This Just In – 1968 MGC

The Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop in Pettistree, Suffolk has recently welcomed this glorious 1968 MGC. This car will go in for our in-house restoration

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Special Project – New Seat Covers for a Jaguar C Type

Our extremely talented in-house trimmer, Lydia, has been working on a very special project. A set of new seat covers for a Jaguar C Type.

Lydia has been making these covers from scratch in the Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop and used the original covers to make the best fitting replacements. Lydia has taken her time to try and match the original style of the seats and finished them in a stunning dark green leather.

This is a project we are doing for a friend of Bridge Classic Cars but it’s always amazing to see what our master trimmers do in the trim shop.

Featured – The 1967 Austin Mini 850 on ITV Anglia News

Recently, the all-electric converted 1967 Austin Mini 850 which belongs to our friend Simon was featured in a segment on ITV Anglia News.

Bridge Classic Cars handled the body and paintwork for this amazing project alongside the guys from TeamC (a local Mini specialist) and Electric Classic Cars in Wales.

Click the link below and see what Simon had to say about his amazing passion project.

Watch ITV Anglia News segment on the 1967 Austin Mini 850

This Just In – 1979 Triumph Spitfire

Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ have welcomed this absolutely gorgeous Mimosa Yellow 1979 Triumph Spitfire into our care.

This stunning 1970s convertible will go into our workshop for its full assessment by our in-house restoration teams and who knows, maybe you might see it at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions very soon…

Keep a lookout for more updates on the 1979 Triumph Spitfire.

One Door Closes – Update on the Doors of the 1951 Riley RMB

The doors for the 1951 Riley RMB are currently at local joinery specialists Ashbocking Joinery to have the wooden sections of the doors assessed and replaced.

As you can see from the photos, the doors aren’t in the best condition, but Darren and the team at Ashbocking Joinery are working their way through each of them methodically to perfectly recreate the frames.

Darren and the team at Ashbocking Joinery are using what is left of the original wood as templates and then meticulously interpreting any missing pieces into the design.

This is all happening alongside the metalwork which is being down by our own in-house master fabricator, Clinton.

Snakebite – Viper with a Viper

Recently, Viper Auto Valet was at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop here in Suffolk, UK to prepare some of the cars we had on-site. So, we had to take the opportunity to get a photo of Viper with a Viper.

Colin had been working on cleaning, valeting and detailing our 1995 Dodge Viper after its arrival at our Pettistree HQ and the results are truly stunning.

Check out some of our other posts on the 1995 Dodge Viper where you can see the results of Viper Auto Valets work.

This Just In – 1968 MGC

The Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop in Pettistree, Suffolk has recently welcomed this glorious 1968 MGC.

This car will go in for our in-house restoration technicians to assess the entire vehicle to see what may need doing to this fantastic and rather rare sports car.

The MGC is a 3 litre straight-six powered MG Roadster built between 1967 and 1969. This is one of 4542 Roadsters built during its entire production run.

Coming Soon – 1969 Audi 70L

Bridge Classic Cars have managed to acquire something really quite special! It’s a 1969 Audi 70L. A Right-hand drive model that appears to be pretty much original.

The engine has been removed and appears to have been cleaned up, but it will soon be headed for our Suffolk HQ for our in-house team of restoration experts to go through the car and find out just what it needs.

Keep an eye out here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates on the 1969 Audi 70L.

The Small Touches – Polishing the Rear Valance of the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration team have been getting together all the final touches on the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster, Fern Grey.

One of the final pieces to finish off the rear end is the new valance cover. Our technician, Jon, spent hours getting the finish just right on the piece which is somewhat of a centre-piece for the back of the bespoke E Type.

With the valance fitted and the other brightwork in place, the rear end of Fern Grey is near enough complete.

State of Play – Close Up on the Wings of the 1951 Riley RMB

Our master fabricator here at Bridge Classic Cars, Clinton, has sent through some close-up and detailed photos of the wings of the 1951 Riley RMB to illustrate the state of the panels before our teams begin working on them.

The level of corrosion and warpage on the original pieces is clear to see in the photos and takes a highly skilled and talented fabrication specialist to get the metal to be in the right shape and fitment. This is a photo of a single piece from the 1951 Riley RMB to highlight just how much work goes into each and every restoration that comes through the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop.

Next Floor Up – Repairing the Floor and Tunnel on the 1987 Daimler Double Six

Our in-house fabricator, Monty, is continuing his work on getting all of the affected metalwork out of the 1987 Daimler Double Six which is in with Bridge Classic Cars for restoration.

On this update, Monty has been working on a section of the passenger footwell and bottom of the gearbox tunnel. As you see from the first photo, it had become heavily pitted and corroded. So, Monty began the task of precisely removing it from the car in order to use it as a template for a series of replacement pieces he would need to make for the car.

