or someone’s first classic. Fun to drive, easy to work on and cheap to fix, there’s not much you can’t love about it.

Jaguar XK8: More Rust Reveal

Our 1997 Jaguar XK8 has become somewhat of a snowball restoration. Originally in for just a touch of rust repair, we’re now revealing more rust than previously thought. Scenarios like this is very common as rust repair is often like opening a can of worms and we believe its better to bite the bullet and sort it out rather than wait for the rust to get to an unmanageable and fatal point.

Pricey has started working on the rotten right hand front subframe point where he has removed the outer layer, then cleaned and removed the inner layer and zinc sprayed it all. He has then welded the inner layer and zinc primed that, before doing the same with the outer layer. Pricey has then rust treated the surrounding areas and epoxy primed, undersealed and cavity waxed the area. After this, he refitted the subframe bracket and bolts.

Lilac Jensen Fibreglass Repair

Our 1960 Jensen 541R is undergoing some fibreglass repair in our paint shop. Matt is currently working on the boot lid that needs to be repaired with filler, shaped up and smoothed down.

White E-Type Begins Its Paint Journey

Before we get the body and panels of our 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 Roadster in for paint, we need to start painting the internal parts in black epoxy. The majority of these parts will be totally or partially hidden either under the car or within it, however, it is important to have them all looking uniform and neat.

Triumph Stag Interior Finished

Brian has recently added the finishing touches to our Maroon 1973 Triumph Stag. This car has gone from looking rather sad at Bentwaters, with an empty interior and flat tyre, to now starting to resemble a usable car!

He has fitted the tonneau cover in place by bolting the brackets into the car and fitting a catch to lock the hood in place. Brian then checked that the rear bar of the frame fits well into the cover lock and then laid the hood cover over the frame and glued the rear flap to the rear bar.

The next step was to clip the front edge in place and glue it to the front bar, followed by gluing the side and roof flaps in place. Brian then fit metal channels and rubbers in place and then trimmed the front edge of the cover, and then rivetted the metal channel and rubber in place.

After this, the rear and front seats could also be fitted. The interior now looks perfect.

Life On Two Wheels

On these sunny Sunday afternoons we don’t just jump in our cars here at Bridge!

Two of our technicians, Mauro and Tom spent Sunday enjoying a day out on two wheels in Great Yarmouth.

Lotus In For Service

Our Lotus has come back in for a service before the owner takes it out on a road trip.

We’ve attended to the engine cooling fans which are working correctly, we’ve found no oil leaks, we’ve checked over the vehicle to identify any other faults, which we have not found and replaced the oil and filter.

Tr4 Goes Camping

We love receiving updates from winners about what they’re getting up to with their cars. Adrian has gone camping with his campervan and Tr4. What a great opportunity to take it out on a new adventure now that camping is back on the cards!

Jaguar XK8

Pricey has discovered a rotten left hand subframe mounting point/chassis leg. To deal with this, Pricey cut out the outer layer to reveal a rotten middle section.

He then cut out the middle section to reveal rotten inner reinforcement. He’s also taken to cleaning up some of the corroded parts before building the reinforcements. Once these have been made, the chassis leg panels can be welded back into place, grounded down and a middle section can be fitted in. Once all the elements have been grounded and welded in place, Pricey then covered the underside in Epoxy primer so that its ready for an underseal.

Toyota TLC

James has been using the original spot-weld marks on our Toyota Hilux to realign the drivers door skin. James has made a spacer for the same door to rectify the owner’s previous repair and has also rust repaired the passenger side door frame ready to refit door skin in the same way.

Jaguar E-Type Handbrake Stripped

Scott has stripped the handbrake callipers and sandblasted the parts so they could be painted. Scott then started to put the rear axle together.

Free Goodwood Competition Celebrates A Year Of Bridge Classic Car Competitions

We’ve been giving people the chance to win their dream classic cars for just a few pounds through their competitions since May 2020 and now, 12 months on, we’re running a free competition to win tickets to Goodwood as a thank you to all our supporters.

Our Goodwood competition gives you the chance to win 4 Goodwood Tickets plus £500 of spending money. The winners will get to experience one of the best motoring festivals in the world. The Bridge team will also be there representing the company, so keep an eye out and say hello!

