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1972 Peugeot 504

Scott has continued work on the corrosion repairs needed on our Peugeot 504. There just seems to be more and more areas of corrosion the

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Filming Day at RAF Bentwaters

Normally, the quieter of our locations, today Mauro, Freddie and Craig spent the day at RAF Bentwaters at our Hangar Showroom.

Mauro was looking over the cars we have in our facility to ensure they are all up to standard; our weekly task is to ensure the cars are driven, checked over and brought up to temperature. Whilst there, he was also looking at the Ford Sierra Sapphire brakes as they seem to be loosely stuck and in need of a little attention needed freeing. The Mercedes 190SL, having just completed the full engine rebuild was being cleaned by Colin at Viper Auto Valet ready for our showroom. The Mercedes E350 was ready to be collected. We also await the arrival of our 1998 BMW M3 Evolution which has enjoyed a few weeks travelling the country but now returns to us to be stored away for a few months. Meanwhile Freddie and Craig we over the other side of the site with our Mercedes SL55 filming for some future projects.

Carl Boardley – unveiling his WSR-built BMW 1

Statement from Cooper Colchester BMW

Big News – suffice to say we are Buzzing!

“Cooper Colchester 2020 Motorsport announcement.

We mentioned yesterday that we had a big announcement for 2020, and here it is.

This morning we met with Carl Boardley (Motorsport) and his team to have final discussions regarding a sponsorship deal for 2020. We are over the moon to announce we have a secured a deal for us to be working together moving forwards.

In 2020 Carl will be racing the WSR-built BMW 1 series British Touring car, in conjunction with HARD Motorsport. This is the very car that Rob Collard raced in the British Touring car series for BMW Motorsport themselves.

The car achieved 37 wins, and 118 podiums in its time in the BTCC, so has a proven pedigree!

As many of you Motorsport fans will know the BTCC is the back bone of Motorsport in the UK, and dates back to 1958 when the series was named the British Saloon car series.

We are immensely pleased to be able to work with a local Race Driver, and support Carl in his second season in the BTCC. With a long and proven track record as a competitive and successful driver, we cannot wait to see what can be achieved in the BMW for 2020.

Carl Boardley Motorsport is incredibly active on social media bringing race day footage, VLOG’s from the garage, and much more so get following Carl now. Instagram is and Facebook is Carlboardleymotorsport

The first race on the calendar is Sunday the 29th of March, at Donnington Race circuit. With the entire race weekends shown on ITV4. (Qualifying on Saturdays)

As always keep your eyes on our Social media for opportunities to attend Race days throughout 2020.

We will be running competitions and events throughout the year that will give you chance to get up close to British Touring car action!”

Coming soon: 2009 Nissan GT-R Black Edition

Arriving to our workshops very soon we have our 2009 Nissan GT-R Black Edition. A couple of remedial bits and pieces to be done, mainly the 4 wheels are requiring a refurb. None of them are bad but as the car is so beautifully presented the slight scuffs that can be seen on the wheel deserve to be rectified.

We can not wait to announce our exciting news about this car…watch this space.

1971 Range Rover Carburettor Service

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist has serviced and cleaned up the leaking carburettors in our 1971 Range Rover. He has replaced the seals and gaskets and re-installed into the vehicle. This has massively improved the engines running.

Ady has noticed a slight radiator leak so this will be investigated further by our good friends and radiator experts, Shelldrake and Wells in Ipswich. This is the final task to complete before the vehicle is running beautifully once more. Great work, Ady!

1988 Nissan 300ZX Wing Mirror Repair

The next job for Paul and Chris to tackle is the wing mirrors of our Nissan 300ZX.

Paul removed the damaged wing mirrors from the vehicle and has passed them over to Chris in the Paint shop.

Chris firstly prepared the mirrors for paint, repairing the damage. He’s masked up the glass, rubbed them down, filled with filler, rubbed down filler and then applied primer.

Chris then gave the primed mirrors one more thorough rub down, ensuring the surface is perfect before paint.

He then applied the colour coat and top coat lacquer. Great work!

The mirrors will now head back to Paul to be installed into the vehicle.

Chromework Completed on several Classic Car Restorations

These chrome items have been completely transformed and are shining bright once more. The first step in the process of re-chroming is the stripping process. Grease, paint and rust that has accumulated on the car bumper over the years is removed.

