Here's your chance to win a 1964 MGB Roadster


The V8 Wine Rack!

We had an old Triumph Stag V8 engine gathering dust in the workshop. So to give it a new life, we’ve cleaned it up, given

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Jensen 541S Returns Home

We’ve had to say goodbye to our lovely Jensen 541S as it returns to it’s owner. Our skilled technicians are incredibly familiar with Jensen vehicles

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TR5 Parts arrive

Our TR5 Restoration continues as another load of parts arrive. We’re currently waiting on the bodywork to arrive to really start making progress on this

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The V8 Wine Rack!

We had an old Triumph Stag V8 engine gathering dust in the workshop. So to give it a new life, we’ve cleaned it up, given it a fresh coat of paint and prepared it to perfectly hold wine bottles.

This bespoke piece of automotive furniture is available to purchase for £100.

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions Launches!

Here is a link for our first giveaway, our MGB Roadster

It’s our pleasure to introduce you all to Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

In these tough times we are all going through Bridge Classic Cars want to bring you something new, exciting and fun…

Our story begins with one of our Classic Car Technician’s, Mauro.Mauro won his dream car, whilst in a service station, by buying a ticket in a car giveaway competition. We saw what a life-changing effect winning his dream car had on Mauro so we thought, ‘How great would it be to offer a classic car enthusiast that very same feeling?’

This was when the idea of Bridge Classic Cars Competitions was born. For less than a tenner and very realistic odds one lucky winner will be driving away in their dream classic car.

Please do get in touch with Freddie or Craig for more information or to receive a full press release.

Porsche Boxster Leaves The Bridge Classic Cars Showroom

Is there a better sportscar out there for the money than a Porsche Boxster? This fantastic little convertible packs a serious punch for its price! With a fully electric roof and Porsche’s legendary handling, this baby Porsche is fully deserving of the iconic badge.

We’d like to wish the new owner all the best, enjoy the many smiles per gallon she’ll deliver!

Two Wonderful Classics Leave Our Showroom

We’ve sold two lovely classic vehicles this week. Both of which are going to the same owner!
Our lovely low milage Morris Mini is being kept in it’s stunning original condition. Having covered under 30,000 miles, this example really is a great find for any Mini enthusiast.
The Fiat 850 Spider is going to return to it’s former glory. To make her fully roadworthy the engine will need some attention to get running perfectly. The brakes would need recommissioning and a full service should see her ready for a MOT.
The very same customer has a wonderful Citroen DS23 that will hopefully be entering the workshop when we are able to reopen. This vehicle needs similar treatment to our Fiat 850 Spider to pass a MOT.

1957 Jensen 541 R: Now in Primer

Chris has been working hard in the paint shop recently. He’s been working on our Jensen 541 R restoration. The car has now been painted in filler primer and masked up. The doors have been painted with an extra step of filler primer as they are aluminium. Now the body is in final primer and has been fully sanded and smoothed. As soon as our workshops reopen we will be ready for the very exciting colour coat phases of painting.

Great work, Chris.

1960 Jensen 541 R Seatbelt Mounts Fitted

Dave, one of Bridge Classic Cars’ skilled Classic Car Technicians has custom fabricted mounting bracket for our Sabelt racing seatbelt setup.

He’s fabricated the centre seatbelt point for the three point seatbelt harness and mounted the seatbelt point to the chassis. Wonderful work, Dave.

Donut Media feature our TVR Grantura Racecar

Automotive media powerhouse, Donut Media have used video of our TVR Grantura race-car in their TVR Mini-Documentary.

The popular youtube series see’s presenter James Pumpfrey delve into the history of an automotive manufacturer. This episode was focused on the history of TVR. A marque that is close to our hearts here at Bridge Classic Cars with our very car featuring in the video.

Our original Grantura video can be seen below, this restoration project is available for sale:

1970 Ford Capri 3000 E Interior Trim Work

Friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Phil has come to us to re-trim the steering wheel on his stunning 1970 Ford Capri.

This will be one of the last elements of this car’s beautiful restoration. – March 2020 have shared this stunning photo of our 1961 Jensen 541S on Instagram. This vehicle was fully restored by ourselves here at Bridge Classic Cars and was one of the first Jensen 541’s we fully restored.

Since then, we have worked on several of these stunning vehicles and become very familiar with their quirks and intricacies.

Jaguar E-Type Racecar Restoration Update

Mauro, one of Bridge Classic Cars’ vehicle technicians has been hard at work fitting more components onto our Jaguar E-Type. He’s recently fitted the fuel filter, fuel pump and exhaust heat shield.

Mauro has also tidied up the radiator hoses and completed that job.