Last year as Coronavirus threatened the UK, we had to get inventive with how to adapt and change as our team of specialist classic car engineers were furloughed. We came up with the perfect idea for keeping the business running and the country’s idle minds entertained: Competitions!

This idea came about after one of our engineers, Mauro, won his dream car from another UK car competition site. Weeks after entering, a shiny new 2005 Mitsubishi Evo appeared at Mauro’s house. After much research and preparation, the team ran their first competition car, a white 1964 MGB Roadster.

These competitions were not easy to start. We were met with numerous accusations of being a scam, and with no previous winners to prove their legitimacy, we tackled it in the same way we run their business, with transparent honesty and a human touch. Being just Freddie and Craig behind the competitions at the time, all questions, queries, and sceptics were handled directly by them.

As the weeks went by, the competitions became increasingly more popular and began taking off to wider audiences. With momentum building and a fan base growing, several cars were introduced at a time. Our humble team of 3, including Charlotte, who is still our fantastic live-draw presenter and friendly face to the competitions, winners, tickets, and cars came flooding in.

Now almost a year later, the competitions have produced 33 lucky winners, lead to a growing team, the addition of Ellie, and an even larger following, we have become well known for our uplifting competitions that supply the nation with the chance to win their dream car. With morale low, the live draws and good odds have become a welcome company for those struggling to find the fun in lockdown life.

The regular Live Draws have become friendly company for the competition regulars who tune in to watch and interact with Charlotte and the team at the company’s hanger at RAF Bentwaters. A walk round and friendly chat pre-empts the announcement of the winner, which is always met with overwhelming support from gracious losers. The competition has not only provided entertainment through a long and difficult year, but also created a community for those who love and enjoy classics to discuss and chat.

For the majority of those who enter, winning a classic car could be life-changing and the cars given away can be worth in excess of £30,000. So far, we have given away £850,562.50 worth of classic and modern classic motors.

Behind The Scenes: Francis Barnett 1953

A few weeks back we shot our Francis Barnett with Charlotte, who stepped in to not only model the bike but also ride it. We shot in our usual setting of Bentwaters RAF base, where we hold our live draws and have a hanger.

Take an exclusive look at the portraits of Charlotte below as well as some close ups of the bike:

Crash Victim In For TLC – 1961 Jensen 541S

Earlier in the week we got delivered this 1961 Jensen 541S that had been the victim of a crash, and is looking a little worse for wear on the front end.

The incident occurred when the bonnet flew up on the motorway and smashed the windscreen, tearing the fibreglass bonnet in the process. This was a result of the bonnet catches not being done up properly.

We are currently working alongside the insurance company to assess the damage to see what exactly needs to be done.

1915 Ford Model T Up And Running

Our 1915 Ford Model T took a bit of encouragement to start, but when it did, it ran perfectly!

Having sat in a barn for a while, this Ford needed some help to start up, from being towed behind the van and being pushed, but once the engine turned over, it ran really well. Our next step is to make sure it starts every time without its driver and passengers having to push it.

Mini GT Arrives At Winners Home

Last but certainly not lease, our spectacular orange mini 1275 GT arrived at the David Gair-Steven’s house this week.

David Gair-Stevens won with ticket number 632.

We wish you many happy memories in your classic Mini, David!

Jessica Hawkins Drives Local Indy Car

Jessica Hawkins, British racing driver, was photographed at Donington track driving an Indy Car owned by a friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Mike O’Connor, who you may recognise from our Jaguar Race Car shoot. The event was the inaugural round of the FIA Historic Masters Demonstration Round. This high-speed exhibition is run between the Master’s Races and was a great opportunity for Jessica to try out Mike’s Indy car.

“Jessica is a British racing driver with Excelr8 Motorsport in the Mini Challenge, Cooper Pro Class. With impressive karting credentials and limited experience in saloons and single-seaters, 2017 will be Jessica’s first opportunity to mount a full car Championship campaign. Small in stature but huge in ambition, Jessica is a woman on a mission with a 3-year racing plan to compete successfully in the BTCC.” –

As well as being a talented racing driver, Jessica is also a TV & Film Stunt and Precision Driver, featuring in the new Bond film; No Time To Die. Jessica is a rising star and an incredibly talented woman in the motorsport industry. Take a read of this interview to learn more about Jessica.