Items are then stripped in a solution known as ‘Labere’. This solution is a perfect chemical balance to ensure the old chrome plating is removed without damaging the metal underneath.

The next step in the process is polishing to a smooth finish.

The metal has then gone through a triple plating process. First copper, applied for weather protection. Then Nickel is applied. Once the nickel layer has been applied it is time for the chrome.

The chrome plating process is a method of applying a thin layer of chromium onto a substrate (metal or alloy) through an electroplating procedure.

In simple terms, electroplating is achieved by passing an electric current between two electrodes which are immersed in an electrolyte bath comprising of chromic acid. One of the electrodes will be the substrate which is to be plated. During the flow of electricity between the two electrodes, chromium atoms are deposited in a layer on the electrode to be plated.

We have chromework here for our Peugeot 504, Mini, Triumph TR6, Ford Capri and Corvette projects.

More body repairs to follow…

It seems like an endless task for Antony at the moment as he continues to work on the body repairs of our 1963 Morris Minor 1000.

More panels have been cut out and more new panels, whether they be replacement panels or fabricated panels are being fitted.

New Arrival at The Workshop: 1958 Triumph TR3

This gorgeous TR3 has arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars Workshop. It joins another TR3 which is being looked after by Ady in the Engine Shop.

This TR3 is in for a full service, thorough inspection, MOT and new fuel lines. We’ll also be improving the engine running and checking the passengers side seat belt.

Competitions Extension Mustang and Esprit

As some of you may be aware, our payment system has been offline since the 2nd June 2020.

Both our Mustang and Esprit competitions have been severely impacted by this outage. As such, we have made the difficult decision to extend both competitions. 

We do everything we can to run our competitions on or before the expected draw date, however, due to these technical issues, out of our control, we will have to delay the draw date.

 We would like to apologise for the extra wait in unveiling the winners of these gorgeous classics. We are doing everything we can to help our payment gateway providers get us back online. As soon as we are able to accept online payments we will set draw dates for both competitions with no further extensions.

Regardless of sell-out.

As noted, we do not plan to cancel these competitions and will be drawing them as soon as possible. We have some wonderful classics ready to be launched when our payment systems are back online. When we are back online we will be dedicating all of our resources to getting these cars drawn as swiftly as possible.

We have been assured it should not be too much longer until we are back online, but in the meantime if you do wish to better your odds of winning, the team can still accept ticket purchases over the phone on 01473 742038

Follow the link below to take a look at our current competitions.

1985 Lotus Esprit Turbo
1966 Ford Mustang GT

Once again, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and we wish everyone who enters the best of luck.

The Bridge Classic Cars Team

Racing Jaguar E-Type: Custom Door Inlays

Kath has been hard at work on our unique Jaguar E-Type Racecar. The interior is going to be very different to any other E-Type. The stripped out, lightweight interior will be functional, sleek and stylish.

Kath has made door panel inlays in orange leather. She’s marked out the leather before backing onto board, trimming off any excess.

Kath has then sewn around the edges in a slightly lighter contrasting shade of orange. She has then glued them into position within the metal doorframe with contact adhesive. There will be some additional components to come on our door panels but they are already looking great.

Surf’s Up: Our ‘Surf Blue’ 1967 Austin Mini 850 Mini

Darren has now completed painting our Austin Mini. He’s now completed the external painting in ‘Surf Blue’. This colour choice works so well on a Mini of this age, simply gorgeous. The cream roof compliments the blue superbly.

Wonderful work, Darren.

It’s now heading back to Ted at the Mini Centre to continue restoring this lovely classic. This Mini is being converted to run on a completely electric motor. We cannot wait to see this vehicle when Ted completes the restoration.

Jensen 541R Interior Update From The Trim Shop

Brian has been making some superb progress on lots of smaller jobs on our Jensen interior restoration. He firstly stripped down the scuttle air vent covers ready to retrim.

Brian has also stripped down and recovered the main Jensen dash panel. He has re-trimmed this in black vinyl. This black vinyl is extremely tactile, providing a luxurious, understated finish that will offset the chrome work superbly.

Brian has restored the original glovebox, re-trimming the glovebox with new carpet.

Brian has also made one pair of rear door capping from 9mm ply wood. He chiselled the correct cutouts and shaped the wood to perfectly match the original. Great work, Brian!

1957 Jensen 541R Interior Door Pockets

Brian and Dave have been making up the Jensen door pockets that intrude into the door card, providing storage space.