After cutting the pieces out on the bench, Monty could then begin putting them into the car piece by piece to ensure the best fit with the most minimal amount of original material removed as possible but also ensuring it was strong and secure.

With this section of the 1987 Daimler Double Six completed, Monty can now move onto the next area of the car.

Rearward – Fitting Up the New Rear Seat Cover to the Base of the 1956 Jensen 541

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop has made every piece of the interior for our Jensen 541’s by hand. And the 1956 Jensen 541 we have in for restoration is the next car in that line of bespoke interiors.

Brian and Lydia have been working together to get the rear seat finished for this amazing project. In the last update, Lydia had finished making the new seat cover entirely by hand and bespoke for this particular car. Now, Brian has made the new seat base and foams for the car. Again, these are unique and bespoke for the car to ensure the best fit and finish for the final product.

The interior of this particular 1956 Jensen 541 is going to look absolutely phenomenal when it’s finished and we cannot wait to show you.

Closing In on Perfection – Working on the Bonnet of the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint team have been hell-bent on achieving perfection for the bonnet of the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1 that is in with ourselves for full restoration.

Alan, one of our incredibly talented painters and bodywork specialists, has spent hours perfecting every line and curve on the single-piece clamshell that makes up the whole front end of the classic Aston Martin.

This piece is crucial because it is one single piece and has no adjustment as you would do with a front end made of several pieces. So, each of the body lines and curves must sit perfectly with the rest of the body which is in our workshop with Scott, one of our restoration technicians.

So, Alan has been meticulous working on sections to get them perfect.

Starting Up – Beginning Work on the 1905 Riley 9HP

Bridge Classic Cars has the honour of beginning the restoration on this incredible 1905 Riley 9HP, believed to be one of just three remaining in the world. Our in-house restoration teams have this once in a lifetime opportunity to work on this amazing project.

The rebuild and assessment of the project will be headed up by our most experienced technician, Dave. Daves wealth of knowledge and experience across all eras of classic and vintage cars makes him our strongest team member to assess the car. Using reference photos from our visit to the National Motor Museum, which houses the only complete car publicly accessible, Dave and Gordon could begin to go through the parts and components we have amassed for this very special project.

It’s a very exciting prospect of working on such a rare and unique piece of automotive history for us all here at Bridge Classic Cars. So, expect to see some more updates on the 1905 Riley 9HP soon here on the Bridge Classic Cars newspage.

Progression – Working on the Wings of the 1951 Riley RMB

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house fabrication shop is working on the wings for the 1951 Riley RMB that we have in for restoration by our amazing teams.

The car is currently with our incredible fabricator Clinton, who has been working on repairing the wings for the classic Riley. He has carefully removed rusty or corroded sections of the wing of the Riley in order to repair them and thanks to his skill and talent, completely disappear into the existing metal.

The new pieces have been entirely hand-formed by Clinton in cour in-house fabrication shop for the Riley RMB using traditional techniques and practices. As you can see, the results are absolutely fantastic.

Clear Out – Rebuilding the Carburettors of the 1959 MGA Twin-Cam

The 1959 MGA Twin-Cam that is currently in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in our Pettistree, Suffolk HQ isn’t running quite right. So, our incredible team of in-house technicians have been working on the beautiful light blue sports car.

Jon, one of our in-house restoration technicians, has been working on the car along with our other John (workshop Manager). During the inspection and assessment of the car, John noted that there was a misfire when the engine was under load. It was time to look into the issue.

Jon, as a matter course, decided to check the carburettors on the MGA. These aren’t the easiest to get out of a Twin-Cam due to the two large banks on the cylinder heads. Finally, Jon managed to release the set of carburettors from the engine bay and get them onto the workbench. After carefully pulling the units apart, he found quite a few valves and galleys to be full of sediment and sludge. So, with new rebuild kits in hand, Jon began the process of carefully clearing and cleaning each of the carburettors ready to put them back together and back on the car.

Once he had cleared out any form of dirt or sediment from every part of the carburettors, Jon put them back together on the bench. With these carburettors, there is a very specific way of putting them back onto the car. The top bolts for the carbs to fix to the manifold have to be put in off the car or else it is a nightmare to get them in the designated holes. Once the top bolts were in place with their nuts in place behind the flange on the manifold, Jon could use the inspection cover in the front wheel well to get the bottom bolts onto the carburettors.

Now that the units are back on the car, it can be roadtested by John, our workshop manager, to see if the misfire has been cured.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1972 Triumph Spitfire and REC Spitfire Watch

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions has given another lucky winner the chance to own their dream classic car. On the 13th of January 2022 on our Facebook page. The winner was announced live for all to see.