Jensen 541S Returns Home

We’ve had to say goodbye to our lovely Jensen 541S as it returns to it’s owner. Our skilled technicians are incredibly familiar with Jensen vehicles and we have become one of the most trusted Jensen specialists in the UK.

This 541S was brought in to us to repair the front bonnet, relocate the front bonnet latches and to replace the front bonnet grilles. Finally the vehicle was MOT’d before trusting our good friends at Russell’s Transport to transport the vehicle home. Please note, the vehicle was transported before the latest government advice to avoid all non-essential travel. We have since closed our workshops for the safety and health of both our staff and customers.

Ford Capri 3000 E Steering Wheel Restoration

We will be restoring this steering wheel off a Capri 3000. This will include all the metalwork and re-trimming to restore it back to a wonderful condition. Work will commence as soon as our workshop re-opens.

1956 Austin Healey in The Workshop

This lovely Austin Healey is on its way back to being fully roadworthy once more. It’s current owner brought the car in to us at Bridge Classic Cars to diagnose why some bodywork and chassis components are not aligning perfectly.

Dave, one of Bridge Classic Cars’ skilled technicians got the car up on the ramp to diagnose the issue. It’s clear that the front end has had a crash in it’s lifetime. As such, the chassis has compressed quite heavily on one side, leading to an uneven frame.

We’ve advised that the chassis would benefit from major structural repairs. At present the vehicle is going back to the owner.

GB Refinish Supplies Visit Bridge Classic Cars

We’re always looking for tools and technology that allow us to deliver the best results for our customers. As such, we felt it was time to upgrade our Paint mixing station. With the wonderful help form Dean at GB Refinish Supplies we’re now online with a new Lechler paint system.

This system allows us to use the very best in colour reading technology. The new paint spectrophotometer reads colours with industry leading precision.

Thanks for all the support Dean! We can’t wait to use the new system.

TVR Grantura Home Restoration

As you may well know, we love a TVR Grantura here at Bridge Classic Cars.

We own a 1962 TVR Grantura Racecar and have recently restored a 1960 TVR Grantura. Images Below.

Friend of Bridge Classic Cars, David Hall has been undertaking his own home restoration. After seeing our stunning completed blue Grantura, he’s been to us for a bit of advice on his own project.

Keep up the great work, David! We look forward to seeing her completed.

1964 Mercedes-Benz 319 L Camper

Many years ago we were in talks with Paul who owns this lovely 1964 Mercedes Benz 319L camper. At the time he was interest in Bridge Classic Cars carrying out the restorative work on the camper to get her back on the road. Various circumstances unfortunately meant that the camper did not make it into our workshops back then but we have recently discussed now being the perfect time to complete the restoration.

Our role, at present, will be to perfect the exterior lines and replace any metalwork that requires attention. Once we are happy with the repair work we will prepare the body shell and paint. At the moment a colour is yet to be decided but this is not crucial at this stage.

Paul has collected all of the chrome work, trims and windows so as part of our task, we will refit the exterior components once painted and return the camper ready for the bespoke interior to be fitted.

We really hope to see this lovely vintage camper enter our workshops very soon.

Here you can see the original Mercedes Camper before restorative works commenced.

Jensen 541S Work Complete

We’ve completed yet another stunning Jensen. This 541s has now had its MOT and is ready for the owner to drive again. We’ve fixed all the niggles the owner had with the vehicle and it’s now ready to be enjoyed once more. great work, Team!

Ford Consul Engine Restoration

The owner of this wonderful 1959 Ford Consul came in to see us as the engine was smoking on start up. This is often a sign of worn valves guides. You can see in the videos below just how worn they are.

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist will now undergo the following work to get this lovely classic running as it should.

The head will have new valve guides fitted and have an unleaded conversion to have a hardened seat fitted.

All the valves will be refaced. You can see how heavily pitted the valves are, unleaded fuel has burned some of the seat away.

New gaskets have all been ordered up and will be fitted when we reach the assembly phase.

We will also investigate the cylinder bores as there is a deep grove in one of the bores which may result in a broken piston ring. It looks like there has also been a head gasket go in it’s time as cylinder one has had water damage to the bore.

TR5 Parts arrive

Our TR5 Restoration continues as another load of parts arrive. We’re currently waiting on the bodywork to arrive to really start making progress on this project. The chassis continues to be built up within our workshop and is now up on wheels.

Austin Healey 3000 Workshop Update

How is this for a transformation!?

Darren has done a sterling job repairing the dent on our Austin Healey 3000. We’ve also given this stunning classic a full service and MOT. We’re delighted to play our part in seeing such a wonderful vehicle back on the road for plenty more smiles to come.