Using the original wooden pocket as a template, Brian has cut new wooden inserts and handed them over to Dave.

In the workshop, Dave has custom fabricated new metal surround for the pocket. This will head back into Brian in the trim shop for final fabric trimming and fitting. Although this task alone is but a small detail, it needs to perfectly match the original door pocket to ensure the vehicle is restored as true to the original as possible. The overall quality of a restoration is determined by how precisely the smaller details are restored. Wonderful work, Dave and Brian!

Jaguar V12 Engine work

Work begins on the testing of our spare Jaguar V12 engine. The Arrow Ferrari Daytona has arrived with us with a blown engine and with it came a spare Jaguar V12 taken from another Ferrari replica.

The engine is believed to be a running engine but Ady will do various test and freshen up the look before we even consider an engine swap.

1960 MGA Restoration Update

The MGA seats are now fitted. Paul has repaired the seat rails and fitted both seats. The rails were angled in slightly which caused issues sliding them back and forth. They are now perfectly aligned for our seats to move correctly.

The windscreen has also now been installed into the car with handles in place. Paul has installed the door seals and chrome end caps.

Great work Paul, our 1960 MGA is looking absolutely marvellous now.

We’re nearing the end of this beautiful car’s restoration, we cannot wait to see the finished article now.

1972 Peugeot 504

Scott has continued work on the corrosion repairs needed on our Peugeot 504. There just seems to be more and more areas of corrosion the further we go into this Peugeot.

Scott has discovered some fairly poor repair work after removing thick underseal beneath the soft top and rear seats. This has all had to be cut out and correctly fixed. Scott has been cutting out the rotten metal and replacing with new. Great work, Scott!

1962 Jensen 541S Arrives at Bridge Classic Cars for Sale

Coming for sale soon is this beautifully presented Jensen 541S, we will inspect the car and check everything is in top condition before it goes online for sale. Here at Bridge Classic Cars we are very familiar with this beautiful gold Jensen 541S. We’ve carried out work on this vehicle at the start of the year. The current owner has entrusted us with the sale of this wonderful classic.

1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 MOT, Service, Pre Delivery Inspection

Another classic car win this week at Bridge Classic Cars.

Congratulations to Andrew Oswald, winner of the 1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500.

The Live Draw for this competition was held on Friday 29th May 2020.

Before delivery Mauro, Ady and Scott have given this car a full service including new spark plugs, new carburettor gasketes, new fluids and filters and a tune. Scott has also given the rear brakes a full clean and service.

1990 Austin Mini Thirty Arrives at The Workshop

This gorgeous little Mini has just arrived at Bridge Classic Cars. It is in need of minor recommissioning work to get her back to her best.

Although mechanically it looks very good, Mauro is now giving this Austin a thorough inspection to make sure there isn’t any issues that need addressing.

The mirrors will need to be re-attached and the passenger side door card needs to be remade in our Trim Shop. There is also a few spots of rust and paint defects which will be addressed by the Paint Shop.

Once restored, this vehicle will be up as a competition. Who’s excited to see another classic Mini available to be won?

Launched in June 1989, the limited-edition Mini Thirty (30) celebrated the car’s 30th birthday and was based on the Mini Mayfair. Fitted with the 998cc engine, it was offered in Cherry Red (COG-BLVC843) or black (PMA-BLVC90) and was fitted with chrome bumpers and grille, a dedicated Coachline set and 1959-1989 crests, a security coded stereo and a set of Minilite-style alloy wheels.

The black and red half-leather interior was common to both car colours.

Of the 3,000 produced for the UK, 2,000 were in Cherry Red and 1,000 were Black; 2,800 were manual and 200 had an automatic gearbox. 600 were made with an optional sun roof.

1971 Range Rover Broken ‘O’ Ring

Ady has found a broken ‘O’ ring which is causing a fuel leak, we’ll fit a new ‘O’ ring to fix. We’ve also found the issue with the speedo, the bearing that rotates the speedo pin is no longer fully lubricated. After re-lubricating and cleaning this component, the speedo should now read accurately. There’s still some work to do on our Range Rover project but Ady’s made a cracking start today.

MG Midget Clutch and Release Bearing

Scott has been working on our MG Midget. He’s replaced the clutch and release bearing before the car is transported to it’s new owner. As with all of our sales vehicles we’ve also given it a full 12 months MOT. We wish the new owner many joyful miles to come in this lovely little classic.