We began the live draw in our brand new workshop extension at our Suffolk HQ. A gleaming white and spacious setting to best show off the cars we will be bringing you very soon and maybe some special pieces we have in our workshop. As Hayley welcomed everyone joining us across the internet, the cars were laid out for everyone to see. Our 1964 Triumph TR4, the 1972 Triumph Spitfire and the gorgeous Aztec Gold 1976 Mercedes 350SL.

Also, in the new extension was something very special we have in at Bridge Classic Cars. The 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10. We wanted to give all of our followers a look around the car which is such a rare sight here in the UK, we need to show everyone.

Then, Craig showed everyone watching along around our restoration workshop. Projects we are working on for our amazing clients and also preparing the upcoming competition cars which hide amongst the other cars. We showed off some of our most incredible projects such as Fern Grey, the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster, and the ground-up restoration of the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1 which is also being worked on in the workshop.

But, it was time for the main event. Finding out whose Thursday night was about to get a lot better. First up was the REC Spitfire Watch, which thanks to the random number generator, was won by ticket 448. This ticket had been bought by Barry Marshall who will soon be receiving his incredible limited edition REC Watch. Finally, it was time for the big one. All of us discovering who was the lucky new owner of the 1972 Triumph Spitfire. As the number generator was reset, the comments began to flow in. Wishing each other luck and letting us know the stream was fully working and clear. Then, Hayley put in the numbers to be chosen between. And with the click of a single button, the fate of the Spitfire was sealed. It was now the pride and joy of Phil Holland, who had bought ticket 126.

As Hayley rang him, you could hear the excitement and surprise in his voice. He had owned a Spitfire in his younger days and couldn’t wait to relive those memories in his new Spitfire.

You can rewatch the live draw and the walkaround by clicking the link below!

Click here to rewatch the live draw of the 1972 Triumph Spitfire and REC Spitfire Watch

Catch a Leak – Fixing Leaky Carburettors on the 1973 MGB GT V8

Paul, one of our in-house restoration technicians at Bridge Classic Cars, has been getting to the bottom of a fuel leak on the 1973 MGB GT V8 we currently have in our Suffolk workshop.

After investigating, Paul found the seal around the needle within the carburettor was weeping and allowing fuel to leak out. After carefully taking apart the carbs (making sure not to damage or warp any of the gaskets) Paul replaced the seal and rebuilt the units to go back on top of the V8. After they were back on, Paul checked for any leaks and everything was nice, clean and dry.

The Perfect Fit – Making the Rear Seat Cover for the 1956 Jensen 541

Our in-house trim expert Lydia has been busy remaking the rear seat for the 1956 Jensen 541 that we are currently in the process of restoring at Bridge Classic Cars.

Lydia used what was left of the original rear seat as a rough guide to create a specially made template for the classic GT car. Carefully, Lydia could transfer this template onto the chosen leather to begin the process of cutting out the individual pieces that will be joined together, edged and then fitted around the seat base.

The attention to detail that our trim-shop have is what truly sets them apart in their field. Every aspect of the seat is taken into consideration when creating these custom pieces from scratch.

In the Spotlight – Stripping Down the Lamps for the 1934 MG PA

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration team have been carefully stripping down the new lamps for the 1934 MG PA Midget in our workshop.

These units have been completely taken apart in preparation to be sent off to a specialist to be entirely refurbished before coming back to us and put back on the stunning pre-war sports car. Every bolt, screw and catch has been carefully removed and catalogued for this process.

We’re looking forward to seeing them when they come back and get them back on the car.

All in Order – Cleaning and Organising Parts from the 1987 Mercedes 500SL

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration team have been busy cleaning and cataloguing the parts for the 1987 Mercedes 500SL which is in with ourselves for restoration. Our in-house restoration technician Tamas has been meticulously going through every component which was removed from the car to evaluate and note its condition and part number if needed.

Some of these pieces will be sent out to specialists for refurbishment or refinishing but others will have particular treatments and processes done to them in-house.

To see all of the parts our technician has gone through, see the gallery below!

In Need of a Clean – Send 1905 Riley 9hp Parts for Rebrassing

The brass parts of the 1905 Riley 9HP are in need of a clean and refurb. So, these are being carefully catalogued and packaged to be sent off to a specialist to come back as good as new.

These parts are over 100 years old so special care is needed with the refurbishment of them. Bridge Classic Cars works closely with a series of trusted and well-respected specialists for jobs such as this to ensure the best long-lasting results on the parts that are sent away from us here.

In The Right Direction – Aligning the 1990 Mini 30

Our in-house restoration technician Jon has been working on the front end of the 1990 Austin Mini 30 before it is transported to its new owner. As part of its check over, Jon had to make some tracking adjustments to get the Mini’s steering spot on.