Mike O’Connor, friend of Bridge, works in motorsport as an engineer, driver and dealer.

Matt Woods recently shot the visuals of this stunning machine for Collecting Cars who will be putting it up for sale soon.

Photo credit for the above images: Mike O’Connor, Matt Woods Photography and Jeff Bloxham (not in order)

We’ve got our stunning Chevron going up for sale with Collecting Cars soon as well, which is an original 1970’s F2 car and is an exciting slice of important racing history.

BMW Z3 Winner: Happy Faces And Big Smiles At Bridge HQ

“It’s rather wonderful isn’t it” exclaimed Ian as we revealed his BMW Z3.
Ian Logan is the lucky winner of our modern classic BMW Z3 and made the trip, with his wife Gail, from central London to collect his new car.

Their excitement was tangible as they walked around the car, inspecting their new drive home.

“I can’t thank you enough, it’s incredible” Ian beamed, sat behind the wheel.

Our favourite part of the competitions is seeing the delight of our winners when they see their new motor. We hope Ian and Gail have many happy miles in the car and we can’t wait to see where they take it!

You can see their full reactions in our video below:

Land Rover and IFRC Highlight Importance Of Community Aid Units In New Film Series – Premier Tonight

Land Rover and IFRC have one of the longest corporate/humanitarian relationships. Their new short film series highlights the importance of this partnership and the work local community units carry out.

We’re all used to seeing Police, Traffic Officers, Mountain Rescue and the occasional Ambulance Land Rover, but what many people may not realise is that the use of Land Rovers in local community response units, such as emergency responses to humanitarian aid, is vital to their functioning.

Land Rover and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) are set to release a series of short films shot on GoPro’s by volunteers in the Red Cross to show their work. Land Rover supply vehicles to response teams to help reach people across the world.

Land Rover and IFRC have worked together for 66 years and form one of the longest running corporate/humanitarian relationships. Throughout this partnership, Land Rover have supplied vehicles and offered experience and expertise. No other automotive company is better suited to the work IFRC do, which often leads workers to hard to reach corners of the world, places where off-road vehicles are vital.

The films will premiere on IFRC’s Facebook Live alongside a panel discussion on the future of crisis response. The first film premiers tonight.

We have seen during this year, like no other, that the future of emergency response is local. Communities have gone above and beyond to support each other and their most vulnerable people.

However, the capacity to respond locally varies vastly by country and area. International organisations like ours need to work with local communities leveraging our National Societies and put their expertise and resources towards strengthening local capacity and addressing inequality.


Each film focuses on “life-changing moments of humanity and crisis, from the streets of Italy, where homeless people are more vulnerable than ever, to the communities still rebuilding their lives after the devastating Australian bushfires in 2020. Local teams also teach life-saving skills to people in remote Mexican communities and support those hit hardest by coronavirus in the UK.”

This last year has been exceptionally challenging for people all over the world and Land Rover is prouder than ever to work with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

These films capture the commitment of the IFRC’s staff and volunteers and the vital importance of going above and beyond to support people at a local level.


Goodwood Revival’s New Look

Goodwood Revival, which is set for 17th-19th September 2021, will take on a new look this this year’s event. The iconic Madgwick Corner will gain an extra viewing station as well as a brand new bridge which will cross over the track.

The Lavant Infield will also take on a different lay out, with the introduction of high street shops and food venues to refuel as well as an opportunity to admire the “stunning selection of 60s GT cars racing in the Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy, our most expensive race of the whole event.”

This year Goodwood also has a ‘Make do and mend’ section that looks at and celebrates the craftsmanship of an era where the ethos was to mend and fix.

“It promotes a thoroughly modern ethos – to “reduce, reuse, repair, restore and recycle” – in the most authentic way possible.

Behind the Woodcote Corner will be home to our brand-new Make-Do and Mend area which is where we’ll showcase a host of restoration projects and, more importantly, how you can apply some of these methods in modern day life.”

Other areas include a Festival Of Britain theme at Gate 2, the Victory Parade and the Drivers Club.

You can read more in detail here.