With a few small tweaks, Jon managed to get the Mini’s steering completely dialled in and nicely balanced. Making sure everything under the car was torqued and secure, the car went for its final road test.

This little 1990 Austin Mini 30 will soon be off to its very lucky new owner.

Starting from New – Continuing Body Repairs on the 1987 Daimler Double Six

Our in-house fabrication shop at Bridge Classic Cars has been working its way through the rust issues on the 1987 Daimler Double Six.

Monty, one of our amazing fabricators, has carefully removed the affected areas on the sills of the luxury saloon. Monty has worked through the sills and replaced them with brand new metal which will perfectly match the original piece. The piece is as close to the original material thickness as to perfectly blend with the existing panel and when it comes to colour and bodywork, it is easier to paint match.

The work will continue on the 1987 Daimler Double Six so keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars newspage.

Ready for Brightwork – Ready for Chrome on the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster

The team at Bridge Classic Cars have begun work on the stunning bonnet of the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster we have built for a client. With all of the weatherstripping installed into the headlight surrounds, they can now begin with the final brightwork.

All of the chrome for Fern Grey was sent off to a specialist, Wyatt Polishing, for refurbishment and polishing to make sure it looked as good as the rest of the incredible car. Now Paul, one of our in-house technicians, will start the meticulous task of getting the chrome back onto the headlights ready for when the bonnet is finally installed onto the car in the coming weeks.

Expect to see a lot more on the progress of the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster here on the Bridge Classic Cars newspage.

In Colour – Painting the 1977 MGB Roadster

The first layers of colour are now on the body of the 1977 MGB Roadster in the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint shop.

Our head painter Chris has spent hours, along with our other painter Alan, getting the MGB Roadster’s body ready for its first coats of colour. It looks absolutely fantastic and these results only come with the extensive and meticulous prep work done by our in-house restoration teams. The colour sits nice and evenly across all the panels to give a beautiful uniform look on the 1970s convertible.

Next, Chris and Alan will prepare and begin the next stage of getting this 1977 MGB Roadster looking better than new.

From the Ground Up – Installing the Carpet Set into the 1970 Porsche 911T

Brian, our head trimmer here at Bridge Classic Cars, has been working his magic and skill alongside our other incredibly talented trimmer Lydia to install the new carpet set into the 1970 Porsche 911T currently in the Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop.

Brian carefully began working on the kick panels at the front before moving his way around the edges of the car to the rear. All of the carpet set has to be put down in a very specific order to ensure the best fit and finish for the car. Brian carefully prepared each piece and each panel to be put into the car so it was securely glued down into the cockpit of the car. Once all of the major pieces were safely in place, Brian then began work on carpeting the floor pan of the 911. Finished in black, the carpets look absolutely brilliant in this classic 911.

Check Over – Inspecting the 1929 Dodge Brothers DA

Bridge Classic Cars have got this incredible pre-war 1929 Dodge Brothers DA in our Suffolk workshop to begin the inspection of this beautiful dark blue tourer.

Our in-house restoration technician Paul has been busy giving this classic a full check over to highlight any areas that will need attention for it to be safely driven and mechanically reliable. Paul noted that the fuel system will need attention along with the brakes. Apart from that, the Dodge is in remarkable condition for its age.

With this, our in-house teams are currently sourcing either new parts or specialists at the top of the field in refurbishing units needed.

Latest Draw – 1976 Mercedes Benz 350SL

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions have revealed the latest prize! This absolutely stunning 1976 Mercedes Benz 350SL is finished in Aztec Gold with a tan and brown interior. Also, it comes with a very useful and matching removable hardtop.

This particular 1976 Mercedes 350SL has also only covered 75,000 miles in its lifetime! It has been fully inspected by our in-house restoration teams and had some work done with a local Mercedes Benz marque specialist to ensure it runs as good as it looks.

You can pick up your tickets right now for just £5 at the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website by clicking the link below.

Click to enter the draw for the 1976 Mercedes R107 350SL

Stop & Go – New Handbrake Cable of the 1975 MGB GT V8

Mauro, one of the restoration technicians here at Bridge Classic Cars, has been working through the list of jobs we have been asked to complete for the owner of the 1975 MGB GT V8.

The next item on the list to get sorted is the handbrake cable. After many years, the cables do stretch so we’ve been asked to replace the old one. Mauro made sure it was safely installed into the car and it didn’t bind or was twisted in anyway to make sure that when it is need, it is always there.

Fresh and Clean – Painting the Hubs for the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint team have just finished working on the hubs for the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1.

Chris, our head painter, has delivered the freshly refinished hubs for the Aston Martin to Scott, our restoration technician, in our workshop for when final assembly calls for the hubs to be fitted up to the car.

Finished in a stunning satin black, the hubs look better than new!